1415 Beatties Ford Road
Charlotte, NC 28216
Courier #: 482
P: 980-343-5500  |  F: 980-343-5593 
Principal: Melody Sears
LC: Central 2
Bell Schedule: 9:15 AM - 4:15 PM
Grades: 6-12
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UPDATE: CMS COVID-19 Grading Guidelines

 Your student has had and continues to have the opportunity to improve their grade through:
  •  Submitting Make-up work from the 3rd quarter that your students did not have the opportunity to submit prior to grades being recorded. 
  • Canvas Assignments in the course that were turned in and documented as mastered/partially mastered between April 6th -30th 
  • Submitting Canvas Assignments (1-2 per course per week – check the course for specifics) being offered weekly from May 4 – 29.

Absent from School
  • When your child is going to be absent from school, please report the absence using the link in the "Our School" menu at the top of this page. You can also send a note with your child the following day upon return to the Attendance Office.
Alumni Information

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Cafeteria, Child Nutrition Services & Free and Reduced Lunch
  • All parents/students are reminded that students are not able to charge their lunch in the cafeteria. Please visit the Child Nutrition Services website (opens in new window) for more information.
  • Free & Reduced Lunch online application (opens in new window) or contact the school for a paper application.
  • School breakfast and lunch menus are available through the Child Nutrition Services page (opens in new window) of the CMS website. Information about the online payment program, PayPAMS, is also posted there.
Bus Information & Problems
  • Please call CMS Transportation (opens in new window) at 980.343.6715 to address problems or questions.
  • If you have information about a crime, you can submit your information anonymously by calling, emailing, or SMS texting. For more information, visit the CMPD CrimeStoppers website (opens in new window). 
Cap & Gown Orders
  • Caps and Gowns will be handed out on April 30th to those who have no balance. If you do owe money, you can pay on 4/30 with cash or money order (no personal checks). You can also pay online (opens in new window) using your order number. 
Carpool Line Safety Concerns
  • Under no circumstances should a student be dropped off and expected to walk across Beatties Ford Rd in front of the school instead of going through the carpool line.
CMS Student ID Number
  • Know your CMS ID number - Encourage your student to memorize their CMS ID number. Students use it daily and the front office uses this to enter tardies and early dismissals into our attendance program. Helpful hint for parents: store student ID number in your cell phone for your convenience.
College Visits
  • Juniors and seniors who are interested in taking a college visit during the school week are asked to fill out a "Form to Request Absence for College Visit" five days prior to the visit for the principal's approval. Once the visit is complete, bring letterhead from the college visited stating the date of the visit and the student's name. The forms can be picked up and turned back into the Attendance Office.
  • Students are not permitted to receive deliveries of flowers, balloons, stuffed animals, etc. while at school. They are not permitted to have these items in the classroom. Also, we cannot accept food deliveries for the classroom (e.g. cupcakes, pizza, cookies) due to student allergy concerns.
Driver's Ed
  • CMS Driver's Education Page (opens in new window)
  • Email Ms. June, NWSA Driver's Ed Site Coordinator. She can also be reached at 980.343.5500.
  • Registration for Driver's Education Sessions are done online. Go to jordandrivingschoolcharlotte.com (opens in new window) and once you sign in, click on class schedules. From class categories, please choose the type of class you want. Then, choose location (Northwest School of the Arts). Choose the session you want. Register and pay for the class ($65). Students must be 14 1/2 years old before the first day of class. There are no exceptions, sorry.
  • Classes start at 7 a.m. in room D203 (Whitehead).
Dropoff Information
  • Due to security issues, students are not allowed to be dropped off at school before 8:45 a.m. Allow yourself plenty of time to get to school in the mornings. Class begins promptly at 9:15 a.m.

