1825 Oakdale Road
Charlotte, NC 28216
Courier #: 485
P: 980-343-6076  |  F: 980-343-6134 
Principal: Mary Weston
LC: Central 1
Bell Schedule: 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Grades: K-5
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THE FIRST DAYS OF SCHOOL The first day of school for ALL students is Monday, August 27, 2018 The school day is from 8:00 am - 3:00 pm each day. It is imperative that students arrive at school on time every day and that students are present every school day in order to get maximum instructional time. Students may report as early as 7:30 am. Prior to that time, students should NOT be on campus as there is no adult supervision. When your child arrives, he/she has the option to report directly to his/her homeroom class or to the cafeteria for breakfast based on their grade level. Please be advised that your child’s safety is our number one concern. After the first day of school parents will NOT be able to walk their child to class without signing in, at the main office. This means no adults will be allowed in the side doors during morning arrival. All adults must enter the main building and sign in using Lobby Guard in the office.

BREAKFAST AND LUNCH Breakfast and lunch are served daily for all students. Breakfast begins at 7:30 am. We are a universal breakfast and lunch school so all students eat both meals for FREE.

PARENT & TEACHER ORGANIZATION (PTA)/SCHOOL LEADERSHIP TEAM(SLT) We are so excited to REINTRODUCE the Oakdale Elementary PTA.We are in need of parents to serve on both our PTA and SLT. I know that all parents want the best educational opportunities for their children so we ask that you support either one of these organizations this school year. If you are able to serve on either the PTA or SLT, please contact Ms. Jovetta Dennis, Asst Principal, at 980-343-6076. We will then contact you with the meeting days and times. 1st General PTA Meeting & Curriculum Night  Tuesday, Sept 18 @ 6

COMMUNICATION Good communication between the home and school is an important part of the educational process. Every month, The Oakdale Parent Voice our school newsletter, will be sent home to parents and posted on our website. All students will receive a paper copy of the newsletter the 4th Thursday of each month in their Thursday folder. The The Oakdale Parent Voice will highlight upcoming events as well as contain a Principal’s message to keep you fully informed of what is happening at your child’s school. Oakdale Website: http://schools.cms.k12.nc.us/oakdaleES/Pages/Default.aspx

In an effort to keep parents informed about classroom instruction and updates, a weekly class update should be sent home or emailed to parents from your child’s teacher. This is in addition to the grade level newsletter sent once per quarter with report cards.

Also, please make it your responsibility to contact your child’s teacher(s) by phone or email for questions or updates about your child’s progress. Inquiries should always start with the teacher as he/she has first hand knowledge about your child’s performance. It is our goal that all phone calls and email inquiries be returned within 24 hours. You can also make an appointment to meet with your child’s team of teachers on the afternoon of their grade level planning time. Simply call the school counselor Ms. Sorrell’s (Counselor) or Ms. Sherrill (Social Worker) at 980-343-6076 in order to make an appointment. All other parent concerns should always be directed to our School Social Worker, Ms. Sherrill.

We will also utilize our phone messaging system to contact parents with information relevant to the entire school. These automated messages are sent out every Sunday evening. It is very important that we have correct phone numbers in our system so that you will be contacted with updates or in the case of emergency. Please return your child’s blue card the first week of school to ensure we have the most up to date phone number(s) for your family.

SUPPLIES Each student in our school will need specific supplies to have a great start and a successful school year. The supply list is provided in your child’s class. Please work to get all of the supplies listed but remember you can take a few weeks to get the items.

ACTIVITY FEE & FUNDRAISING- In leiu of the student activity fee we are asking that every family pay $25 to join PTA, support field trips, and support school wide events. Please see the information sent on the first day of school for more details.

