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IB Middle School
5850 Statesville Road
Charlotte, NC 28269
Courier #: 514
P: 980-343-6800  |  F: 980-343-6796 
Principal: Neodria Brown
LC: Central 1
Bell Schedule: 9:15 AM - 4:15 PM
Grades: 6-8
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IB and Community Service

Ranson Middle, an International Baccalaureate School

 Ranson IB Middle School is a partial magnet school that is offering the IB curriculm school wide.  It is nestled in a 40 year old neighborhood surrounded by numerous mature trees, spread out over 8 acres.  We have over 70 classroom teachers and over 45 support staff and faculty.  Many of which are national board certified and have advanced degrees. 

Our IB program has been a stellar program with some of the top students in CMS attending.  Many have completed their high school years at the North Carolina School of Science and Math and attended some of the nations top colleges like Yale, Harvard, Wake Forest, Duke, and MIT.  Our students have received millions of dollars in scholarship funds.  Truly, some of the best students in the district entered into our program and have done very well.  We are very proud of our students.​

Community and Service

What is my Community?

We are all members of many communities.  As members, we have to share in the responsibility of making sure they are the best possible communities in which to live.  A COMMUNITY is a group of people living, working, or playing together.  Some communities are small and others large.  Your family is a community.  Your class is a community.  Your school is a community.  Charlotte is a community, as well as North Carolina.  In fact, we are all members of the largest community of all….the WORLD!

Why Should I Care About My Community?

Since you are part of your community, you are actually helping yourself when you work to maintain and preserve your community.  The more people that care about their community, the happier the world will be.  Imagine how the world would be if people did to others what they would like to have done to themselves.

Serving the community is an opportunity to participate in activities based upon your personal talents and interests.  The main focus of community service is to instill an awareness of yourself and the role you play in your community and the world.  It is an unpaid service you provide your community, not your family. 

Community service is a service you perform for the benefit of your community. 




watching children at a community center

babysitting  your brothers and sisters

helping older neighbors by mowing their lawn for free

selling raffle tickets

walking an elderly or disabled neighbor’s dog

walking your dog

singing at an assisted living center

performing in the school chorus

6th grade – 20 hours             7th grade – 25 hours            8th grade – 30 hours

2017-2018 Ranson IB IB MYP Magnet Compact PDF (Opens in New Window)

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