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4400 Water Oak Road
Charlotte, NC 28211
Courier #: 513
P: 980-343-6700  |  F: 980-343-6741 
Principal: Brian Bambauer
LC: Southeast
Bell Schedule: 9:15 AM - 4:15 PM
Grades: 6-8
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 Revised Parent Calendar 2018-19

School Day:  School will begin at 9:15 and end at 4:15PM

Before and After School: Parents may drop their students off no earlier than 8:45AM and may pick them up no later than 4:45PM. For a fee, there will be a BSEP and ASEP program (Before School Enrichment Program/After School Enrichment program) available for students who will need supervision as early as 6:45AM and as late as 6:00PM. Please contact Mr. King for further information. 

School Visitation/Volunteering: Any person who is not an employee at Randolph Middle School is a visitor. All visitors must sign in at the main office, check-in with the front office secretary, and obtain an ID badge before visiting the hallways. Any person who wishes to volunteer with the school must contact Melissa Simpson. Parents or family members interested in volunteering should also visit This page will allow you to complete an application so that the appropriate background checks are completed.

Early Dismissal: Students will not be called out of class after 3:00PM. Their names will be added to the car rider list and they will only be called during final dismissal at 4:15PM. If your child has a scheduled appointment during the school day, please send a note stating the time you would like to have him or her to meet you in the main office. Your child should show their teacher, for that block, the note and then proceed to the office at that appointed time.  If students do not have a note, they will not be called until there is a class change (refer to the Time Schedule).

Daily Time Schedule
Will be posted soon

Address Changes: Verification for address changes should be given to our registrar, Ms. Warwick. Please click here to see the CMS Requirements for Enrollment​.  Please carefully look over page 2 of the document.

Please remember that your child’s bus transportation will not be changed until you have provided proof of residency with Ms. Warwick. So, the sooner you are able to change your address with our registrar the faster your child’s new bus stop will be created and ready to use.

Bus Transportation: Riding the school bus is a privilege. It is important that students stay seated and quiet on the bus once they have boarded in order to ensure the safety of all students. REPEATED bus violations will result in the revocation of bus transportation to and/or from school. Jeff McNeely is our Dean of Students and takes every bus violation seriously as each violation endangers the life of every student on that bus. As we have done in the past two years, school personnel will not sign or give permission for students to ride any bus to which they are not assigned. Students must get on the bus at the stop to which they are assigned and get off the bus at the stop to which they are assigned.

Cafeteria: Our cafeteria serves breakfast and lunch on a daily basis. Students may pay by cash/check or parents may pay online by going to Paypams allows you to see your child’s balance and check their purchases on a daily basis. Students’ accounts must be current in the cafeteria in order to participate in extra-curricular activities and field trips. The Child Nutrition Department does offer the Free/Reduced Lunch program for families who need financial assistance. Forms may be obtained in the student services office. After you have mailed your information to Child Nutrition, all further information is confidential and must be obtained through that Child Nutrition Department. CMS offers universally free breakfast and lunch is $2.25. Lunch items may be purchased a la carte. 

Cell Phones and Electronics: New CMS policies are being developed.  

Dress Code

ELA and Mathematics Information

NCDPI has published "English Language Arts and Mathematics in North Carolina Public Schools: An Overview for Parents." This publication outlines the new standards in the state’s public schools.  It delineates for parents  what their children should know and be able to do at various grade levels.  The overview provides examples of standards at every grade level, K-12. This document is available on the School Resources page or by clicking here.

IB Entrance and Continuation Requirements

Students entering middle or high school must be promoted at the end of the school year in which the application is made.  Students entering grades 6-9 must score at or above grade level (level III, IV, or V) in Reading. In order to remain in the program, all IB MYP students must pass all core subjects, HPE, and their Language Acquisition (Foreign Language) courses.

