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Students of the Month

Each month, our teachers submit recommendations for students of the month. Two students are selected each month and are presented with this award on our morning announcements during the final week of the month. Along with receiving this acknowledgment, students receive a certificate of achievement, and two prizes.  We could not be more proud of our Students of the Month!

March Students of the Month

6th Grade

7th Grade

8th Grade

Cheetah Team: Sofia Diaz

Sofia is a very hardworking student who applies herself to learning every day . She is thorough, asks critical questions, and always has a smile that encourages her teachers to do their best. She works well with others, and demonstrates leadership in her responsibility and reliability. She is such a joy to teach. 

Puma Team:  Katie Xiong

Katie is an exceptional student who puts forth an amazing effort in all of her classes. The assignments and projects that she creates and turns in to her teachers can be described as thoughtful and well done. Her artistic abilities that shines through in all of her subjects is wonderful and creative. Though quiet in class her contributions are felt in all of her blocks. The puma team thinks she is a rock star and role model for Crestdale.

February Students of the Month

6th Grade

Tiger Team:  Evelyn Byas

The Tiger team student of the month is someone that exhibits the qualities we all want in a WILDCAT! This student is truly passionate about becoming the best student she can be. Evelyn is an active participant in class who goes the extra mile to learn everything she possibly can. Not only is Evelyn a wonderful student, but is also caring towards her fellow classmates and her teachers.  Earlier this year, she brought her teachers notebook paper and other supplies for their classes.  The Tiger team is proud to announce their SOTM for February - Evelyn Byas.

Panthers Team:  Roochi Nadkarni

Roochi Nadkarni is the Panthers student of the month for February.  Roochi is willing to work with anyone in order to learn and complete assignments.  She is helpful when others ask her questions and takes pride in her work by being organized and completing assignments on time.  Roochi models for others the meaning of being a responsible student by seeking additional support to ensure she understands the material for her classes as well as modeling respect as she treats both staff members and students equally well.  Roochi is a true benefit to the Panther team and we are so happy she treats all aspects of the school opportunity with high regard.  Congratulations Roochi!

Lions Team:  Wellington De Lima

Wellington De Lima is the Lions Team student of the month for February! Wellington comes to us from the beautiful country of Brazil where he has spent the majority of his life. He has been in the United States for about a year and has made tremendous growth since his arrival here. Wellington has adjusted incredibly well to the new culture and has made many friendships. He has developed a deep understanding of the English language and continues to learn more every day. Wellington is an amazing example of hard work and dedication and always pushes himself to reach the next level. Wellington is also a wonderful example of helping others as always takes the time to help a classmate in need. Wellington is an inspiring learner and has an excellent work ethic. We are very proud of Wellington's academic and language accomplishments this year and we are very excited to have him at Crestdale.

7th Grade

Cougar Team:  Wyatt Doody

Wyatt is a model student in all of his classes. He consistently meets and exceeds expectations in the classroom. When given a task, he approaches it with a positive attitude. He goes above and beyond the expectations of assignments, doing not only what is required but also adds creativity and originality to the work. He rarely complains about the work he's given; instead, he approaches the work with an eagerness to learn. Wyatt also works well with any and all of his classmates. He shows kindness to anyone he works with. Wyatt's respectful and hard-working demeanor makes him a leader that others should follow.

Jaguar Team:  Lukas McHarg

Lukas is respectful, kind, and a great student.  He was recently selected as the class scientist of the quarter based on his thoughtful contributions to classroom discussions, academic achievement and willingness to help others.  He sets an excellent example for other students to follow. Lukas always participates in class. He is a model student, extremely bright, and a pleasure to teach. Lukas is a pleasure to have in class, he is an awesome student and he works hard. He is so kind and respectful at all times.

8th Grade

Puma Team:  Davis

Davis starts each morning with a smile and a hello to his teachers. As he works in class he is an incredibly hard working student. He doesn't just complete the work, but strives to do it well every day. He gives 100% in every class on every assignment. He is an animated story teller and a positive leader in the classroom. He is open minded to learn anything his teachers ask of him. He is a shining example of what it means to be a wild cat.

