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1900 New Castle Street
Charlotte, NC 28216
Courier #: 499
P: 980-343-3066  |  F: 980-343-3069 
Principal: John Cline
LC: South
Bell Schedule: 7:15 AM - 2:15 PM
Grades: 9-12
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Academic FAQs

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​What type of diploma do students earn?

The CMVHS diploma is the same as a diploma from any other CMS school. CMVHS is  held to the same high standards and graduation requirements as all Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools. Online classes are not ‘easier,’ ‘shorter,’ or less work than traditional classes. In fact, in a CMS student survey, most students reported that online classes were more challenging than their traditional classes due to the independent nature of the course work. Our students receive a rigorous education that will prepare them for college and careers.

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What courses are available?

CMVHS offers core and elective courses at the standard, honors, and Advanced Placement levels as well as Career and Technical Education courses. Our students also have the option to take college courses, and potentially achieve an associate’s degree while still in high school.

In order to provide a variety of rigorous and effective courses, CMVHS partners with several online course providers. Each course is vetted by CMS and most are taught by CMS teachers. See our partner websites for examples of courses.

Qualified students may participate in the Career and College Promise program which enables 11th and 12th grade students to take college courses while enrolled in high school. Students can also earn college credit through Advanced Placement courses.

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Who teaches the online courses?

All courses are taught by highly-qualified North Carolina certified teachers who meet all North Carolina and local standards and qualifications.

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How many courses can students take each year?

Student schedules will be based on student and family academic goals. This usually averages eight courses per year. Students will take courses that will lead to an on-track, cohort graduation. 

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Is there a certain amount of time that students must work on courses?

CMVHS courses require an average of 90 minutes per class each weekday (M-F). CMVHS classes follow the CMS calendar. 

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Will CMVHS accommodate individualized education plans (IEPs) and 504 plans?

Attending a virtual high school requires a high level of self-motivation, comfort with technology, time management, and independence. We recognize that many exceptional children have these traits and could benefit from an online learning experience, while others may require a higher level of support. Parents of EC students should work closely with the student's case manager and the CMVHS EC team to ensure proper placement. CMVHS will provide accommodations required by local, state, and federal guidelines.

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Do students need to go to a particular place for classes?

No. CMVHS students can work any place that they have a computer and internet connection. 

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Do students have to log onto the computer at certain times of day?

No.* The majority of the courses will be asynchronous - students will be able to work at any time. We strongly believed that students in grades 9-12 should be engaged in the learning process everyday.  It is required that students log in and complete each day's Monday through Friday so as to develop solid work habits and not fall behind. CMVHS students may choose to work ahead to give themselve more flexibility throughout the week. However, students who are behind and do not log in to complete assignments will be marked absent. 

*Students enrolled in certain NCSSM IVC courses may be required to log on at certain times of day. NCSSM courses are not required and mainly consist of advanced math and science courses.

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Do students have to take final exams face-to-face?

Yes, some courses will require a student to report to the physical school to take a proctored exam. This includes NC End-of-Course exams (Math I, Math 3, English II, and Biology), AP exams, and Career Technical Education (CTE) courses, Pre-ACT, PSAT and ACT. Final exam requirements for other courses may require a face-to-face test at principal and teacher discretion.

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Can students graduate early?

Yes! A student that has met graduation goals can graduate earlier than their original cohort. However, a student that has finished high school graduation requirements may also take college courses with CMS learning partners and earn college credit for free.

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How do students take physical education courses online?

The online PE offering still requires physical activity that is tracked and monitored. Additionally, health education is also required. Students who have special requirements via an IEP or 504 will have an adapted PE course based on their plans.

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How do students connect with their teachers and advisors​?

Relationships between teachers and students are critical to the success of virtual students. We specifically look for teachers who can build relationships with students across distance and time. CMS teachers monitor student progress and reach out to students who appear to need additional support. Students can arrange face-to-face meetings with their teachers, or communicate via e-mail, phone, text, Zoom, or other options. Teachers will arrange with families the best way to communicate.

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