Service as Action:

Students are encouraged to make connections between their intellectual and social growth thereby refining their affective, creative, and ethical as well as cognitive development. This is achieved through a process of discovery of self and community, and reflections inside as well as outside the classroom. For information regarding the Service as Action program, access to the student Reflection Form, and Service Opportunities please visit the Service as Action website at

Service As Action Requirements

6th Grade

§  Minimum of 2 Activities

§  Minimum of 3 Learning Outcomes

7th Grade

§  Minimum of 2 Activities

§  Minimum of 4 Learning Outcomes

8th Grade

§  Minimum of 3 Activities

§  Including the 8th Grade Community Project

§  Minimum of 5 Learning Outcomes

Community Project

The Community Project is an ongoing assignment, which utilizes both the Service Learning guidelines and Design Cycle as set forth by the IBO, throughout the school year. Students will work in teams of 3-5 students as well as be assigned a Randolph staff member to support in the completion of the project. (This support personnel will be referred to as a Supervisor throughout the Student Handbook). The staff member will act as a point person for the project by providing specific feedback and supporting students in communicating with outside organizations. As student teams design their action plan in order to make a positive impact, required documentation will be submitted to their assigned Supervisor. Following designing an action plan, the student team will complete their plan and present during the Community Project Fair at the conclusion on the Community Project.

Specifics regarding the Community Project will be posted on the Service as Action Website-


Awards Opportunities: 

Anthony Davis (8th Grade Only) – students are selected based on character, community and service, and athletics.

Highest Average

Most Improved

Best Character

Citizenship Award

Top Citizenship (8th Grade Only)

Competition Opportunities:

Battle of the Books

6-8 graders

Students compete within the school and then have an opportunity to compete regionally and then nationally

School Recognition

OM (Odessey of the Mind)

6-8 graders

Students create artistic projects that are relevant to academics

Winners go on to compete regionally


6-8 graders

Students compete with other schools in the region in the field of mathematics

School and individual winners are recognized throughout the region

Martin Luther King Essay Contest

6-8 graders

Information given through LA classes

Individual Recognition

Reflections Contest

6-8 graders

PTSA sponsored; students will you use varied genres to express themselves

Individual Recognition

Shakespeare Recitation

6-8 graders

Students learn and recite passages written in Shakespeare plays and then compete with students regionally

Individual Recognition

Chess Club

6-8 graders

Students meet one day a week to play chess and have an opportunity to compete with other students internationally

International Recognition (individual)

Spelling Bee

6-8 graders

Students compete within their classrooms and have an opportunity to compete nationally

Individual Recognition

Geography Bee

6-8 graders

Students compete within their classrooms and have an opportunity to compete nationally

Individual Recognition

Duke Tip

Must score 95th percentile on the 5th grade and/or 6th grade math and reading EOG to qualify

Students take the SAT or ACT test.

Qualify students for possible Scholarships; summer school classes

Academic Celebration

Top 10% at each grade level

Students’ qualifying for this ceremony must have a GPA a the top 10% of his or grade level peers

School-wide Recognition

Student Council: Students have an opportunity to be a spokesperson for their grade level and/or school. This organization allows students to work as a team to develop solutions to issues that affect the school. In order to be a member, students must maintain a GPA of 3.0 or greater.

NJHS (National Junior Honor Society): In order to join this society of high recognition, students must maintain a GPA of 3.5 or greater, show that they have some leadership experience, and service their community.


RMS FAQ sheet 2018-2019.pdf

Traffic Flow Patterns:

 Dear Parents/Guardians,

     Below you will see a diagram of the suggested traffic flow for Randolph Middle School.  As you can see in this diagram, the idea is to keep the bus and car pools separated, both for safety and to help minimize congestion.  I've requested that all buses enter the bus lot from the North end of Water Oak Rd, (Hartness Ave side) and exit turning onto Judith Ct.  I have further requested that the car riders enter from the South direction (N.Sharon-Amity Rd) and then exit South, again, towards N. Sharon-Amity Rd.  If adhered to, the car pool line can be cleared in an safe, orderly and continuous flow, once dismissal begins.

     For continued safety, please keep the following in mind:  the school entrance drive and Water Oak Road are both 2-way roadways.  Failure to remain right of the center of the roadway would be a risky and unsafe movement.  Please be mindful of the students, teachers and staff as you enter the school and the surrounding area.

     My sincerest appreciation for your patience and assistance with the traffic patterns that have been implemented.  There will be heavy traffic during the first several days of school, especially.  Please plan accordingly.

Officer Staton

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police

Randolph Middle School SRO


 Questions regarding these items and other important information please feel free to contact Randolph at your convenience.

Board of Education Superintendent Calendars/Schedules School Safety