Cheetah Team:  Ethan Noel

Ethan is an amazing young man. He comes to school with a smile on his face every day. He participates in class, does great with his peers, and consistently completes all of his assignments. Ethan never fails to get the job done which is why he has been selected for Student of the Month.

January Students of the Month

6th Grade

Panthers Team:  Elizabeth Tenager

The Panther Team would like to recognize the incredible hard work of Elizabeth Tenager. Elizabeth goes above and beyond the expectations of a Crestdale Wildcat . She pays close attention to lessons, is respectful to all, asks questions when necessary, participates in class discussions and always makes sure her written assignments include more than the requirements! Elizabeth also tries to include others in activities and games. She has a sunny disposition and easy laugh that make it plain to everyone her tremendous kind spirit. It is easy to see why Elizabeth deserves the Crestdale Wildcat of the Month Award for January.

Tigers Team:  Joaquin Quiroa

The Tigers student of the month is someone who exemplifies all the positive attributes of a WILDCAT. This student is a model student who is a great peer for his fellow classmates. This student is well mannered and is always giving a 110% in the classroom. This student has a great future and his teachers are absolutely thrilled to have the opportunity teach him. The Tigers Team student of the month for January is Joaquin Quiroa.

Lions Team:  Aleeah Tolbert

In life, the people we all most enjoy being near are those who radiate joy wherever they are. The Lion’s Student of the Month for January is definitely this person. Aleeah Tolbert, is a true joy and ray of sunshine. She is very kind to others and her passion for learning is contagious. Aleeah is such a sweet, young lady that greets teachers each morning and afternoon with a smile and kind words. Being polite is just part of who she is and how she treats others. She does not draw attention to herself, but she does what needs to be done. She actively participates in class and does an excellent job on her work without needing praise or attention. In class, she is always focused and attentive while being conscientious towards her work. Going above and beyond is the norm for her, and she truly gives 110% each day. We can always count on her to do the right thing whether we are watching or not. Daily she does what she needs to do with a sweet disposition and without being involved in any kind of drama. Her work ethic and kind heart will take her far! The Lion’s teachers believe every class needs a student just like her and it has been a true pleasure to have Aleeah in our classes, and we are more than proud to have her as the Lion’s student of the month!

7th Grade

Cougar Team: Arianna Wilson

Arianna Wilson is our student of the month. She is eager to work hard in all of her classes. Not only does she succeed in the classroom, but she also contributes to the school community by being involved in numerous clubs and activities. Arianna is also a great classmate who helps her peers as they work and talk about class topics. Her welcoming and encouraging personality influences others to want to do their best.

Jaguar Team:  Isabella Pedraza Jaramillo

Isabella comes from Medellin, Colombia, and has been in the United States for just a year. Since her arrival at Crestdale, she has adjusted incredibly well to the new culture and language. Isabella has developed a deep understanding of the English language and has been a fantastic example of students helping other students.  She always has her work done and is willing to help explain concepts to others, especially those for which English is a second language. Isabella is also an inspiring learner! She has an excellent work ethic. She is always friendly and kind to all.

8th Grade

Puma Team:  Megan L. 

Megan has been working hard to  achieve great things in her classes. She is respectful and kind to all her teachers. She is cheerful and sweet. Her teachers view her as a leader in the classroom.

Cheetah Team:  Alex M. 

Alex is an extremely respectful, kind, and introspective student. He contributes valuable responses in every class, and is always willing to go above and beyond. He carries a smile with him that makes his peers feel comfortable, and is always willing to lend a hand. It is with pleasure that the 8th grade teachers at Crestale have selected Alex to be the January Student of the Month.

