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1035 Rama Road
Charlotte, NC 28211
Courier #: 512
P: 980-343-6730  |  F: 980-343-6745 
Principal: Patricia Denny
LC: Southeast
Bell Schedule: 7:45 AM - 2:45 PM
Grades: K-5
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Rama Road Staff
 Meet The Kindergarten Team :  Stacey Moore, Lucia Huber, Ashley Thompson 
and Lauren Gurr


Kindergarten has jumped right into learning this year with an initial focus on school and classroom rules and procedures. In literacy, we're learning the best ways to read as well as the letter names and sounds.  Some of us are even blending sounds together to make words.  Kindergarten writers are exploring all of our writing tools while learning many reasons people write.  As mathematicians, we're practicing writing numbers, counting, and determining how many items are in a group.

Quarter 1
letter identification
letter writing
letter sounds
sight words
draw meaningful pictures
write sounds on pictures
count to 25
identify numbers 0-25

count to answer "How many?"
color identification
calendar concepts
rules & citizenship
apples, pumpkins & farm
season of fall

We're exploring what German school life is like as well as some German words for the content areas we're currently studying.  For example, we're learning the alphabet, numbers, days of the week, and greetings in German. 

Our Kindergarten blog is


Meet The 1st Grade Team:  Stephanie Gribbin, Jennifer Aycock, Melissa Van Glish, 
Cathy HIney & Holley Hamilton

1st Grade.JPG 

First grade has started the year off strong with our new writing curriculum.  Our scholars write everyday, and are learning to tell personal narratives by first thinking of something that has happened to them, then telling it over 3 (or more!) pages.  They are focused on adding details to their pictures and their words.  We begin our literacy year by reviewing all of the letters and their sounds, and blending the sounds into words.  The students learn how to choose a Just Right book and strategies for figuring out tricky words. Our goal in First grade is to build our stamina so that the students can comfortable read for up to 30 minutes at a time.  Please be sure that your child is also reading at home each night for at least 20 minutes.  Our mathematicians have kicked off the year with numbers, numbers, and more numbers.  By the end of the 1st quarter, your child should be able to count and write to 30 (End of the Year goal is 120).  We are also reviewing both 2-D and 3-D shapes, and measuring. In Science we are studying forces of motion, and in Social Studies we are learning about rules (at home, at school, and in the community), why we have them, and the authority figures that enforce these rules. We will relate all that we are learning in Social Studies to our Sister country, France, and look forward to communicating with our partner school once they start up in October.


We do have an upcoming field trip to Imaginon and Johnson and Wales on Tuesday, October 13.  We will enjoy a Piggie and Elephant play, then tour Johnson and Wales while we picnic in their quad.  The cost of this is $12, and money and signed forms are due on October 1st. We will be away from campus that day from 8:30-1:00, and know it will be a wonderful day! 

Meet the 2nd Grade Team : Kristine Burke, Susan Rogers, Jessica Bishop and Nicole Beverly

  2nd Grade.jpeg

Literacy: We are working on Unit 1, Taking Charge of Reading.  One of the big goals for this unit is to help your child make decisions based on reading habits and stamina.  They meet this goal by choosing just right books and pushing themselves to read more.  Please talk to your child if you notice they are reading texts that are too easy or too hard for them.  Another important goal from this unit is thinking-before, during, and after reading. 

It's important that your child learns to put a story together by thinking about how each part fits together and reading a book more than once to have a better understanding of the text. 

Writing:  Our writers are working hard on improving their writing skills they brought with them from first grade.  We are focusing on writing about experiences that happen from our own lives.  As we read books from master authors in class, we are noticing how they are using their skills as a writer to make their stories more interesting to us. How exciting it is to see our young authors take those same craft ideas to their own writing to make them the best quality possible!!

Math:  Students are working on understanding place value.  They are recognizing that three digits of a three

digit number represents amounts of hundreds, tens, and ones.  Students are working to build and draw the number, write it in standard form, word form, and expanded (decomposed) form. 

Science: Our first unit in science is Matter. We will cover what matter is, physical properties of matter and the changes matter goes through. We will study matter for the full 1st quarter. Students will take part in experiments in science lab as well as hands on activities in the classroom to show the changes they undergo.

Social Studies: Our first unit in Social Studies is communities. We are learning and exploring urban, suburban, and rural communities.  As we explore these communities we are finding their similarities and differences.  The 2nd grade class will also begin learning and exploring facts about Kenya through Discovery Education resources.  We will be working with a school named Akili School in Kenya throughout the year to learn more about their country.


Meet the 3rd Grade Team:  Laura Shirazi, Crystal Childress, Kristin Seegars 
and Kelsey Faber

 3rd Grade (2).JPG


Reading:  We are beginning our year with Readers Workshop.  We begin with mini lessons and then the students take what they are learning and apply during independent reading time.  COMPREHENSION is our buzz word for 3rd grade – What you understand about what you've read is key.   Looking at different points of view, conflict within the story, the purpose of the story and the message of the story is difficult to express.      
Writing:  As the year progresses we will incorporate all types of writing.  Writing will also be integrated into social studies and science topics. We will begin by writing personal narratives.   