BEHAVIOR EXPECTATIONS - Safety and order are our number one priority! In order for our school to create and maintain a safe and orderly environment, extreme and/or disruptive behavior will NOT be tolerated. The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools Student Rights and Responsibilities handbook will be sent home with each student. The handbook can also be found online at Student Code of Conduct. This handbook contains rules that all students in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School System will abide by. These rules will be STRICTLY enforced at our school. The handbook also includes Bus and Bus Stop rules and expectations. I strongly encourage each family to review these rules together. During the first few days of school every student will receive a detailed orientation. In addition, each student will receive the necessary forms that need to be signed by parents and returned to school. We will use a variety of interventions, consequences, and incentives to encourage appropriate behavior at school, using out of school suspension as a last resort. However, we will not allow students to disrupt classes; taking away other students right to learn. We also will not tolerate fighting or illegal behavior. In these cases, it may be necessary to suspend a child’s privilege to attend school. Even in these cases, we will send work home so that the student can continue to learn while reflecting on his/her choices and behavior at school.

Our Discipline Matrix & Hierarchy As a school community we will implement No Nonsense Nurturer strategies to ensure 100% of our scholars are engaged in learning. As a No Nonsense Nurturer (NNN) school we commit to:

● Consistently implement the 4-step NNN Classroom Culture Protocols that include rules, disciplinary consequences, restorative conversations and relationship building activities

● Establish and implement an effective positive incentive system

● Precise Directions:

(a) Teach students the rationale for expected behaviors and procedures (investment) in both

the classroom and common areas of the school. (b) Consistently plan and communicate Precise Directions (Movement, Voice, Participation)

when interacting with students during instructional and transitional activities.

● Positive Narration: Monitor student behavior and provide consistent positive feedback or “noticing out loud” (~4:1 ratio positive to negative) for students who choose to follow teacher expectations.

● Provide Consequences: Monitor student behavior and quickly provide appropriate consequences that are in alignment the Oakdale Student Handbook and with the school policy in a calm, respectful manner when the students do not meet the behavioral expectations.

● Incentives: Implement and consistently follow a class reward system. Reward system begins by building on positive actions and choice that follow class expectations and then changes to more academically focused rewards as the year continues.

● Relationship Building:

(c) Take steps necessary to build trusting relationships with colleagues, including supportive

and critical feedback concerning implementation of the Culture Plan and consistent school expectations. (d) Assume best intentions when engaging in critical conversation with colleagues concerning

implementation of the Culture Plan. (e) Know and use every student’s name in classes by the end of the 2nd week of school. (f) Take steps necessary to build trusting relationships with and among all students, including

having restorative conversations with students that educators find most challenging. (g) Take steps necessary to build trusting relationships and pro-active communication with the

students’ families. (h) Work to understand and respect cultural similarities and differences of students and theirfamilies. In and around the school you will see evidence of NNN by the signage around the school reminding scholars of the directions (MVPs-Movement, Voice, & Participation) and the voice levels (Levels 0-4) in various areas of the school, as well as teachers positively narrating, providing incentives and giving consequences as needed. Below you will find our consequence matrix. Every student will receive a consequence based on this matrix as needed. Please note that any student committing a repeated Tier 2 or first time Tier 3 offense, as defined in the Student Code of Conduct, will automatically receive a referral. School-wide Voice Levels 0= Silent/voice off 2=Table talk, so a small group can hear you 1= Elbow/Shoulder partner should only hear you 3= Presentation voice, so a room can hear you 4= Outside voice, but is never used inside except for emergencies

WINGS-Oakdale Consequence Matrix

W-- Get a verbal warning

I-- In need of a restorative conversation N--Needs an opportunity to reflect (in class or with buddy teacher) G-- Get Parent Support (parent contact) S-- Submit a referral to the BMT, Mr. El Amin. At this point, the consequences will come from the Rights and Responsibilities Handbook.

