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8801 Eaglewind Drive
Charlotte, NC 28212
Courier #: 503
P: 980-343-6470  |  F: 980-343-6523 
LC: East Learning Community
Bell Schedule: 8:15 AM - 3:15 PM
Grades: PreK-5
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August 2017 – Agosto 2017

Welcome to Piney Grove! Piney Grove is a uniform school. Our uniform policy is outlined here: ¡Bienvenidos a Piney Grove!  Piney Grove es una escuela de uniforme.  La política del uniforme está delineada aquí:

Doors open at 7:45AM. All students are required in their classrooms before the 8:15AM bell rings.  Dismissal is at 3:15PM daily. Las puertas abren a las 7:45AM.  Todos los niños deben estar en sus clases antes de que suene la campana de las 8:15AM.

All students are provided a free breakfast and lunch each day.  Breakfast is served in the cafeteria at 7:45AM daily. Students who chose to eat breakfast must arrive a school in time to eat and be in class before 8:15AM. Se provee un desayuno gratis a todos los estudiantes diario. El desayuno comienza a las 7:45AM diario en la cafetería. Los estudiantes que eligen comer desayuno deban llegar con tiempo para comer y estar en el aula antes que suene la campana de las 8:45AM.

If you need to change your child's transportation, you must send in a written and signed note.  Changes will not be made over the phone.  All request must be received before 2:45PM. Early dismissal must be before 2:45PM.  Please provide a note to the teacher when having an early dismissal. Si hay que hacer cambios de transportación, usted debe enviar una nota escrita y firmada. No se acepte cambios de transportación por teléfono.  Todos cambios tienen que ser antes de las 2:45PM.  Las salidas tempranas deben ser antes de las 2:45PM.  Por favor entrega una nota a la maestro por una salida temprana.

2017-2018 School Improvement Plan is Availailable

​Please review the Piney Grove Elementary School Improvement Plan for 2017-2018 and complete the  Piney Grove Elementary Feedback Form

Por favor revisa el Plan de Mejoramiento Escolar 2017-2018 para Piney Grove y completa el Piney Grove Feedback Form

Student Recognition Ceremony / Ceremonia de Reconocimiento del Alumno

Thursday, November 9, 2017 / jueves, 9 de noviembre, 2017

Times for Ceremonies/ Horario de Ceremonias:

  • PK & K: 9:00-9:45
  • 1st & 2nd: 10:00-10:45
  • 3rd & 4th: 1:15-2:00
  • 5th: 11:45-12:15
Invitation only / Solo invitados
Hooray! Here Comes The Bus / Aquí Viene El Autobús

​The new Here Comes The Bus school bus tracking app is available for download.  Please follow the link for more information Here Comes The Bus

La nueva aplicación para localización de autobuses llamada Aquí Viene El Autobús (Here Comes The Bus) está disponible.  Por favor haga clic aquí para más información Aquí Viene El Autobús

Thank You! for approving the School Bond! ¡Gracias! por aprobar el Bono Escolar

​Check out the Thank You from our Superintendent / Vea las Gracias de nuestro Superintendente

Thank You

Congraulations to our Spelling Bee winner Josiah Creador! ¡Felicitaciones a Josiah Creador por ganar el Concurso de Ortografía!

Josiah will move on to our East Learning Zone spelling bee and represent Piney Grove on December 5, 2017, at Butler High School.  Congratulations Josiah and all the other classroom representatives for a fun and successful spelling bee. Josiah representará Piney Grove en el concurso de ortografía por la Zona Este de Aprendizaje el 5 de diciembre, 2017 en Butler High School. Felicitaciones a Josiah y todos los otros participantes por un concurso de ortografía divertido y exitoso. 

Heart Holiday Family Breakfast / Desayuno Festivo Para Las Familias Heart

Family's of students participating in Heart Tutoring, please join us a Piney Grove Elementary for the Heart Holiday Family Breakfast Thursday, December 14th from 8:30-9:00am in the Cafeteria. Light breakfast will be provided. Families, tutors and students will learn math games that can be practiced at home! Students will receive a small package of games so they can continue to practice their math over winter break. 

