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Providence Spring
10045 Providence Church Lane
Charlotte, NC 28277
Courier #: 507
P: 980-343-6935  |  F: 980-343-6939 
Principal: Ran Barnes
LC: South Learning Community
Bell Schedule: 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Grades: K-5
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Poetry PowerPoint

1. Go to Start, Program, Microsoft Office 2007, MS PowerPoint 2007.

2. On the Slides segment of the ribbon, click on Layout. Change the layout to Blank.

3. Click on the Insert tab on the ribbon. Click on Text Box, which is in the Text segment of the ribbon.

4. Draw a text box. Type your author's first and last names in the box. You may select the font, but it must be legible.

5. Highlight the author's name. Click on the Format tab. You may use the Word Art options to format your text. You may use the Shape Styles to format the text box.

6. Click the Office button and go to Save. Click on My Computer, groups, Students, 4th Grade, then your teacher's folder. Change the name to your first and last names.

7. Return to the Insert tab and add another text box.You will use this box to add facts about your poet. Be sure to save as you work! Use Google to find information if needed. To create bullet points, on the Home tab in the Paragraph section find the bullet icon.

8. On the Home tab, click on New Slide and insert a Title and Content Slide. Copy/paste Bibliography and put this in the title box. (Remember you must click where it says Click to add title before pasting!) Save.

9. You will also need to find a picture of your poet. Do a Google image search. Click on the image you select until it is the only image on the screen.

10. Right click on the image and go to Copy. Return to your PPT, right click and go to Paste. Your picture should now be on your slide. Use the handles to resize the image. Save. Be sure to add the URL to your bibliography slide.

11. While the picture is selected you may format it. Click on the Format tab on the ribbon. Click on the small arrow in Picture Styles segment beside the picture thumbnails. Choose a Picture Style you like. Save.

12. Click on the Design tab. In the Background segment, click on Background Styles. Click on Format Background.

13. You must use a Solid fill, but can select the color. Do that by clicking on the drop down arrow beside the paint bucket. Click on Close after making your selection. (We are leaving the Bibliography slide white.)

When you are finished:

Open Discovery Education and begin the Rocks assignment.  

 Design Rules

1. You must have a solid color background.

2. You must use bullet points for short phrases. No paragraphs!

3. No more than three colors in your text boxes.

Technology Objectives:

  • Research a poet to find biographical information and a picture.
  • Cite the source by copy/pasting the URL.
  • Format a slide to include Word Art, Picture Styles and Shape Styles.
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