SCHOOL UNIFORMS/DRESS CODE Students at Oakdale are expected to establish a tradition of proper dress for school and school-related events. Our school uniform consists of the following:

● Shirts: Navy or Light Blue or White (Long or Short Sleeve)

● Pants/Shorts/Skirts: Navy Blue or Khaki

● Shoes: Must have a buckle, shoe strings or velcro- ABSOLUTELY NO FLIP-FLOPS, SLIDES OR BEDROOM SHOES

These are standard colors for school uniforms adopted by the Charlotte Mecklenburg Board of Education. In no cases will students be allowed to let their pants “droop” below their natural waistline. Any type of headgear, other than hats, will not be allowed on school property. Hats shall not be worn inside the school building. scholars are not allowed to wear hoodies on their heads inside of the school/classroom.

Non-adherence to the uniform policy will be addressed using the following procedures in accordance with Oakdale Interventions:

1. Student will be allowed to contact parent and request the appropriate uniform. Parent will need to bring

the appropriate uniform to the child at school. 2. Student will be isolated from his/her peers until he/she can obtain the proper attire. 3. Repeated uniform violations will be treated as insubordination and consequences will be given as

stated in the CMS Rights and Responsibilities Handbook. 4. If there are financial circumstances that may make the purchase of school uniforms difficult for a

student, when the school is made aware support and assistance will be provided.

These items shall NOT be worn at school:

● Bedroom shoes / slippers

● Pajamas

● Pants worn below the waist or showing clothing beneath the main outerwear.

● Shorts, skirts, dresses, (and slits in skirts or dresses) above the fingertips when standing erect with shoulders relaxed. (This means shorts, skirts, dresses, and slits must be approximately knee length.) Our building is completely air-conditioned.

● Shirts exposing the stomach, being excessively tight, see-through or low-cut in the front or in the back.

● Cut-off shirts, midriffs, tank tops, basketball jerseys, tops with spaghetti straps, halter tops, sleeveless shirts/dresses/tops of any kind.

● Headgear (scarves, bandanas, headbands, stocking caps, hoods, hats, towels, sunglasses, doo-rags, and combs.)

● Long chains, long necklaces.

● Cut up pants or shirts

● Blankets or throws

According to Charlotte-Mecklenburg School Policy, extreme styles in clothing and grooming may be detrimental to the maintenance of discipline and morale in school. The principal and his/her staff are responsible for determining and enforcing regulations governing proper dress and grooming of students. Any type of dress or grooming which is disruptive will not be permitted. If not properly dressed, students are subject to being sent home. If there are questions about expectations for dress, please do not hesitate to call the school. The expectations for dress will be explained to each student in detail in the opening assemblies.

EARLY DISMISSAL Since the school is legally responsible for the welfare of each student during the school day, no one is to leave the campus during the school day unless accompanied by a parent or guardian or authorized by the administration. The procedure for early dismissals is as follows:

Parents must send a note stating the student’s full name, time, reason for dismissal and a phone number where a parent/guardian can be reached to confirm the note. The student should give the information to the classroom teacher. Failure to turn in a note will result in an extended delay while waiting for your child.


In order to be able to accept your request by phone, you will need to send us the request by fax(980-343-6134) or email our secretary, Ms. Mathlage at fauzilak.mathlage@cms.k12.nc.us. Include a good contact number and a copy of your photo I.D. Please make sure to include the name of the student and the grade level. The cut off time to accept this type of request is 2:15 P.M.

For your child’s safety, we will only release a student to parent/guardian or person listed on the student’s permanent record unless otherwise notified by parent/guardian. We will not interrupt class to call students to give phone messages, or to call students who have forgotten items. This procedure is to preserve a focused learning environment for all classes.

Early dismissals will not be granted after 2:30 pm without a prior note.

When picking up your child for early dismissal, you will need to bring a State picture ID in order to sign your child out. For security purposes and in compliance with school policy, students will only be released to parent/guardian or person listed on the student’s permanent record.

As a reminder, car riders and van riders pick up time is between 2:45 P.M. – 3:00 P.M. Repeated late pick ups will result in an administrative action.