Early Dismissal

Early Dismissal Form.pdf

  • If someone other than the person listed as the Emergency Contact is picking up the student, please include that information in the note. The parent should meet the student at the Attendance Office where the official sign out will be handled.
  • All parents must sign in in the front office before heading to attendance.
  • Your child should bring this note to the Attendance Office before 9:10 a.m. They will receive a pass that allows them to leave the classroom at the appropriate time. All students must be signed out at the Attendance Office.
  • Student shows the pass to the teacher from whose class they will be dismissed. The pass will serve as the class exit slip. Student should show the pass to their teacher before class begins. It is the student's responsibility to leave the classroom at the time on the pass.
  • If the early dismissal is for a doctor's appointment, the student should bring the doctor's note to the Attendance Office the following day or when they return to school on the same day. Escorting the child to the Attendance Office is not necessary. The Attendance Office will exchange the doctor's note for a class admit slip.
  • If parents arrive during instructional time to pick up students and a note has not been provided in the morning, parents will be asked to wait or come back at the next dismissal time. This procedure is to preserve a focused learning environment for all classes.
  • The close of our school day is busy. Please do not request an early dismissal after 3:30 p.m. 
  • We are obligated by Federal Law to provide a time for students to eat lunch. Parents who have not procured a pass with the above process will need to wait until lunch is over.
  • Frequent early dismissals may indicate an attendance issue and as such, could be examined for a recommendation that students return to their home school.
  • Please call 980.343.5500 for Attendance Secretary Ms. Andrews with any questions.
Harris Teeter
  • Together in Education Program - Relink your Harris Teeter VIC card each year. NWSA's number is 1721. When Together in Education customers purchase select Harris Teeter brand products using their VIC card, Harris Teeter contributes a percentage of those purchase dollars to schools or organizations of the customer's choice. Simply give the cashier your VIC card and NWSA's number during check out (you only have to supply our number once/year).
Here Comes the Bus Mobile App
  • Here Comes the Bus, a mobile app and website, allows you to track your student's bus in real-time and receive alerts to help you get to the bus stop on time. Here Comes the Bus uses our GPS data and works on a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Here Comes the Bus is FREE and can be downloaded through Apple or Google Play stores. To use the app, you will need our district code, which is 73877. You will also need the student ID number for each student that you want to register. You can find more information about the app at herecomesthebus.com. Technical support is available through the app after download. If you have questions about Here Comes the Bus, please reach out to CMS Transportation at 980.343.6715.
  • Only parents are allowed to drop off lunches for their children. Siblings, family members, and friends are NOT permitted to drop off lunch. Also, deliveries of food from outside vendors are not permitted, even if ordered by a parent.
Medications at School
  • If your child should need medication while at school, a medication authorization form needs to be completed by you and your doctor. This includes prescriptions, over the counter medications, and other items such as cough drops and creams/ointments. Please note, there is a generic form, as well as forms specific to chronic illnesses. The only medications kept in the health room are those supplied by parents with a doctor's order.
  • If your child needs medication during the day and you would like to deliver it to the school, you must be the one to administer the medication. Please ask the front office staff to call your child from class. This medication may not be left at the desk for the student to pick up or left with the nurse per CMS/Mecklenburg County Policy (unless you have a written and signed doctor's order).
  • Forms:

Parking Pass Procedure
  • All student parking spaces are currently claimed for SY '19-'20. For more information, see Mrs. Leeson in the office.
  • Attendance recovery will begin on Monday, April 1st. A calendar is in the process of getting prepared, but here are the basics:
    • Recovery must be done once a student reaches 11 or more absences in a class (must recover back to 10)
    • Recovery can only be done if a student is PASSING the class FOR THE YEAR
    • Recovery cannot be done to “bank” hours for future absences
    • Recovery CANNOT be done during the normal school day. It MUST be done before or after school or on designated weekends.
    • It does NOT matter if an absence is excused or unexcused. They count toward total. The ONLY absences that are not counted toward total are school related (field trips, college visits, School performances, etc.)
  • There WILL be a detailed calendar for April - June. However, until it is finalized, the sessions will be as follows:
    • Monday - Friday 7:15 a.m. - 8:45 a.m. (1.5 hours each session)
    • Tuesday and Thursday 4:30 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. (1.5 hours each session)
Social Media for NWSA
  • Feel free to like and/or follow school events and happenings with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Like us on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/nwsarts/ (opens in new window)
  • Follow us on Twitter - @nwsarts (opens in new window)
  • Follow us on Instagram - @nwsarts (opens in new window)
Visitor Policy
  • All visitors coming into the NWSA campus will check in at our Lobby Guard computer in the Main Office. The information required from the visitor is: name, reason visiting, and destination. All visitors will return to the computer to check out. A visual "Visitor's Badge" will be worn for security purposes.
  • Visit the Josten's website (opens in new window) to purchase a yearbook, if still available. 

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