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Steele Creek
4100 Gallant Lane
Charlotte, NC 28273
Courier #: 549
P: 980-343-3810  |  F: 980-343-3814 
Principal: Karen Dozier
LC: Southwest
Bell Schedule: 7:45 AM - 2:45 PM
Grades: K-5
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About our School

School Spirit

  • Steele Creek's mascot is the cougar.
  • Our colors are green, gold, and white.

 School Motto

  • If you believe it, you can achieve it!

Personal  responsibility In delivering excellence

Student Pledge

I pledge to show my respect by listening to others, being kind, and acting as a leader.
I make mistakes so I can learn.
I learn so I can succeed.
I succeed so I can help others.
I am proud to be a Steele Creek Cougar!

Our diverse student population includes
approximately 650 students in grades K - 5.

Our After School Education Program (ASEP) serves about 115 children from 2:45 - 6:00 p.m. daily. Included in the program are academic and enrichment activities which correlate with the NC Standard Course of Study, and tutorial for students with additional needs.

The present Steele Creek Elementary School was constructed in 1968. A renovation that included an expanded cafeteria and Media Center was completed in 1998. 

For more Steele Creek History Fun Facts see the information below...

Steele Creek's History

This information was originally compiled by Marion Briggs, a Physical Education teacher, who taught for many years at Steele Creek.  A special award for service to the community is given to a deserving 5th grade student each year and is named for Mrs. Briggs.  The information she gathered is in a special notebook available in the Steele Creek Elementary School Media Center.  These are just the highlights - come visit and read the complete history!

  • Did you know that when Steele Creek School first opened in 1925 it was a high school with students in first grade to the eleventh grade?  That’s a fact!  In 1931, Steele Creek School was combined with Berryhill High School and we became an elementary school with students in first through seventh grades.  The original school was first located on Highway 49 at the corner of Erwin Road.  In 1968, a modern 16-room building was constructed on Gallant Lane.  Eight years later 2 wings were added on with observation balconies and separate outside entrances.  Most of our students at that time came from nearby Taragate Farms, Twelve Oaks and Steeleberry Acres.  Some even came from as far away as the Clanton Park area.  In 1965, integration began and so did busing.  This enabled Steele Creek the opportunity to experience a more diverse population.  Soon, Woodlawn Elementary School closed to make room for I-77 construction and these students came to Steele Creek as well as some from nearby Nations Ford Elementary.  The first kindergarten classes started here in 1976. 

  • The first student handbook for Steele Creek was written by the students in 1977.  Some of the rules in that first handbook sound funny to us today such as the dress code.  The first rule was that students could not come to school barefoot.  Also, they could not take off their shoes once at school because they might step on something sharp!  (That’s still a good rule, don’t you think?).  Another outdated rule was that each bus had a student bus monitor.  One of their jobs was to run across the railroad tracks to make sure no trains were coming and then signal the bus driver to bring the bus across the tracks!  Can you believe that??!! 

  • Today we have approximately 80 staff members and over 700 students from dozens of different ethnic groups and religions.  Steele Creek is one of the oldest elementary schools in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg school system.  We have a deep-rooted heritage in the community with many more interesting facts that date back to the 1700’s.  If you ever have the time, stop by the Media Center and look over the “History of Steele Creek School” for some more amazing facts.  You just might be surprised by what you find out!!


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