Las familias de los estudiantes participando en los Tutores Heart, por favor acompáñanos para El Desayuno Festivo para las Familias Heart el jueves 14 de diciembre de las 8:30 a 9:00am en la cafeteria. Se proveerá un desauno ligero. ¡Las familias, tutores y estudiantes aprederán juegos de matemática para practicar en case! Los estudiantes recibirán un paquete pequeño de juegos para poder contiuar ensayañdo matemática durante el descanso de invierno.

Edgenuity/Dreambox competition
  • We are starting a competition between all homerooms, to see which classes can have 100% usage weekly.
  • There will be one monthly winner of a classroom pizza party! 
  • Each week in January, starting next week we will check usage at the end of the week for literacy AND math, meaning we are checking to see how many students logged on and did work that week.
  • Every 3-5 homeroom that has 100% usage for the week in literacy AND math, will get an entry into the monthly drawing for the classroom pizza party! This means you will have an opportunity to earn two entries per week.
  • In k-2, we will only be checking Dreambox, so if your class has 100% usage for the week, you will receive two entries into the drawing. This will keep things fair, since 3-5 classrooms have a chance to earn two entries.
  • We will announce the weekly winners on the announcements and the bulletin board in the hallway will display weekly winners.

We can then draw the monthly winners on the morning announcements, at the end of each month. Mr. Campbell has graciously agreed to provide a monthly pizza party

Quarter 2 (Cuarto) Student Recognition Ceremony - Ceremonia de Reconocimiento

Times for assemblies (Horario para las Ceremonias): 

3rd to 5th Grade (3ro a 5to): February 1, 2018 (1de febrero) 

  • 5th grade: 9:30 - 10:00am
  • 3rd grade 10:15 - 10:45am
  • 4th grade: 1:15 - 1:45pm
Pre-K to 2nd Grade (PK a 2do): February 2, 2018 (2 de febrero) 
  • Pre-K and Kindergarten: 9:00 - 9:45am
  • 1st and 2nd Grade 10:00 - 10:45am

Awards to be given (Premios):

  • Principal Honor Roll- Grades 3 - 5 (All A's)
  • Regular Honor Roll- Grades 3 - 5 (A's and B's)
  • K - 2: Scholar Awards for Reading and Math (1 each per class)
  • PreK - 5: Perfect Attendance
  • PreK: Piney Grove Book Scholar
  • PreK: Super Friend Award (1 per class)
  • K - 5: Extra Effort Award (1 per class)
  • K - 5: Outstanding Student Leader (1 per class)
  • ESL: Exiting Students

Lunch Schedule Change for CASE Testing / Cambios a horario del almuerzo para Examenes CASE

Lunch schedule changes for (Cambios a horario del almuerzo) January 22-23, 2018

First Grade                                 Fourth Grade

Agostino tables 1,2 11-11:25/  LaCalamito tables 5,6 12:05-12:30

Jackson tables 3,4 11-11:25/  Wilt tables 7,8 12:05-12:30

Johnson tables 5,6 11:05-11:30/  Stumpff tables 9,10 12:10-12:35

Felder tables 7,8 11:05-11:30/  Lee tables 11,12 12:10-12:35

Olmen sit at tables 9,10 11:10-11:35/  Nealeigh tables 13,14 12:15-12:40

Hausle sit at tables 11,12 11:10-11:35/  Jusko tables 15,16 12:15-12:40

Snow Make-Up Days / Días de recuperación por el tiempo

​Please adjust your calenders / Por favor cambia su calendario

CMS has set three make-up days for the school closings due to weather on Jan 17-19. They will be: (CMS ha programado tres días para suplir los días perdidas por el tiempo. Serán:

Monday, Jan. 22 (lunes,22 de enero)

Monday, Feb. 19 (lunes 19 de febrero)

Jueves, March 29 (jueves 29 de marzo)

