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CHMS Clubs

  1. If you are looking to start a new club, fill out the How to start a club handout (5).docx and send it to Mr. Wegner ( in a pdf format.

  2. If you have interest in joining a club, reach out to the teacher or staff member sponsoring the club to get any information you might need.

  3. With us moving to in-person, plan B schedule soon, certain meetings/times may change. So, please make sure to keep an eye out for any club meeting changes.

Club Name: Math Club Club 

Purpose: Math Club provides students an opportunity to learn about and play fun math games in a non-competitive, social environment. Teacher Sponsor: Mr. Erb ( 

Meeting Day/Time/Location: Current spots are full, additional spots for the 6th grades will be available starting March 1st. 

Please contact Mr. Erb or Mrs. Weiss if you have any questions. _____________________________________________________________ 

Club Name: Climate Change Advocate Society 

Student Name: Nicole Neuse (7th) & Aubrey Graue (7th)

 Club Purpose: This club is dedicated to educate & take action against climate change and doing better for the environment. We believe that together, we can make an impact on our community to better the world. We believe that many others see this issue and want their voices to be heard. CCAS is just the platform to do so! 

Teacher Sponsor: Ms. Fletcher ( 

Meeting Day/Time/Location: Tuesdays. 4:30 pm- 5:15 pm, on Zoom or Ms. Fletchers room. _____________________________________________________________ 

Club Name: Community House Build Develop Innovate 

Student Name: Aneesh Chendar Paspulati Naiudu 

Club Purpose: : People are going to build different inventions and they are going to innovate inventions and this is the area where people can get together and they can build friendships and relationships with other friends and you don’t need motors you can always use the stuff layed around the house, We also will explain every friday about what it is. 

Teacher Sponsor: Mrs. McEvoy (

 Meeting Day/Time/Location: TBD _____________________________________________________________ 

Club Name: Young Professors 

Club Purpose: Young Professors is a mentorship program where we connect Community House students with academic mentors from Ardrey Kell who volunteer their time during our Flex Time on Fridays from 3:45-4:15. It is a great opportunity to build relationships with older peers during a time where connecting with others is really difficult. In addition, they will help you improve upon academic skill sets so you can become a stronger and more confident student. 

Teacher Sponsor: Mr. Wegner, Academic Counselor ( 

Meeting Day/Time/Location: Zoom, Fridays from 4:00 - 4:30pm  _____________________________________________________________ 

Club Name: Let’s Bullet Journal! 

Student Name: Caroline D’Silva 

Club Purpose: Learning how to bullet journal and spend time with others building and creating your own bullet journals together. 

Teacher Sponsor: Mrs. Cooper-Boggs ( 

Meeting Day/Time/Location: 4:15 - 5:15 on the 1st and 3rdthursday of each month on Zoom _____________________________________________________________ 

Club Name: Minecraft club 

Club Purpose: Minecraft club is just a place to relax, socialize, and more importantly play Minecraft. We will meet every Monday at 6:00pm via Zoom. Please email Mr. Clark if you are interested and he will send you the Zoom link

 Teacher Sponsor: Mr. Clark ( 

Meeting Day/Time/Location: Monday at 6:00pm via Zoom. _____________________________________________________________

Club Name: Blanket Blessings

Club Purpose: Come and enjoy some conversation while making no-sew blankets for the needy!
Teacher Sponsor: Mrs. Carey
Meeting Day/Time/Location: Meeting time on hold


CLUB NAME:   Fun Art Club
YOUR NAME:   Hannah Joseph,  Chloe Pinter
CLUB PURPOSE:   We are not your ordinary art club, we are going to let you have fun and be creative. This club is for anyone to join, to hang out, or just to have fun. We will meet up via Zoom. You can join whenever you have time. Due to COVID-19, we have some tricks up our sleeves to keep you engaged.  Most of the items will be something you have around your house. Every week we will inform you about what we are doing and what items you need... So hope you have FUN!
TEACHER SPONSOR: Karla Cooper-Boggs 
MEETING DAY/TIME/LOCATION:  Wednesday’s @4:30 to 5:20 through zoom 


