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Uniform Policy




Students MUST wear:           

  • Solid white, navy, or light blue shirt with collar;
  • White, navy or black undershirt;
  • Shirts tucked in at the waist with a belt;
  • Tan, black, or navy khaki pants (no more than two inches larger than the student’s waist); skirts (length of fingers by side); and shorts (must be walking length);
  • In the event of cold weather, students may wear a navy, white, black, or gray plain pullover/zip-up sweatshirt/sweater, with no hood.


Students CANNOT wear: 

  • Inappropriate (i.e. profanity, drugs, gang-related, sexual, offensive symbols) writing, pictures, or logos on shirts (this includes undershirts) or socks;
  • Mid-drifts, plunging neck-lines;
  • Colored undershirts;
  • Excessive Jewelry (i.e. Large medallions/pendants (cannot be larger than a quarter), belt buckles, anything that could be considered a weapon (such as sharp edges)
  • House shoes;
  • Caps/hats, do-rags, bandanas, head gear of any kind;
  • Sweatshirts with a hood;
  • More than one layer of clothing under their required uniform (such as multiple pairs of gym shorts, several T-shirts, warm-ups, etc.)
  • Any clothing worn under a uniform should not be visible.  Students are expected to wear the uniform from the time they get on the school bus until getting home.  Students who violate this rule will not be allowed to wear extra layers.
  • Coats and jackets while on campus inside of school.  A student may wear a coat/jacket to school but he/she will need to leave it in the check-in closet.  The coat/jacket will be searched upon entering the check-in area.
  • Students cannot bring an extra set of clothes to change into at the end of the day.  An administrative decision is required for students completing work hours whose job requires a uniform.
  • No gang related clothing or objects.  These items will be confiscated.
  • Backpacks are permitted, but will be searched and must remain in the check-in closet.
  • Female students will be allowed a small to medium (no larger than 12 x 12) purse to hold necessary items.  If books fit inside of the purse, it will be considered a backpack, and will remain in the check-in closet.  Purses will be searched upon arrival.
  • Students may not wear headphones, MP3 players, jump-drives or other electronic devices.


All other dress code violations that fall under the CMS Dress Code will be enforced.  The dress code can be found in the CMS Student Handbook.  The administration makes the final decision on any questionable garment or attire.



Students who report to school in inappropriate clothing will be required to rent a uniform from the uniform closet.  When students receive their uniform, they will change and leave their personal clothes in the clothing closet.  At the end of the day, the personal clothes will be exchanged for the uniform.  In addition, the parent/guardian will be notified that their student arrived out of uniform.



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