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8701 Moores Chapel Rd
Charlotte, NC 28214
Courier #: 439
P: 980-343-5231  |  F: 980-343-0924 
Principal: Valoria Burch
LC: L.E.A.D. Learning Community
Bell Schedule: 9:15 AM - 4:15 PM
Grades: K-12
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Turning Point Academy Short-term Suspension Center


​Program Schedule

8:00 am - 2:30 pm

Orientation @ 7:30 am in Mobile Unit MC144​



About the​​ Program

We have moved to a new location .  The address is 8701 Moores Chapel Road Charlotte, N.C. 28214.  Short-term is located on campus in Mobile Units.​

The Board of Education's vision requires Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools (CMS) to provide all students the best education available anywhere. In order for students to learn in a safe and orderly environment, it is necessary to provide consequences for students who have violated the Code of Student Conduct. These consequences may include an out-of-school suspension.

During the 2017-2018​ school year, CMS will operate an Alternative to Suspension Program for middle and high school students suspended for 1-10 days (short-term), allowing students to serve their suspensions at an off-site suspension center.  Both lunch and breakfast are provided. You will need to bring a copy of your child's suspension notice and your child should bring school work and school supplies.  There is computer access at the school.

A brief description of our program is as follows:

  • Parent/Student Orientation Begins Promptly at 7:30 a.m.
  • Communicate the students' home schools to provide an alternative to Out of School Suspension (OSS).
  • Provide students that have been short-term suspended (1- 10 days) the opportunity to continue their academic tract.
  • Parents must contact the counselor at the child's sending school to request assignments
  • A Behavior Modification Technician will serve as the in-room facilitator to ensure students are meeting the expectations of the program.
  • Students are enrolled on a first-come served basis.
  • Breakfast and lunch will be provided. 

Procedure For Attendance

  • Parents/Guardians of students who have received a referral for a offense warranting a suspension will be given the option to attend TPAASC.
  • Parent(s) are responsible for contacting TPAASC to enroll student.
  • On the first day of TPAASC, a parent/guardian must accompany the student to the TPAASC room.
  • Bring a copy of the suspension letter provided by the student's principal.
  • Students must have assignments by the third day of suspension.
  • Parents are responsible for requesting and picking up assignments/textbooks from the home schools.  Students are responsible for maintaining and returning the assignment(s) to the home school teacher(s).
  •  On the students' last day of suspension, parents will receive a letter containing the days in which the student was in attendance. This letter is to be taken to the Attendance secretary at the child's school for the days to be entered in their system, at that time students will return to their respective school.

Student Responsibilities

  • Parent/Guardian must provide transportation to and from TPAASC.  Students are not allowed to drive and park on the Turning Point Academy campus.
  • Students must report on time or they will not be permitted entrance into TPAASC room.
  • Student cannot be dropped off before 7:45am.
  • Students must be picked up on time at the end of their session or they will be dropped from the program.
  • Students are expected to follow the instructions of the facilitator at all times.
  • The staff of TPAASC may dismiss a student at any time for failure to comply with the rules and ethics of the program.  Upon dismissal, the student's principal will be notified and the student's suspension will continue out of school.
  • Students will attend all assigned days.
  • Students will work on coursework as directed.
  • Students are responsible for bringing all materials necessary for completion of assignments.
  • Students are responsible for maintaining and returning the assignment(s) to the home school teacher(s).
  • Cell phones or any other electronics are not permitted on the TPAASC campus.
  • Students must follow CMS dress code policy. 

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Short-term Suspension Center Forms  2017-2018

Short-term Suspension Center Forms 2017 - 2018 - Spanish Version

Short-term Suspension Center Point Sheet 2017

Short-term Suspension Center Point Sheet 2017 - Spanish Version

Contact Numbers


Name                                                                   Number

Eddie Blue, Suspension Coordinator​ ​                   ​(980)343-5231

Ms. Caldwell, High School Short-term                   (980)343-1267

Middle School Short-term                                        (980)343-0991​


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