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2945 Johnston-Oehler Road
Charlotte, NC 28269
Courier #: 409
P: 980-343-9915  |  F: 980-343-9913 
Principal: Brenda Mills
LC: Northeast
Bell Schedule: 8:15 AM - 3:15 PM
Grades: PreK-5
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Johnston and Oehler Media Center
Dr. Harvey Johnston continues to reside on the family property on Johnston Oehler Road.  He spoke fondly of the rich history of the Oehler School.  The original schoolhouse was located on the property where Bi-lo is currently located.  The school was destroyed when the roads for 485 were constructed.  The Oehler School was where many of the children in the area attended school.  The school had one bus with 2 routes.  He referred to these routes as the short (those students who lived near the school) and the long route (those students who lived further from the school).  The children often had chores before school that  included feeding the chickens and hogs, and milking the cows.  When he returned home from school, he had many chores around the farmland as well. 
He spoke fondly of the Oehler family.  The Oehler property was extensive.  Jimmie Oehler’ s log house still exists today.  All of the children played together when they finished their chores.  They didn’t have much growing up at all.  He witnessed when one of the Oehler family members, Jay Mack Oehler, had all of his pretty long curls cut off by a family member.  One memory was when he and the Oehler children climbed a huge apricot tree that sat on the Oehler property.  He said that the children often climbed the apricot tree and enjoyed the fruit. 

The land was so large and had many sharecroppers.  The sharecroppers were often paid a dime to a quarter and guaranteed a hot breakfast and hot lunch.  He chuckled as he referred to himself as a sharecropper who did not get paid for his labor.  There was a clear kinship between the two families. 
Oehler Family

The Oehler family immigrated to the United States from Germany.  The family cultivated much of the land in the area.  Corn, wheat, oats, and some cotton were grown for sale.  They also raised pigs, cows for milk, and sheep for wool.  The family is known in the area for their strong religious ties to Ramah Presbyterian Church and Mallard Creek Presbyterian Church.  They were known for their hard work and community spirit throughout Mecklenburg County.  The Oehler family continues to be highly active in the church and ministry.  They continue to encourage people to cultivate their relationships with God. 

Both families inspire the generations of today.  They modeled that hard work and determination are fundamental qualities to insuring future success.  Both families committed to devoting their lives to service for the community. 
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