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School Wide Discipline Plan 2018-2019

​J. H. Gunn School-Wide Discipline Plan


  1. Listen when others are talking
  2. Follow directions
  3. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself
  4. Work quietly and do not disturb others
  5. Show respect for school and personal property
  6. Work and play in a safe manner


Classroom Discipline System

Levels of Behavior:




                Warning 1

                Warning 2

                Reflection in Class

                Time Out in a Different Class


                Office Referral


Exceptions to the behavior plan procedures: 

*Weapons, serious fighting, vandalism and other serious offenses such as those found in the Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Character Development Handbook may be referred to the office immediately after the offense. 



All students begin the day at Great every day!

Students have the opportunity to move up to Super and Phenomenal.

Students may move down to Warning 1, Warning 2, In-class Reflection, and Time Out in a Different Class.

Students MUST have the opportunity to move back up after they have moved down within the SAME day.

Parents must be contacted at the Time Out in a Different Class level before the child gets home by the staff member initiating the time out.

Consequences MAY NOT carry over to the next day.

Consequences should not be associated with homework.

Homework may be completed during a "working lunch".

Chronic missing homework requires a parent contact and a plan for improvement.



Rewards are at the teachers' discretion.

Character Check:  Random reward system

Rewards should be ongoing and/or random so that all students may have the opportunity to participate.

If you need to send a student to the office after following the above procedures, write the offense on a disciplinary referral form, place it in an envelope with your name and my name on it and send it to the office.  We will call the student(s) to my office to address the offense.


The STUDENT RIGHTS, RESPONSIBILITIES AND CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT HANDBOOK outlines the basic rights and responsibilities of the Board of Education, parents/guardians, students, teachers and administrators.  It also lists behavioral violations and levels of disciplinary action that may be taken for each violation.  Options for the first two levels of disciplinary action (Conference and Intervention) can be found in the handbook.


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