December Students of the Month

6th Grade

Panthers Team: Rachel Stit

Panthers Team SOTM for December is Rachel Stitt.  She models responsible behaviors for others in all areas.  Rachel is kind to others, makes sure she follows directions and asks questions for clarification, sends emails to ensure she has not missed assignments or to arrange to make up missed work, and she turns in assignments on time, neatly written, with correct identifying information.  When others need help during class discussions, Rachel contributes and offers explanations.  During lessons, she takes notes in an organized manner and prepares herself for studying.  Rachel makes an effort to participate in school spirit activities and has a respectfully positive outlook on school related routines and procedures.  It is a joy to have Rachel as part of our Panther team as she ROARs like a true Crestdale Wildcat!


Tigers Team: Montana Hayes

Tigers Team SOTM for December is Montana Hayes. Montana portrays the qualities we all look for in a Crestdale Wildcat. Everyday Montana greets her teachers with a smile and a good morning. Montana exemplifies good leadership qualities by helping out her peers without hesitation. Montana goes above and beyond to demonstrate mastery in all of classes.  We are extremely proud to have the opportunity to teach Montana and even happier to announce Montana as student of the month for December.


Lions Team: Miles Hight 

It is a tremendous honor and privilege to nominate Miles Hight as the Lions Team December SOTM.  Miles, without a doubt, epitomizes the very best of our school and his value to our team is unmatched. Any interactions you have with Miles you will impressed with his sharp mind, curiosity, eagerness to learn, and first-rate communication skills.  Teachers who have the pleasure of working with Miles in their classrooms all remark on his academic abilities and praise his classroom contributions.  It should be no surprise that Miles is nominated as the Lion's Wildcat of the month.

7th Grade

Cougar Team: Megan Palmer
Megan is a hard-working student and always has a positive attitude. She is willing to encourage and help others. She values her education and lets her teachers know daily how much she appreciates their time and instruction. Her kindness spreads through the school as she participates in many student-led clubs. 
Jaguar Team: Jace Peace
Jace is a kind and patient student who always goes above and beyond what is expected.  Whether it is helping out a classmate who is struggling or helping a teacher with passing out papers, Jace’s teacher can always count on him to be a leader in and out of the classroom.   Jace is a pleasure to have in class and he always greets teachers with a warm smile and a positive comment. 

8th Grade

Puma Team:  Lauren R.

Lauren is a sweet student who seems to make friends every where she goes. She is a a respectful participant in every class. She always seems to have a smile on her face. Lauren is a positive leader in the classroom and the school. She  is a shining example of our Crestdale family.

Cheetah Team:  Izzy M.

Izzy is helpful, inclusive of all students, and is consistently kind. She works hard in class and maintains a positive attitude.

November Students of the Month

6th Grade

Panthers Team:  Lily Caldwell

The Panthers Team would like to congratulate Lillian Caldwell on receiving student of the month. We chose Lily for many reasons; Lily is a hard-working, conscientious student. She puts forth her best effort in all she undertakes. When she is absent she comes back to school prepared, having done the work required. Lily frequently comes in for tutoring just to improve on her already excellent grades. Lily is always willing to help others and has a calm, sweet demeanor. Congratulations Lily!

Tiger Team:  Spencer Roe

The Student of the Month for November for the Tiger Team is someone who epitomizes what it is to be a great student. Spencer Roe always greets his teachers with a smile in the morning and thanks them on his way out. Spencer always has a positive attitude and a great work ethic. Spencer is a positive influence on his classmates and works well with others. Spencer is a great student and even a better young man.

Lions Team: Maddie Stevenson

The Lions team is thrilled to nominate Madeline Stevenson as our Student of the Month.  Throughout this school year, the sixth grade teachers have stressed the importance of always “Doing the Right Thing.”  Maddie is definitely a role model to others, by being able to “do the right thing” in all life situations. Maddie has such a big heart! Selfless, caring, and hardworking are just a few ways to describe what a great student she is.  She greets teachers and students each morning and afternoon with a smile and kind words. Being polite is just part of who she is and how she treats others. She doesn’t draw attention to herself, but she does what needs to be done. She actively participates in class and does a nice job on her work without needing praise or attention.  We can always count on her to do the right thing whether we are watching or not. Daily she does what she needs to do with a sweet disposition and without being involved in any kind of drama. It has been a true pleasure to have Maddie in our classes, and we are more than proud to have her as our Lion Student of the Month.