CLUB NAME:  Claire's Cool Comic Club
YOUR NAME: Claire C.
CLUB PURPOSE:   To express your creativity and write stories.
MEETING DAY/TIME/LOCATION:  4:15-4:45 on Fridays over Zoom
Zoom ID: 930-744-3435
Password: 9UpGRR

YOUR NAME: Zara Cole and Katelyn Hessin
CLUB PURPOSE: Anime is a different type of artform. This club allows us to discuss our favorite Anime, it allows us to express our feelings about certain characters and use our artistic skills to draw and write fanfiction.
MEETING DAY/TIME/LOCATION: Wednesday 4:15, on Zoom


CLUB NAME: Civilization Club 

Your Name: Puneet Lingutla

CLUB PURPOSE: It is for students to come together and work to make our own civilization using the knowledge we have culminated in Social Studies and to apply it using our imagination and creativity. First finding a geographical location and understanding what potential impacts it could have on the habitats. Then creating political system of course without biased opinions and economic system. Finally, we will combine it all to make a timeline of the rise, expansion, and decline of the civilization and then we do it all over again like a cycle.

TEACHER SPONSOR: 6th Grade Team Fire Social Studies teacher Ms. Jamison 

MEETING DAY/TIME/LOCATION: Zoom Meetings onMondays/Wednesdays/Fridays 11:30 A.M. to 12:00 P.M, pleaes speak to Mrs. Jamison about joining (


CLUB NAME: FRA Fortnite PVP, Build, And FFA

YOUR NAME: Saadeddin Farag & Sanjeev Sundar (Owners)

CLUB PURPOSE:  Make new friends, talk about new updates, and play Fortnite together.


MEETING DAY/TIME/LOCATION: Fridays 11:30-12, Full Remote Students

CLUB NAME: Meme Club

YOUR NAME: Chase Jones(7th grade)

CLUB PURPOSE: Research funny, relatable, and school appropriate memes while having fun.


MEETING DAY/TIME/LOCATION:  Meet on Zoom every Wednesday from 5:00 pm until 5:35 pm (Contact Ms. McAfee)


CLUB NAME:  Arguably the Best Debate Club

YOUR NAME:  Neha Manjunatha, Janvi Bhatt, and Sanjana Bobba

CLUB PURPOSE:   To evoke public speaking strategies/qualities in students. Have fun and debate on important issues in the world and get over your fear of public speaking. Some of the topics that will be covered in this group include should teachers be paid more, should animals be kept in zoos and so on. Everyone is welcome and you’ll be sure to have a lot of fun. 

TEACHER SPONSOR:  Mr. Cleland - 7th Grade Social Studies Teacher

MEETING DAY/TIME/LOCATION:  5:00 PM to 5:45 PM/Thursdays on Zoom

Click this link to sign up for the meetings -

If you have any questions, please feel free to email

We will send the meeting link after you have signed up.

CLUB NAME:  Baking Club!

YOUR NAME: Hasini Reddivari & Sophia Ahmad 

CLUB PURPOSE: We will be sharing recipes and baking together. We will have a fun time talking and learning together!


MEETING DAY/TIME/LOCATION:  Fridays from 4:00-4:45 on zoom (please reach out to Mrs. Jamison for the link)

Club Name: Mikva Challenge Club 

Club Purpose: This club is for students who want to learn how to fight injustice through civic action. Participants will work on speeches to submit to the national Mikva Challenge competition.

Teacher Sponsor:  Ms. Neilsen, (

Meeting Day/Time/Location: Wednesdays 3-4 on Zoom

Register in advance for this meeting:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.


Club Name: Cubing Club

Student Name:   Ilyas Ahmed

CLUB PURPOSE:  The purpose of the club is to teach people how to cube and do speed solving races. We give algorithms to solve any part you're stuck on, if you have an interest in cubing feel free to join this club and if you want to learn.


MEETING DAY/TIME/LOCATION:  Fridays 8:45-9:15AM on Zoom, Ideal for FRA

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