Math: We have begun our study on number sense and looking at hundreds, tens and ones in a number.  Students should be familiar with some strategies used to solve addition and subtraction problems including breaking numbers apart (decomposing), using a number line, drawing pictures with base 10 blocks, and adding by place value. 


Science: We are beginning out first unit of study on the changing states of matter and will continue to utilize Discovery Education to explore these concepts. In science lab, students will begin making solar ovens!


Social Studies: We will continue to use our Discovery Ed products to learn about the world around us and the different people and communities that make our world unique. We are paired with an elementary school in Australia this year and have already begun communications with student there


   Meet The 4th Grade Team:  Amy Dates, Katherine Maltese, Doug Doolan, Stephanie Gelbert & Patrice Frederick

4th Grade.jpeg 

  The fourth grade is reviewing place value and moving into multi-digit multiplication. We are beginning to read the novel The Tiger Rising. Throughout this novel we are studying characters and their traits. We are also visualizing, predicting, and summarizing to better understand the story. We have been in contact with Hotham Primary School in England. The students are blogging and writing about important places in N.C. We will be sending postcards to our new friends in London. Our goal is to Skype with them and become lifelong pen pals. In science we are studying electricity and magnetism. Ask your child if they were able to create a circuit in the Science Lab.


Meet the 5th Grade Team:  Eve Smith, Peter Panico, Ashley Taylor and Julia O'Connor

 5th Grade.jpg

It has been a great start to the school year! In preparation for middle school, our 5th graders are experiencing class transitions across four classrooms each day as their teachers departmentalize for math, reading and science instruction. Every 5th grader uses a Chromebook daily for classroom instruction, access to highly engaging support activities and online projects. ​Our current challenge with tackling complex text is reading the book, "Home of the Brave".

                                                                           We are fifth grade, fives up!

Meet the Teacher Assistants:  Ms. Noto, Mrs. Beeker, Ms. Krishnan, Ms. Wright, Mr. Nwaebo, Ms. Gill and Ms. Gordon

  The Teacher Assistants at Rama Road collaborate and support the administrative staff as well as the teaching staff in designing customized learning experiences for all of our children. They work with students individually as well as in small groups in literacy and math. Our Teacher Assistants prepare lessons that support our core curriculum as well as collect and monitor student data that is used to make instructional decisions. Rama Road Elementary is so fortunate to have such a wonderful team of Teacher Assistants.


Meet the Pre-K Team:  Martha Huxster, Velise Stalling, Barbara Miller, Sue Long, Susan Dixon, Elise Mohnacky and Cindy White EC Pre-K Team:  Elizabeth Edwards and Joan Vaughn






Pre-K students have just begun a project-based learning unit about where they live.  This unit highlights their family, home, neighborhood and community.  We will be exploring architecture and actually building models of our homes.  On February 12th, parents have been invited in to share their families favorite fruit or vegetable with the class.  As we broaden our view of the world, we will add to our home models, structures we see in our neighborhood such as grocery stores, schools, parks, fire stations, banks, etc.  Students will be using various resources involving technology to explore their neighborhoods and answer their questions they have about the community they live in.  Students will share their final projects with a display of our community on March 5th at Art and Writing night.


             Meet The SAC Team:  Teachers:  Ms. Allen, Ms. Castro & Ms. Hubbard

        Assistants:  Mr. Buchan, Ms. Schelin, Ms. Chapman, Mr. Perry, Ms. Watkins & Ms. Livingston


Our SAC program serves students with special needs. The SAC team consists of three teachers and six teacher assistants.  Students in our program are on the North Carolina Extended Common Core State Standards. Many of our students participate with their general education peers during lunch, recess, and special area classes. Our SAC classrooms have a small teacher to student ratio to provide extra support for our students. This year the SAC students will be studying the country of Australia. We love using technology, visual cues, and hands-on materials to engage their diverse learning needs.



 Meet the Special Area Team: Jill McDaniel, Cindy Vetter, Jessica Silva, Nick Blackwood, Tami Hardin and Georgina Fiorientino

Special Area.JPG 


The special area team at Rama Road is made up of Cindy Vetter (art), Nicholas Blackwood (music), Jessica Silva (science), Tami Hardin (innovations), Georgina Fiorientino (media), and Jill McDaniel (physical education).  This year the special area team will be participating in problem based learning with students in grades Kindergarten through 5th grade.  Each grade level will complete one problem based learning project.  Th​e goal in specials is for each of the problem based learning activities to tie together grade level standards and standards from each of the different arts through hands on learning.   The problem based learning projects that will be taking place in the next month consist of:  ABC books with kindergarten, bird houses with 1st grade, making instruments with 2nd grade, and catapults with 4th grade. 

 Meet The Front Office Staff


Ms. Callahan, Administrative Secretary, Nurse Murray, Rama School Nurse & Mrs. Sturdahl, Registrar, Attendance Secretary

Board of Education Superintendent Calendars/Schedules School Safety