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10505 Clear Creek Commerce Drive
Mint Hill, NC 28227
Courier #: 457
P: 980-344-0409  |  F: 980-343-2139 
Principal: Kwame Stith
LC: Northeast
Bell Schedule: 7:15 AM - 2:15 PM
Grades: 9-12
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Parent Canvas & Technology Page

‚ÄčParents can sign up as an observer in Canvas. Observers can link their Canvas account to their student's account so they can see assignment due dates, announcements, and other course content. Observers can view the course content but cannot participate in the course.

Video Instructions for Signing Up for Parent Access

Note: the CMS URL for Canvas is

Written Instructions for Signing Up for Parent Access

This guide is for parents who do not have a Canvas account and want to observe their students in their courses. You must open this link using Chrome. 

1. Open Canvas URL

In a browser window, enter the institution's Canvas registration URL (

2. Click on Parent of a Canvas User?

Click the account link at the top of the page.

3. Enter Signup Details

Enter the required information

  • Note: Child's Student Pairing Code. It is case-sensitive. See Step 4 for directions for your child to generate a pairing code. 

  • Agree to the terms of use by clicking the You agree to the terms of use checkbox.

  • Click the Start Participating button.

4. Student Pairing Code Directions

  • Have your child go to his or her Canvas Dashboard.

  • Then click on the Account icon.

  • Then go to Settings.

  • Over to the right in Settings, select Pair With Observer. It will generate a case-sensitive pairing code. 

5. Use Canvas Use Canvas

While your account is not entirely set up, you can begin participating in Canvas immediately by clicking the Get Started button.

To finish registering for Canvas, log into your email account.

6. Complete Registration Process

Complete Registration Process

Open the email from Instructure Canvas. To visit the provided URL and complete the registration process, click the link provided.

7. Register for a Parent Account

Register for a Parent Account

To complete the registration process fill out the following fields:

  • Verify your email in the Login field.

  • Set your password by typing in the Password field.

  • Set your timezone by selecting the Time Zone drop-down menu.

  • Click the Register button. You will be redirected to the Canvas URL login page for your account


CMS/Rocky River High School Chromebook User Agreement

  • Students will be provided with a CMS-owned Chromebook and charging cord for the sole purpose of completing school-related assignments. Internet access is provided for free on any CMS campus or at any Charlotte Mecklenburg Library. This agreement must be reviewed by the student and the student's parent or guardian.

  • Please review the Chromebook Repair fees below. The student will be charged for damages to the  Chromebook.

    • Lost Charger $21.00

    • Damaged Screens $48.99

    • Damaged Keyboards $47.99

    • Lost/Stolen/Damaged Chromebook or Cracked Case (Total Replacement) $245.00

  • Known Issues with the G6 Chromebook

    • The G6 has known issues with the sudden onset of keys on the keyboard not functioning (this does not include missing keys). 

    • Another issue is the sudden onset of the mousepad/trackpad not functioning. 

    • If either of these issues arises and the Chromebook must be swapped out, the student will not be held responsible.

  • The student must keep up with this device and return it at the end of the school year or as directed by CMS staff. If the student does not return it, the student will be financially responsible for $245 to replace the lost device.

  • If the device is lost, stolen, or damaged, It is the responsibility of the student to report any issues to Mr. Vinson immediately. If the device is lost, stolen, or damaged beyond repair,  the student will be financially responsible for the $245 replacement fee.

  • Each device is inspected and deemed to be in good condition (some devices may have minor housing flaws but are still deemed to be in good condition per CMS). 

  • The CMS policies in regards to safe and acceptable use of technology are:

    • Students must use the computer responsibly by only visiting school-appropriate websites.  

      • Please note filtering is applied on and off the CMS Network. 

    • Just as with CMS-issued textbooks, students are asked to treat computers with care including: 

      • Never leave the computer in extreme temperatures. 

      • Never allowing food or drink to be consumed near the computer. 

      • Never attempt to repair a computer without consulting authorized school personnel. 

      • Never download unauthorized software onto the computer. 

    • Repeated negative care for your Chromebook could result in having your take-home privilege revoked. 

      • Parents are responsible for immediately notifying a school administrator if the computer is stolen while away from school so that the school resource officer can file a police report. 

    • Students and parents understand that only a CMS-issued Gmail account can be used to access the Chromebook. 

    • The CMS-issued Chromebook and charging cord will be returned prior to the end of the current school year or upon withdrawing or withdrawal from the school.  

    • Repeated violations of CMS-issued Chromebooks could result in loss of take-home privilege.  

      • This includes but is not limited to failure to bring the Chromebook to school, repeated destruction or repeated loss of Chromebook, as well as inappropriate technology usage. 

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