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5001 Camilla Drive
Charlotte, NC 28226
Courier #: 333
P: 980-343-6705  |  F: 980-343-6749 
Principal: Jared Thompson
LC: Central 2
Bell Schedule: 9:15 AM - 4:15 PM
Grades: 6-8
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Virtual Learning & Bell Schedule

Carmel Middle Virtual Bell Schedule - LIVE UPDATES [Google Document]

Carmel Middle Virtual Bell Schedule - Quarter 4.pdf

[Spanish] Carmel Middle Virtual Bell Schedule - Quarter 4.pdf


The Carmel administrative team has worked to provide a schedule for students and teachers to follow — our Virtual Bell Schedule for the 4th quarter. This schedule began Monday, March 30th.

This schedule is to be followed by every student and will be used to provide a consistent structure of learning for our students. We want to highlight several components of this schedule:
  • When students access their Chromebooks the Virtual Bell Schedule will pop-up and be displayed for students to access, including a link for the Spanish version at the top.
  • It will help for students to log in & out of their Chromebook fully each day! This will allow the updates to refresh for students and pop up automatically.
  • All students are expected to sign-in every morning and sign-out at the conclusion of 4th block.
  • There are links, in blue font, to sign-in and out daily on the Virtual Bell Schedule.
  • There is an Updates section at the bottom of the Virtual Bell Schedule that students/parents should reference daily for any updates and changes that may impact learning or the school day.
  • Grades will be given for assignments in the 4th quarter, beginning April 1st. Students should expect to receive teacher feedback and informal grades on classwork such as quizzes, virtual group work, in-class tasks, and virtual notebook checks until further guidance from the district. 
  • There is a link with the list of food sites throughout the district which is also hyperlinked by clicking on the word Lunch, also in blue font.
We ask that you follow the directions and meeting times as assigned by your child’s teachers. We also ask students to be respectful and appropriate as we use virtual learning as a new platform to provide you with a quality education.

Middle School courses, High School credit courses, and 3rd quarter assignments

All Semester 1 grades will remain the same. In regard to Semester 2, students will receive a Pass “PC19” or Withdrawal “WC19” for the final course grade for all middle school courses. If a student was passing their class as of March 13th, or who worked to improve to the point of passing after March 13 through remote learning, they will receive a PC19. Only students who are failing a course (≤59) after being provided the opportunity for improvement through remote learning, can be considered for receiving a WC19. Every effort will be made to work with these students remotely to help them to make improvements. A WC19 does not indicate a grade retention should occur or that the course must be repeated. The district will provide additional guidance around promotion/retention decisions in the future.

Middle school students taking high school credit courses (i.e. Foreign Language IB, Math 1, Math 2), will have options for how the second semester course grade will appear on their transcripts. Students/parents may choose to record a PC19/WC19 or the numeric grade (highest grade as of March 13 or as improved through the end of the semester) for the course. Students in these courses will have the same opportunities for improving their grades beyond March 13 through remote learning as high school students and teachers will follow the HS grading guidance to document progress in PowerSchool. Middle school students taking courses for high school credit will not receive a failing grade. The WC19 code (Withdrawal) will be used for any student who was failing as of March 13 and/or was unable to improve their grade through remote learning opportunities. If the course is one that is required for graduation, the student will need to retake the course for credit. Students/parents will make a choice about second semester grade reporting for each high school class taken. If your student takes these classes, we will discuss these options with the student and their parent/guardian in June.

If a student has incomplete assignments from the 3rd quarter and would like to turn in that work to improve their 3rd quarter grade, then they are able to do so at this time. The student will need to notify their teacher so that they are aware that late work will be submitted. Our teachers will provide progress feedback for students and document using anecdotal records for non-HS courses in Canvas and record grades in PowerSchool for HS credit courses. There will be no final exams entered in PowerSchool for 2nd semester. We would also like to emphasize that no more work can be turned in after May 29th.

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