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E.E. Waddell Language Academy

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Focus on Vision

According to research one out of five children has some kind of vision problem.  Although students with vision problems are often identified in school screenings, traditionally there has been a lack of follow-up. Because vision can affect learning, it is important for students who have difficulty with the school vision screening to follow-up with the eye doctor. 

There are some challenges for families when it comes to vision care. Parent's scheduling conflicts can make it difficult to get an appointment.  Other barriers include lack of insurance, students' refusal to wear glasses, and forgetting or misplacing glasses. Since untreated vision problems are associated with learning deficits, we need to work together to ensure that students' who need glasses receive them, and most of all, wear them in school when needed.

How Can We Help?

Educating the students, teachers, and parents is one way to spotlight the importance of caring for our vision. 

We can encourage students who don't want to wear their glasses, find assistance for those with a financial issue,  help look for lost glasses, and fix broken glasses.  Often students simply forget to wear them. Let us know if you need assistance in any way.

What is Myopia Anyway?

Myopia is a fancy word for nearsightedness.  A nearsighted person can see clearly up close, but distant objects seem blurry.  Myopia is the most common eye problem of the teen years according to Dr. Harold P. Koller.  The eye ball may grow too long from front to back during the growth spurt.  The image converges just short of the retina making things far away seem blurry.  Some symptoms that may suggest a visit to the eye doctor is needed include:

Recurrent headaches

Frequent eye rubbing


Unexplained drop in school performance

 Let us know if your child develops any of these symptoms during the school year.  We would be happy to do a vision screening as needed.

Nutrition for Eye Health

Everyone knows that carrots are good for our vision, but other foods also help protect us from vision problems such cataracts, glaucoma and dry eyes.  Eating foods with vitamins A,C,D,E and Zinc, as well as omega 3 fatty acids and flavonoids are great for your eyes.  Not sure what foods to eat? Check out the chart below and enjoy!


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