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2945 Johnston-Oehler Road
Charlotte, NC 28269
Courier #: 409
P: 980-343-9915  |  F: 980-343-9913 
Principal: Brenda Mills
LC: Northeast
Bell Schedule: 8:15 AM - 3:15 PM
Grades: PreK-5
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AM Drop Off and PM Pick Up Covid Safe Procedures


AM Drop Off and PM Pick Up Covid Safe Procedures



Morning Drop Off

Please make sure to complete your Daily Symptom Screener

before you arrive in the morning car pool line.




  • Display Car Tag   (staff needs to see the assigned # on your tag - for Covid Screening purposes)
  • Arrive between 7:40 AM – 8:00 AM - Do NOT let students out of the car.
  • Once on campus, pull up in line, do not leave gaps. Prep your child to have their backpack in their lap,   their mask on, and be ready to exit the car of the passenger side.
  • Prepare to answer screener questions and wait for your child's temperature to be recorded.
  • When directed, your child may exit and walk to the door. When directed by staff to go, the entire line of traffic, should proceed off campus, do not disrupt the flow of traffic,.
  • Please have your child to school on time ( before 8:15 AM )

Walking your child into the school or visiting is not an option at this time.

Arrow.png IMPORTANT:  DO NOT drop students off and drive awayYou will be called and asked to return to campus.  Your child will not be permitted in his/or her classroom until you return to campus to complete the screening process.  


If arriving after 8:15 AM, you must:

      • Park your car in the front drive (please pull all the way forward)
      • Ring the bell to announce that you are here with a late student.
      • Return to your car and wait for a staff member to come out to screen the student.
      • Please avoid being late, as tardy students arriving in the classroom disrupts classroom instruction, which begind promptly @ 8:15 AM.  



Dismissal is @ 3:15 PM

 You MUST have your Car Tag to pick up your child.

All students should be picked up no later than 3:30 PM.


  • Display Car Tag (staff will need to see your child's name)
  • You MUST have your Car Tag in order to pick up your child.
  • Only Authorized Car Tag Holders will be allowed to pick up any student.
  • Suggested Arrival time is 3:00 PM 
  • Due to current safety measures, you MUST stay in your vehicle.  You will NOT be permitted to approach our staff at any time. You will not be able to pick up your child from the school building without being in your car.
  • Cars should not be left running when parked. Radios should not be played loudly enough to be heard by other cars or by indoor classrooms. Use of Cell Phones is not permitted in the car line.
  • Do not disrupte the flow of traffic. Please teach your child how to safely bucket their seat belts themselves.

 ***If you do NOT have your car tag, you will need to park and wait for all other cars, in the car rider line, to receive their children. Only when the line is clear, you can then proceed to the car line.  Please have your ID Ready. Once your ID is checked, the office will make a new car tag for you – please note this may take several minutes depending on how busy the office is.  Again, at this time, you MUST stay in your car. Please avoid having to wait, by having your Car Tag with you and displayed. If you need additional Car Tags, please let the office know, additional car tags can be sent home with your child.  

(All students should be picked up no later than 3:30 PM)

If you are late to pick up your child, you will have to wait for a staff member to escort your child outside. This will be at the staff member's discretion, given the late arrival and many office responsibilities that our office staff have in the afternoons.  Parents of students who are consistently late being picked up late, may face extended day payments and/or potential referral to the student services team.


** Extension and EC Students  - Pick Up for you is in the bus lot parking lot.


Thank you for helping us have a safe Drop Off and Pick Up.

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