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Digital Citizenship for the Family

Common Sense for Education Site

Family Tip Sheets from Common Sense (https://www.commonsense.org)


​English: 6-12-familytip-cyberbullying_052915.pdf

​Digital Life

​English: 6-8-familytip-digital_life_0.pdf

Spanish:  k-5-familytip-digital_life_esp_2.pdf

​Online Security

​Englilsh:  6-12-familytip-onlinesecurity_052915.pdf

Spanish:  consejos_seguridad_en_linea_062915.pdf

​Respecting Creative Work​English:  6-12-familytip-respecting_creative_work_052915.pdf
​Strategic Searching​English:  6-8-familytip-strategic_searching_052915.pdf
​Boys, Girls, and Media Messages

​English:  6-12-familytip-boys_girls_and_media_messages_052915.pdf

Spanish:  6-12-familytip-boysgirlsandmediamessages_esp.pdf

​Self-Expression and Identity

​English:  6-8-familytip-self_expression_and_identity_052915.pdf

Spanish:  6-8-familytip-selfexpressionandidentity_esp.pdf

​Dealing with Digital Drama

​English:  6-8-familytip-dealing_with_digital_drama_052915.pdf

Spanish:  6-8-familytip-dealingwithdigitaldrama_esp.pdf

​Protecting and Respecting Privacy

​English:  6-8-familytip-protectingandrespectingprivacy.pdf

Spanish:  6-8-familytip-protectingandrespectingprivacy_esp.pdf

​Research and Evaluation

​English:  6-12-familytip-research_and_evaluation.pdf

Spanish:  6-12-familytip-research_and_evaluation_esp.pdf

​Safe Online Talk​English:  6-8-familytip-safeonlinetalk_052915.pdf



Anti-Bullying and Internet Safety Information


Cyberbullying:  Tips on how to avoid and cope with cyberbullying--Click here

Internet Safety for Children:  Precautions for kids to agree to before using the internet--Click here

Internet Safety for Teens:  8 tips for teens on internet safety--Click here

Mind What You Do Online:  McGruff the Crime Dog booklet on Cyber Crime--Click here

NCPC Educator Tip Sheet:  10 tips for educators on how to prevent cyberbullying--Click here

NCPC Spotting the Signs:  Warning signs that someone is being cyberbullied--Click here

NCPC Staying Informed:  Cyberbullying Laws and Legislation guidelines--Click here

NCPC Tips for Teens:  More information for teens about cyberbullying--Click here

NCPC What is It?:  Defines cyberbullying--Click here

NCPC Working Together:  Outlines ways everyone can be involved in preventing cyberbullying--Click here

Sexting:  Defines sexting and gives tips on how to avoid and deal with sexting--Click here

What Students Can Do:  A dozen things students can do to stop school violence--Click here


Information about Cyberbullying, Haters, and Trolls


Learn about Finsta and why teens are creating one

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