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Shamrock Gardens Elementary
Magnet School of Excellence
3301 Country Club Drive
Charlotte, NC 28205
Courier #: 527
P: 980-343-6440  |  F: 980-343-6513 
Principal: Sarah Reeves
LC: Northeast Learning Community
Bell Schedule: 8:15 AM - 3:15 PM
Grades: K-5
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Magnet Program

Talent Development and Learning Immersion


Click on the links below to find information on the CMS magnet programs and the application process.

The Learning Immersion and Talent Development programs allow student learning to be accelerated through an intense, rigorous curriculum focused on the strengths of each child. Each school’s staff is committed to teaching students to use real world problem solving and higher order thinking skills to prepare them for the 21st century.

In Learning Immersion, students are challenged to reach their fullest potential. Student learning is accelerated through an intense program which focuses on Gardner’s multiple intelligences and project-based instruction.

During second grade, students are evaluated for entrance into the Talent Development (TD) program. The TD magnet school provides a full-day, intensive program appropriate for identified gifted students in grades 3-5. Students who do not qualify by grade 3 may remain in the schools, continuing in the Learning Immersion program.

Serves K-2 students (Learning Immersion)

Uses Sandra Parks' Thinking Skills materials and strategies (Learning Immersion and Talent Development)

Varied instructional and assessment strategies based upon multiple intelligences research with emphasis upon utilizing technology in an integrated curriculum (Learning Immersion and Talent Development)

Uses additional Math Investigations units for math extensions beyond offerings in Non LI/TD schools (Learning Immersion and Talent Development)

Provides choices for learning based upon multiple intelligences research for primary students(Learning Immersion and Talent Development)

Provides full-day TD program for certified TD students in grades 3-5 ( Talent Development)

Use of seminar instruction to expose students to exemplary works of literature and provide opportunities to explore concepts in greater depth (Learning Immersion and Talent Development)

Strength-based instruction infused with multiple intelligences and utilizing problem-centered learning experiences promote scholarly, thoughtful classrooms (Learning Immersion and Talent Development)

Uses Math Navigations, Math Investigations and Hands-on Equations for math extension units beyond non-TD schools (Learning Immersion and Talent Development)

Special interest studies provided for students (Learning Immersion and Talent Development)

Emphasis placed on developing scholarly behaviors and critical thinking/problem solving skills (Learning Immersion and Talent Development)

Guaranteed continuation to the Middle Years IB program (Talent Development)

Seminars and coached projects used to enrich literacy (Learning Immersion and Talent Development)

Use of William and Mary language arts curriculum (Learning Immersion and Talent Development)

Curriculum focuses on differentiation, acceleration and interdisciplinary-thematic lessons (Learning Immersion and Talent Development)

Typical student profile for this magnet

 Student displays a great curiosity about objects, situations or events

 Student learns rapidly, easily and efficiently

 Student provides very alert, rapid answers to questions

 Student likes or loves one or a few areas of knowledge

 Student is intelligently playful and imaginative

 Student is fluent in producing and elaborating on ideas and makes unusual associations between remote ideas 

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