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4400 Water Oak Road
Charlotte, NC 28211
Courier #: 513
P: 980-343-6700  |  F: 980-343-6741 
Principal: Brian Bambauer
LC: Central Learning Community
Bell Schedule: 9:15 AM - 4:15 PM
Grades: 6-8
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Folder: Short SheetsShort Sheets
Folder: SLT Minutes 15-16SLT Minutes 15-16
Folder: SLT 2016-17SLT 2016-17
Folder: 2017 Disney Forms and Information2017 Disney Forms and Information
IB Report Card General Grade Descriptors.pdfIB Report Card General Grade Descriptors
Web Tool Use K-8 Permission Slip.pdfWeb Tool Use K-8 Permission Slip
RHASE Opt Out Middle-High Schools.pdfRHASE Opt Out Middle-High Schools
RHASE Opt Out  Middle-High Schools SPANISH.pdfRHASE Opt Out Middle-High Schools SPANISH
ELA and Mathematics (An Overview for Parents).pdfELA and Mathematics (An Overview for Parents)
Randolph Five-mile Radius Transportation Zone Map.pdfRandolph Five-mile Radius Transportation Zone Map
Internet safety for Children.pdfInternet safety for Children
Internet Safety for Teens.pdfInternet Safety for Teens
Mind What You Do Online.pdfMind What You Do Online
NCPC Tip Sheet - Educators.pdfNCPC Tip Sheet - Educators
NCPC Tip Sheet - Spotting The Signs.pdfNCPC Tip Sheet - Spotting The Signs
NCPC Tip Sheet - Staying Informed.pdfNCPC Tip Sheet - Staying Informed
NCPC Tip Sheet - Tips for Teens.pdfNCPC Tip Sheet - Tips for Teens
NCPC Tip Sheet - What Is It.pdfNCPC Tip Sheet - What Is It
NCPC Tip Sheet - Work Together.pdfNCPC Tip Sheet - Work Together
What Students Can Do.pdfWhat Students Can Do
MSA Magnet Study Visit_CMS Report - May 2015.pdfMSA Magnet Study Visit_CMS Report - May 2015
Home Access to Digital Resources.pdfHome Access to Digital Resources
Dress Code 2016 Final.pdfDress Code 2016 Final
IB Agreement (rev. 2015-2016).pdfIB Agreement (rev. 2015-2016)
Community and Service Form.pdfCommunity and Service Form
MAP FAQ's for Parents.pdfMAP FAQ's for Parents
SLTMinutesAug4 2016.pdfSLTMinutesAug4 2016
SLTMinutesAug16 2016.pdfSLTMinutesAug16 2016
SLTMinutesSept 2016.pdfSLTMinutesSept 2016
TD presentation.pdfTD presentation
School Improvement Plan 2016-17.pdfSchool Improvement Plan 2016-17
2016-17 School Improvement Plan.pdf2016-17 School Improvement Plan
SLTMinutesSept29 2016.pdfSLTMinutesSept29 2016
SLTMinutesNov18 2016.pdfSLTMinutesNov18 2016
Randolph Middle Supply List 20172018.pdfRandolph Middle Supply List 20172018
RMS Parent Calendar 2017-18 final.pdfRMS Parent Calendar 2017-18 final
1718 Master Schedule Final.xlsx1718 Master Schedule Final
1718Master Sched resized.jpg1718Master Sched resized
1718 Master Schedule Final.pdf1718 Master Schedule Final
Randolph Raiders Field Hockey Game Schedule 2017.docxRandolph Raiders Field Hockey Game Schedule 2017
Randolph Field Hockey Game Schedule 2017.docxRandolph Field Hockey Game Schedule 2017
MSA Press Release.pdfMSA Press Release
TD Parent Invitation 17-18.pdfTD Parent Invitation 17-18
TD Parent Presentation 2017-2018.pdfTD Parent Presentation 2017-2018
Community Service Expectations Spanish.docxCommunity Service Expectations Spanish
Open House Flyer 2018.pdfOpen House Flyer 2018
Bond 2017 FAQ.pdfBond 2017 FAQ
Bond 2017 Projects.pdfBond 2017 Projects
Open House Presentation 2017-18.pdfOpen House Presentation 2017-18
Open House Presentation 2017-18 Spanish (1).pdfOpen House Presentation 2017-18 Spanish (1)
Open House Presentation 2017-18 Spanish.pdfOpen House Presentation 2017-18 Spanish
Prospective Parent  Presentation 2018.pdfProspective Parent Presentation 2018
RMS Open House Presentation 2017-18 Spanish (1).pdfRMS Open House Presentation 2017-18 Spanish (1)
RMS Prospective Parent Presentation 2018.pdfRMS Prospective Parent Presentation 2018
Prospective Parent 2018.pdfProspective Parent 2018
Prospective Parent Spanish 2018.pdfProspective Parent Spanish 2018
2017-18 School Improvement Plan 2nd Quarter Review Signature Page.pdf2017-18 School Improvement Plan 2nd Quarter Review Signature Page
RMS IB Middle Years Program Service As Action Information Sheet.pdfRMS IB Middle Years Program Service As Action Information Sheet
RMS Supply List 2018-19.pdfRMS Supply List 2018-19
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