7th Grade

Cougar Team: Kylie Singleton 

Kylie is a hard-working student who focuses on doing her best work at all times. She is polite and goes out of her way to brighten her friends' and teachers' days. Kylie enjoys learning and asks very thoughtful and insightful questions. We know she will continue to do great things and make this world a better place! Congratulations on being named the Cougar Team Student of the Month!

Jaguar Team: Ria Patel 

Ria is genuine, kind, honest and focused. She goes above and beyond with every task.  She is a positive contributor to the classroom environment and is very passionate about learning. She always greets all of her teachers with a smile and tells us to have a good day! Rita is a sweet person, always going above and beyond in class. She thinks of others, she is very helpful, kind and caring. Ria is a model student who always has her work done and participates in class. Congratulations on being named the Jaguar Team Student of the Month!

8th Grade

Cheetah Team: Bree Sinnett 

We chose Bree Sinnett because she is an all-around wonderful student.  She is incredibly polite and helpful to all teachers and students. She personally thanks each teacher at the end of every class.  She is a great leader in the classroom and truly a model student. As her teachers we are extremely proud of her grades and behaviors and this is why she was our student of the month!

Puma Team: Skye Jackson

Skye is a kind-hearted student who is sweet and respectful to everyone. She completes all of her classes and activities with a smile and a positive attitude. She greets all her teachers before school with a cheery "Good Morning".  She is a friend to all and offers a helping hand to any student or teacher in need.

October Students of the Month

6th Grade

Tiger Team:  Eva Novoselskaia

The Tigers Team student of the month for October goes to Eva Novoselskaia. Eva comes to class everyday with the R.O.A.R. attitude. Eva's passion and love for learning is second to none.  Eva's dedication and hard work is evident in all that she does. Her work is impeccable. Eva is a natural born leader who is always willing to assist other classmates when they are struggling or need help. The Tiger teachers are blessed to have an opportunity to work with Eva every day.

Lions Team:  Luke Hunter

Luke Hunter is the Wildcat of the month for the Lions Team.  Luke is an exceptional student and hard worker in all of his classes. He comes to class daily with a work ethic that continuously exceeds expectations. His positive attitude and his willingness to learn and work hard demonstrates role model character for his peers. He does not fear asking questions, learning from his mistakes and growing throughout the process. We are so excited to honor Luke as our Wildcat of the Month!

Panthers Team:  Brennan Schuster

Brennan Schuster is the Panthers Team student of the month.  Brennan shows true compassion for others and respect to both adults and other students.  His efforts in class are appreciated as he tries to understand and help others when he can by working with them in academic discussion.  Brennan has a smile for each day and helps bring a positive outlook to all situations. He shows maturity with his reactions to situations and brings a positive outlook when things might not look so bright.  Brennan is a great student and a good role model.

7th Grade

Cougar Team: Davis Neeley

Davis is mindful of others and makes sure all of his classmates are valued and appreciated. He is helpful in class and outside whenever he sees a student who needs a friend. He's friendly, creative, and eager to be a leader on our team. Davis consistently exceeds expectations on all assignments and completes them with a smile.  His teachers also mention how he goes out of his way to include all students in games and activities during recess time, being inclusive and inviting to all students. Davis is an example role model for other Wildcats to follow. Great job Davis!

Jaguar Team: Caleb Picker

Caleb has done a great job in math.  He is always willing to be the one who will take a risk and offer an answer, not knowing if it is correct or not. He is always thinking of others whether it be to hold the door for them or encourage them in their work.  He listens with intention and asks questions when needed. Caleb always has a positive attitude and a great sense of humor. He approaches every task with 100% effort. He is honest and straightforward about everything. Each day, Caleb holds the door for every student and teacher behind him exiting the building. He has excellent manners and an outstanding work ethic.

