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Summer Reading 2021

Which book will I need to read?  

Stamped: Racism, Anti Racism, and You

by Jason Reynolds and Ibram X. Kendi 

This is NOT a history book.

This is a book about the here and now.

A book to help us better understand why we are where we are.

A book about race.

The construct of race has always been used to gain and keep power, to create dynamics that separate and silence.

This is the remarkable opening of Dr. Ibram X. Kendi's Stamped from the Beginning, winner of the National Book Award. It reveals the history of racist ideas in America and inspires hope for an antiracist future.

Stamped takes you on a race journey from then to now, shows you why we feel how we feel, and why the poison of racism lingers. It also proves that while racist ideas have always been easy to fabricate and distribute, they can also be discredited.

Through a gripping, fast-paced, and energizing narrative, Jason Reynolds shines a light on the many insidious forms of racist ideas--and on ways readers can identify and stamp out racist thoughts in their daily lives. 

Why this book?

Recent events, including the killing of George Floyd, have highlighted the need and deeply held desire of most Americans to examine our history of racial injustice and finally fulfill our promise of living in a country where all of us feel safe, respected, and valued.  Although most Americans claim they are “not racist”, it is clear that it is no longer enough to be passively “not racist”.  We are called to be antracists.  Antiracism requires taking an active role in addressing and rectifying the racist policies that have long prevented us from achieving a more equitable society that ensures “liberty and justice for all”.  As a society and a school, we are all compelled to do our part. 

Why read over the summer? 

Ever heard of the “summer slide”?  Students make achievement gains in reading throughout the school year.  Those who continue to read over the summer keep those gains and continue to build on their achievements throughout the next school year.  Students who avoid reading tend to lose those gains and find themselves falling behind their peers when they return to school.

How do I find a copy of this book?

There are multiple ways for you to find a copy.

  • Go to and download a copy of the book on your device (Sora by OverDrive available in the App Store or Google Play).

  • Borrow an e-book or audiobook version from the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library using your CMS Student ID number. (There’s often a waiting list so be sure to sign up soon!)
    How To Borrow Books With Your CMS Student ID

  • Borrow a hard copy by visiting your local Charlotte Mecklenburg Library Branch.
    CM Library Branches and Hours 

  • Purchase a new or used copy from Amazon.  

  • Visit your favorite bookstore and support a local business!  

If you are still unable to find a copy, please email

How do I earn credit?

Read the entire book over the summer.  After you read, choose one chapter in the book that stood out for you either because you felt a connection with the author’s experience or what you read expanded your thinking in some way.  Write a response to that chapter and explain how it affected you.  

When you return to school, submit your response to Ms. Eilers.  It will be graded using the attached rubric.  Students must earn at least 15 points to receive credit.  

Read the CMVHS newsletter every week.  Early in the school year, we will provide a link for submitting your response.  

When we return to school in August, you will participate in a zoom roundtable in which we discuss the book and positive steps we can take in our school and community based upon our learning.  Information about the zoom meeting will also be found in the newsletter. 

What’s in it for me? 

  • You will maintain the reading skills you gained throughout the school year!

  • You will be able to think, act, speak, and provide much needed leadership on the subject of racism and its enduring toxic effects on our country.   

  • You will earn an e-coupon for a 100 on one test in the following classes (English, Math, Social Studies, or Science)  good for the 2021-2022 school year. 

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