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William Amos Hough
High School
12420 Bailey Road
Cornelius, NC 28031
Courier #: 312
P: 980-344-0514  |  F: 980-343-2215 
LC: North Learning Community
Bell Schedule: 7:15 am - 2:15 pm
Grades: 9-12
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Summer Reading 
Who reads what?

·         Students and staff will read

o    At least five essays from the THIS I BELIEVE organization.

o    One (or MORE) of the books from THE BOOK LIST.

What should I do while I read over the summer?

Think about values. A value is a core belief that helps guide you during your daily life. Values help you determine the actions you take, the thoughts you think, and the things you say.

As you read the This I Believe essays, think about the values represented, how the author lives out the value, how he/she learns the value. Jot down a few notes to help you remember what you thought about each essay.

As you read your book, think about the values of a character(s) in your book. Keep a log of how you know your character(s) believes in this value. Ponder these questions while you read:

  • What primary actions does my character take?
  • How does the reader know what the character believes in?
  • What mistakes does the character learn from…or not?
  • What lesson does the character learn…or not?
  • How does a character treat strangers, friends, family members, colleagues, him/herself?
  • How would you describe the character to a friend who had not read the book?
  • As you consider the questions, jot down how your character embodies a value.

What happens when we come back to school in the fall?

Your homeroom teacher will designate a time during the first few days of school for you to write a This I Believe essay from the perspective of a character in your book. You will be asked to write the essay in homeroom while your teacher is present. You may use the notes you’ve taken on the essays and your book. You will not have to write the essay over the summer! Your essay should show that you read the book and understood a primary value that was portrayed.

Students who read the texts and write a satisfactory essay will be given a ticket to a Read Rally-a party to celebrate your academic efforts over the summer months. There will be food, games, music and FRIENDS! This will take place during the school day.

What are the books like and how should I choose one?

The books have all been recommended by Hough teachers and staff. They are books that we think you will enjoy reading during the summer months. They are not academic texts. They are about many topics and range in complexity. Choose a book that is not too easy or too hard for you. Your reading time should be comfortable and enjoyable, but at the same time something that will be meaningful. It is the summer after all!

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