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3100 Winterfield Place
Charlotte, NC 28205
Courier #: 589
P: 980-343-6400  |  F: 980-343-6493 
Principal: Angela Grant
LC: Central 1
Bell Schedule: 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Grades: K-5
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Afternoon Dismissal Policy


Afternoon Dismissal Policy

Car Rider Procedures

A car rider is defined as someone who rides in a car to and home from school.  If you drive to school, park your car and walk to pick up your child, your child is a car rider and you will need to get in the car rider line.

  • All Car Riders are to be picked at the front of the building.

  • A staff member will call student names’ from the main lobby, where students will be waiting.

  • Students will exit the building through the front doors.

  • Car riders will be dismissed from the building as parents pull into the loop.

  • All cars must have our car rider tag visible on your dashboard.  You must write your child’s name on the tag in large letters so it can be seen easily. Any car without a car rider tag will be asked to park and the driver will have to come into the office to show ID after car rider dismissal.

  • If you lose this tag it is your responsibility to obtain another copy from the school’s front office. Handwritten numbers are not acceptable. NOTE: If you think that your child will be a car rider at any time during the school year, please make sure you keep your hang tag.

  • All car riders will be assembled in the front lobby and dismissed to cars as parents arrive. Parents are not permitted to park their cars and retrieve students from the building. Please do not park on Winterfield Place or in the Parking Lot and walk to pick up your child from the school. This is a violation of school policy AND is a safety hazard.

  • Common courtesy dictates that you will not cut in line, or tailgate too close to the car in front of you.

  • For safety reasons, please do not talk on your cell phone while in the car-rider line and in the school zone.

  • ALL car riders must be picked up by 3:00 p.m. Parents arriving late after 3:00 p.m. must report in person to the office to sign students out.   Walkers/Bikers

A walker/biker is defined as someone who walks or rides a bike home from school. If you drive to school to pick up your child, your child is a car rider and you will need to get in the car rider line. If staff observes you parking and walking to the walker pick up room, we will change your child to a car rider.

  • Walkers will be dismissed to Winterfield Place daily after bus riders.

  • Parents will be supplied with a pick-up card with the student's name and teacher, which will need to be shown to the staff member calling names.

  • For safety's sake, anyone without a card will be directed to the office to check out their child.

  • Please DO NOT bring pets with you to the parent pickup area as we want to make sure that the children and the pets are safe.

  • In order to avoid any accidents, please make certain that your child is walking through the parking lot next to you and not running ahead.

  • Once the parent walker pick-up is complete, students who walk unaccompanied will be escorted to the crosswalk by a teacher.

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