Piney Grove Lunch Schedule 2017-2018

Grade TeacherTimeTables
4LaCalamito11:00 – 11:251,2
4Wilt11:00 – 11:253,4
4Stumpff11:05 -  11:305,6
4Lee11:05 – 11:307,8
4Nealeigh11:10 – 11:359,10
4Jusko11:10 – 11:3511,12
2Lopez11:15 – 11:4013,14
2Culp11:15 – 11:4015,16
2Lowe11:20 – 11:4517,18
2Conte11:20 – 11:4519,20
2Phillips11:25 – 11:5021,22
2Marchisio11:25 – 11:5023,24
KRoss11:30 – 11:551,2
KBrower11:30 – 11:553,4
KBraswell11:35 – 12:005,6
KRasmus11:35 – 12:007,8
KGretsuk11:40 – 12:059,10
KDavis11:40 – 12:0511, 12
PHang11:45 – 12:1013,14
PHaynes11:45 – 12:1015,16
PMyers11:50 – 12:1517,18
PCasale11:50 – 12:1519,20
PFugit11:55 – 12:2021,22
AUMcLeod12:00 – 12:251 – 4
AUHelman12:00 – 12:251 – 4
AUHeffinger12:00 – 12:251 – 4
1Agostino12:05 – 12:305,6
1Jackson12:05 – 12:307,8
1Johnson12:10 – 12:359,10
1Felder12:10 – 12:3511,12
1Olmen12:15 – 12:4013,14
1Hausle12:15 – 12:4015,16
5Query12:20 – 12:4517, 18
5Hess12:20 – 12:4519,20
5Floyd12:25 – 12:5021,22
5Davila12:25 – 12:5023,24
5Cummins12:30 – 12:551,2
5Cosma12:30 – 12:553,4
3Russo12:35 – 1:005,6
3Bryan12:35 – 1:007,8
3Laur12:40 – 1:059,10
3Andrus12:40 – 1:0511,12
3Reese12:45 – 1:1013,14
3Seruya12:45 – 1:1015,16

Bucket Filler Week Activities March 12-16 / Actividades Por La Semana Lllenar Cubeta

BF Week 2018.pdf


"How can I fill others' buckets?" (Regular Dress Code)
Goal: To be a Bucket Filler

"My goal for this school year" (Dress for Success)
Goal: Current school year goal setting

"My goal is to graduate from high school" (Wear PGES colors/gear)
Goal: Graduate from High School

"My goal to graduate from college" (Wear a college shirt)
Goal: Graduate from college

"My career goal is to be a ___________" (Wear career goal outfit)
Goal: To set a career goal

Adjusted Lunch Schedule - Ajuste al Horario De Almuerzo

Please be aware of the adjusted lunch schedule below for Tuesday, Thursday and Friday only due to testing: Por favor nota los ajustes al horarios de almuerzo abjajo por martes, jueves y viernes por los examenes. 

Grade LevelTime
Second Grade11:15-11:50
First Grade11:00-11:35 (switch with 4th grade)
Third Grade12:35-1:10
Fifth Grade12:20-12:55
4th Grade12:05-12:40 (switch with 1st grade)

Ties & Tiara's

ties and tiaras.pdf

Princesses may be escorted by Fathers, Grandfathers, Uncles, or Responsible older brothers (16 years of age and above), etc.

Dress casual to formal

$5 per couple/$2 for each additional princess



Princess Activities

MOCK EOG & EOG Testing Information - Examines del Fin de Grado
3-5th Grade students only - Estudiantes de 3 a 5to grados solamente

Cafeteria changes for MOCK April 23-25 and for EOG’s May 25, May 29 and May 30

There will be an adjusted lunch schedule on these days / Hay un cambio en el horario del almuerzo estos días. 

Grade Level Time
Second Grade 11:15-11:50
Kindergarten 11:30-12:05
First Grade 11:00-11:35 (switch with 4th grade)
Third Grade 12:35-1:10
Fifth Grade 12:20-12:55
4th Grade 12:05-12:40 (switch with 1st grade)

Agostino tables 1, 2 11-11:25/ LaCalamito tables 5, 6 12:05-12:30
Jackson tables 3, 4 11-11:25/ Wilt tables 7, 8 12:05-12:30
Johnson tables 5, 6 11:05-11:30/ Stumpff tables 9, 10 12:10-12:35
Felder tables 7, 8 11:05-11:30/ Lee tables 11, 12 12:10-12:35
Olmen sit at tables 9, 10 11:10-11:35/ Nealeigh tables 13, 14 12:15-12:40

Board of Education Superintendent Calendars/Schedules School Safety