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3200 Smithfield Church Road
Charlotte, NC 28210
Courier #: 534
P: 980-343-6550  |  F: 980-343-6555 
Principal: Allison Harris
LC: South Learning Community
Bell Schedule: 7:45 AM - 2:45 PM
Grades: K-5
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Teachers Doing Whatever It Takes


Smithfield Elementary teachers believe that our kids are worth whatever it takes.  Take a look at some of the efforts they have recently made to make sure each student receives the best possible education!

Ms. Lindberg recently came in third place at the Charlotte Quilter's Guild contest for traditional pieced large quilts.  Her work shows what great things she brings to the classroom! 


Gina Pecora continues to do great things to help the district and Smithfield.  Gina was selected to help create joint lessons for science and social studies classes for grades kindergarten through fifth grade.  Gina will be working with other selected teachers from the district to develop lessons to share with teachers in Charlotte-Mecklenburg.  

Teachers helped fundraise for the Ronald McDonald House by purchasing t-shirts.  Staff members will also be donating their time in the future to make a meal for families staying at the Ronald McDonald House.


Ms. Stewart has recently earned support from Donors Choose.  Ms. Stewart's third grade class will receive reading materials that will help her class attack all aspects of literacy.  The materials will be used in guided reading to help students at different levels.

Mrs. Outen is at it again.  This time she earned a Kindle Fire from This device will help Mrs. Outen bring technology into her class and will be of great use in all subject areas.  Thank you to those that helped by donating to Mrs. Outen. 

Mrs. Outen recently earned support at for "We are Attracted to Magnets and Science".  This donation will allow Mrs. Outen's class to use magnets and other science materials in learning centers to explore science in a hands on way. 


Mr. Hood’s class is displayed on the website My Silent Hero.  This website champions those in Charlotte that work quietly throughout the community to help Charlotte become a great city.  Check out the website and look for Mr. Hood’s picture to be displayed in the Levine Museum of the New South this summer!

Mr. Hood's class recently received a donation from Donors' Choose.  Mr. Hood worked with Donors' Choose to receive games for hands on centers.   Students will begin to use these games to work on their fine motor skills, problem solving skills, and their literacy skills.   Great job working to help our children, Mr. Hood!

Mrs. Outen has done it again!  She has received another donation from Donors' Choose.   Working with the Smithfield community, Mrs. Outen has received an iPod and mini boombox to allow students to use music in the classroom.  Smithfield encourages teachers to use music to allow students to think more critically within lessons and become more engaged.  Thank you, Mrs. Outen, for working to make your classroom engaging!

Mrs. Prysbylski has also received a donation from Donors' Choose.  She will receive language learning centers to help her students begin to develop literacy skills.   Good job, Mrs. P on helping our school improve the literacy skills of all our students!


Ms. Devlin’s husband, Pete, went to the Veterans Affairs clinic on Friday and distributed more than 100 cards and letters students made.  He said he felt like Santa Claus, and said that the Vets' faces just lit up.  Many came back later to thank him again.  Pete especially wanted everyone to know that the recipients made a point of telling him to thank the students, and especially the teachers, for their kindness and for remembering them.  Many also said they would love to have the school address, so they could respond to the children.


Thanks so much Kate Fitzpatrick and Sarah Hill for your efforts, and thank you all for doing this.  It meant a lot.  He will be going again in December if anyone would like to make more!!



Mr. Oliver Gets New Science Gear


Mr. Oliver put in a project for our third quarter science lesson.  His class needed new science electricity equipment, so students could work on projects related to third quarter goals.  These consist of:

1.Design and test an electric circuit as a closed pathway including an energy source, energy conductor, and an energy receiver.

2. Explain how magnetism is related to electricity.

3. Describe and identify materials that are conductors and nonconductors of electricity.

4. Observe and investigate that parallel and series circuits have different characteristics.

5. Observe and investigate the ability of electric circuits to produce light, heat, sound, and magnetic effects.

Our new kits will allow us to make strong connections to what we read in the science text.  We will receive these soon, but not start using them until mid-January.

Check out the following website to see what we will get:

Mrs. Curtis-Sowell’s class recently was awarded a grant through Donor’s Choose.  It is a weekly subscription to "Time for Kids" magazine (small booklets).  It contains current events and information for Social Studies, Science, Health, and provides non-fiction text for the students to practice their reading skills.


    • Mrs. Van Every’s class continues to do great things.  Today, her students honored the heroes of September Eleventh through a moving tribute.  Each student wrote a letter to a hero from this tragedy and attached it to a balloon.  The class went outside and sent the letters into the sky in hopes of reaching those fallen heroes.  A big shout out to McNeill Jordan for coming up with this great idea!


    • Mrs. Outen's class received a donation of Magic Tree House books from  Mrs. Outen hopes that these books will help her class find longer texts to read that will spur their imagination and increase their literacy.  Check out other projects that you can donate to at  Thank you Mrs. Outen for working to get the best resources for your class!
    • Mrs. Outen has done it again!  Thanks to her efforts on Donors Choose, her students will now receive a subscription to Weekly Reader and a set of books on the continents.


    • Mrs. Curtis-Sowell has challenged her third grade class to eat more fruits and vegetables.  Each day, students are to keep track in their homework chart the amount of fruits and vegetables that they have eaten.  Parents, please be sure initial your student’s homework chart with the correct amount of fruits and vegetables that they have eaten at home.  Students will be competing in groups to see which team can eat the healthiest.  Thank you Mrs. Curtis-Sowell for working to make all of our kids healthy eaters!


    • Ms. Skrilloff is doing whatever it takes to make sure our students stay healthy.  She has initiated two programs to make sure students are active.  First, she has confirmed that the 100 Mile Club” will continue.  For those new to Smithfield, this program encourages students to run/walk laps on the track (field) and on the blacktop, to see how far they can travel in a year at school. One lap on the track (field) counts as 1 lap, while bus lot laps (yellow line) count as ½ a lap


    • She is also continuing the “Active Dolphins After Hours.” Students are asked to fill in an exercise log with activity (The huffing and puffing kind) they do at home.  The older ones can fill it out themselves and ask their parents to sign it; while the younger students will need their parents to begin filling the log out for them.  Children are expected to be vigorously active for 60 minutes a day.  Since we do 30 minutes at school, we want the students to do the other 30 minutes after school hours.  To qualify for the month, they must have at least 15 30-minute segments for the month OR 3 weeks of meeting the challenge. Students will receive a ribbon at the quarterly award recognition assemblies. Thank you Ms. Skrilloff for working to make sure our students stay active!






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