Language Academy
7030 Nations Ford Road
Charlotte, NC 28217
Courier #: 532
P: 980-343-5815  |  F: 980-343-5854 
Principal: Felicia Eybl
LC: Southwest
Bell Schedule: 8:15 AM - 3:15 PM
Grades: K-8
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Office FAQ

​​​The following are questions frequently asked by parents in the front office. If you have a question not present on this page, please email us and we'll add it to the list. Thank you.

Early Dismissal

I have a 2:45 appointment. Why can’t I pick up my child at 2:15 or 2:30?
Early dismissal begins at 11:45 and ends at 1:45. These time parameters have been set in order to minimize disruptions to the teacher's educational days and to maximize the students' learning experience. Pulling your student out before or after this time period disturbs the teacher and the student's peers, please respect the teacher's planning and time management by following the procedure the school has put into place.

I need to be somewhere by 3:30 and sitting in the carpool line for my child will make me late. Why can’t I park at the office and walk down to the carpool line to get my child?
This is an issue of fairness for all carpool parents and students. No one is allowed to walk to carpool. If you do not wish to wait in carpool, you can wait in the front office area. Students who have not been picked up from carpool will go to the front office around 3:45 p.m. If this still does not work for you, you can pick your child up during the early dismissal time.

How long does my child need to be in school to be counted present for the day?
Your student needs to be in school for a minimum of 210 minutes to be counted as present.


I picked up my child, who suddenly realized that she left her jacket/homework/purse/book bag in the classroom. Why isn’t she allowed back in class to get her forgotten item?
At Waddell Language Academy, we emphasize personal responsibility. One way for a student to learn responsibility is to face the consequences for being irresponsible. Facing the consequences can mean having to wait until the next day to get a purse, or having to do extra credit work to make up for a bad homework grade. It can also mean an opportunity to practice problem-solving skills, such as thinking of an alternative way to get the homework assignment (emailing the teacher or calling a classmate).

My child is in the first grade and has forgotten his homework three times this year. Isn’t he too young to have to learn responsibility?
According to this Duke University website (http://tip.duke.edu/node/745), children should start learning responsibility as toddlers. Perseverance is important when teaching students responsibility. Students may forget their homework, etc. a few times before they understand that no allowances will be made for them when they forget.

I picked up my child, and she realized that she needs to use the restroom. Can she go back into the school to use the restroom?
Yes, but please park at the front office and bring your child into the school.

Why can’t I make a change to transportation over the phone?
We require written transportation changes to ensure student safety. When a parent or legal guardian calls to make a transportation change, the office staff cannot verify the identification of that person over the phone. Also, phone messages can be misunderstood. By requiring the change in writing (email, note, or fax), we at least have a document from you verifying the information. When requesting a transportation change, please send a contact phone number so that we can ask any additional questions.

Why can’t I make a transportation change after 1:00?
We now notify teachers of transportation changes in writing instead of calling into classrooms via the intercom. We need to allow enough time for the teachers to receive transportation changes and notify their students before dismissal begins at 3:15. We continue to attempt to protect classroom instruction time and limit interruptions.

Coming in Late

I’m bringing my child in late to school. What is the procedure?
If your student is late to school, please accompany him or her to the front office. You will need to sign in your student, and the student will need to get a late pass for class. If your student’s class has already gone to “special,” your student will have to sit in the front office until special is completed and the class is headed back to the classroom. If your student arrives after his or her lunch period, you will need to ensure that the student has lunch before arriving at school. We cannot send a student to class who has not eaten lunch.


updated 08/20/2015


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