8th Grade

Cheetah Team:  Emma C.

She is a glowing example of Wildcat pride and leadership. She is kind hearted and always a role model in the classroom. She is quick to take care of class expectation and work. She is kind and respectful to everyone she meets adult or student.

Puma Team: Hadi E.

We chose Hadi because he is an all-around wonderful student.  He is incredibly polite and helpful to all his teachers and even thanks each one of us as he leaves the room.  He is also extremely helpful with all students in the classroom and is a true leader for all his classmates. As his teachers we are extremely proud of his grades and his behaviors and this is why he was our student of the month!

September Students of the Month

6th Grade

Cherie is a conscientious, hard-working student. She is always on task, adds insightful comments to discussion and is willing to go above and beyond to excel in everything she does. Cherie is a kind and caring classmate and always tries to include others in activities. She has a warm smile for everyone she sees and is a pleasure to have in class!


Kemsiey is a young lady who is an exemplary person both in the classroom and in the school community. She is an example of what it means to ROAR as a Wild Cat, she is consistently dependable, kind, enthusiastic and loyal to his peers. She is a student with integrity and a positive attitude. Kemsiey actively participates in class and school, displays good manners, is honest and demonstrates responsibility & trustworthiness.  Kemsiey has consistently been a positive role model by exhibiting an optimistic & mature attitude with anything she is asked to do or be part of in class. Kemsiey, we are proud to have you represent The Lion's team as our Wild Cat of the Month!


Mario is a hard-working student.  He completes all of his classwork and homework assignments with great precision. He participates in class and is always willing to help students who are in need.  In class when students are having difficulty understanding how to complete their work, Mario steps in to clarify, model his thinking, and even translate when needed.  Mario is a model student and we are proud to have him be a part of the Tigers team. Keep up the amazing work Mario and continue to be a tiger that R.O.A.R.'s!!


7th Grade

Cougar Team: Rudy V.

Ms. Waller says Rudy has a positive attitude who always has a smile on his face. He is a problem-solver who works really hard and tries everything!Mr. Bowers says Rudy is a bundle of joy, a happy kid who always comes in with a positive attitude. Ms. Henrik says Rudy is a respectful student who tries his best and is a good influence for his classmates.

Jaguar Team: Kaliyan L.

Ms. Johnson says Kaliyan is a pleasure to have in class, She works extremely hard and is very kind to her peers,  Kaliyan thinks of others and even gave free hugs all the teachers on the 7th grade hall. Mrs. Handy-Williams: In the true spirit of kindness, Kaliyan  reached out independently to an ESL student in our Science classroom to offer friendship and assist her with translation. She has continued to go above and beyond to help her fellow classmates, teaching her some English and generally being an ally and good friend. Mrs. Kondas says Kaliyan is a dedicated and thoughtful student.  She puts 100% into all of her assignments. She also works to help her classmates every chance she gets and puts a smile on her teachers' faces every day.


8th Grade

Cheetah Team:  Allison R.

“Allie is an example of great effort, positive attitude, helping others, and high-quality work.

“Allison is a sweet, hardworking young lady and always goes above and beyond expectations.”

“Allie is a friendly, cooperative student to both teachers and peers. She works hard in class every day, and pushes herself to succeed in math. Keep up the great work, Allie!”

Puma Team:  Dylon V.

“Dylon always has a smile and fond hello for his teachers. He goes out of his way to be helpful, often rushing ahead to hold the door after activity every day. He is quiet and respectful during class and he is a hard worker.”

“Dylon comes to class with a positive attitude and embraces challenges. This recognition is well-deserved!”

“He has a big heart and is a role model to his classmates. You can catch this student holding the door for all of his classmates at physical activity and greeting everyone with a smile.”



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