Please make all effort to adhere to procedures listed above as it is the least disruptive for your child and other students’ learning.

TRANSPORTATION/BUS INFORMATION/CAR RIDER INFORMATION If you have any transportation needs or concerns we will have a transportation support center set up in the media center or parent center the first few days of school. Students should be at their assigned bus stop at least ten minutes before the scheduled time. Pay careful attention to which bus you get on as buses for several different schools may serve the same neighborhoods, streets and locations. In order to maintain the PRIVILEGE of riding a bus to school, students must exhibit excellent behavior on our buses from the first day of school. Violations of the expectations or guidelines may result in a student being suspended from school and/or bus. Parents who bring students to school should not drop them off before 7:30 am, in order to ensure proper supervision.

Staff at Oakdale Elementary have no authority to establish or change bus stops. This has to be done by submitting the request form on the CMS website, which you can access here: http://www.cms.k12.nc.us/CMSDEPARTMENTS/TRANSPORTATION/Pages/default.aspx

We are happy to help with this process if we can. Please see or call our BMT, Mr. El Amin, at 980-343-6076). Typically it takes 2 weeks to arrange for transportation and/or make changes so if you need to make these arrangements, please plan to provide transportation for your child until the process is complete. Typically, during the first few weeks of school, buses are delayed in picking up and dropping off students, sometimes very late. If you experience this, please be patient as these delays typically improve.

For students who are car riders, parents will need to request a car rider number by completing the form provided in the car rider line. This ensures that the process of picking up will run smoothly. Ms. Phifer-Smith, serves as lead for contact for car & van riders.

***IMPORTANT INFORMATION*** Car riders must be dropped off and picked up in the front parking lot of the school. Oakdale no longer has a crossing guard. Parents who drop their children off across the street are subject to ARREST for child endangerment. There is no crosswalk or guard on Oakdale Road which means dropping your child off there will cause grave danger for your child and drivers. Parens if you do not have time to wait in the car rider line in the morning or afternoon, MAKE SURE YOUR CHILD HAS A BUS!!!!! IF YOUR CHILD SHOULD BE CONSIDERED A WALKER THIS SCHOOL YEAR, YOU WILL HAVE TO COMPLETE A FORM AND RECEIVE PRIOR APPROVAL FROM PRINCIPAL WESTON.

SCHOOL VISITS by parents are always welcome at Oakdale. We want to partner with you to make the educational experience for your child exceptional. Please keep in mind that during the school day educating our scholars is the number one priority With that in mind, we will not be able to accommodate unscheduled meetings or conferences. We welcome you coming to observe in the classrooms or having lunch with your child. Whenever you visit it is REQUIRED that you sign in LobbyGuard in the main office. Once you have signed in, the front office staff will notify the teacher of your presence, We kindly ask that you maintain a positive, respectful attitude when visiting or making calls to Oakdale. We value our relationship with parents and do not want to limit visits or interactions due to unpleasant behavior.

Oakdale FYI

● Current enrollment - 585 students

● 29 Classrooms - 5 Special Area Classes

● New Staff Members -

Ms. Craft - Kindergarten, Ms. Corpuz - Kindergarten, Ms. Sweat - 1st Grade, Ms. Greene - 3rd Grade, Ms. Campfield - 3rd Grade, Ms. Whitmier - 4th Grade, Ms. Harmon - 5th Grade, Ms. Bridges - AU

● NO Kindergarten Staggered Entry

Early Release Days - Dismissal is at 12:00

○ Wed, Sept 12

○ Wed, Dec 5

○ Wed, Jan 9

○ Wed, Mar 13

Teacher Workdays/Holidays - No School for Students

○ Sept 19

○ Oct 31

○ Nov 21-23

○ Dec 19-Jan 2

○ Jan 21-22

○ Feb 18

○ Mar  29

○ April 15-19

○ May 27

○ June 7 - LAST DAY of SCHOOL

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