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Olde Providence
3800 Rea Road
Charlotte, NC 28226
Courier #: 491
P: 980-343-3755  |  F: 980-343-3722 
LC: Southeast
Bell Schedule: 8:15 AM - 3:15 PM
Grades: K-5
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SLT Information

​​​​​Functions of the School Leadership Team:

​1. Facilitates the involve​ment of the school community in the development of the School Improvement Plan
2.​ Encourages, supports, and creates opportunities for involvement from parents in the community

3. Contribut​es to the design of the School Improvement Plan

4. Monitors the effectiveness of the School Improvement Plan strategies​

Olde Providence Elementary
2017-2018 School Leadership Team 


Patricia Johanson (Principal)

Megan Bever (Assistant Principal)

Steven Neal (Parent Elected Nov, 2015)​​

Linda McAfee (Parent Elected Nov, 2015)

Christine Gannon (Parent Elected Aug, 2017)

Brad Hicks (Parent Elected Aug, 2017)

Brandon Lofton (Parent Elected Aug, 2017)

Joanna Purgason (PTA Liason)

Donna Gossage (Teacher Elected Aug, 2017)

Steph Plano (Facilitator Elected August, 2017)

Laura Erlenbach (TA Elected Aug, 2017)

Susie Miller (Teacher Elected Aug, 2017)

Amanda Allen (Teacher Elected Sept, 2015)

Tammy Cone (Teacher Elected Aug, 2017)​

Maureen Nappi (Teacher Elected 2015)


 SLT Meets the 1st Thursday of each month from 3:30-4:30 in the Art Room.

May 2018

SLT May 2018 Minutes.pdf

April 2018:

April SLT Minutes.pdf

February 2018:

SLT minutes FEB 2018.pdf

December 2017:

SLT Minutes Dec. 2017.pdf

November 2017:

SLT MInutes Nov 2017.pdf

October 2017:

SLT Minutes October 2017.pdf

September 2017:

SLT Minutes Sept. 2017.pdf

​​ August 2017:

SLT August 2017 Minutes.pdf

SLT Minutes Sept. 2017.pdf

August 2016:

SLT Meeting Agenda August 19 2016.docx


September 2016:



October 2016:

Oct 2016 SLT Agenda.docx

Oct 2016 SLT Minutes.docx

November 2016:

Nov 2016 SLT Agenda.docx

Nov 2016 SLT Minutes.docx

January 2017:

Jan 2017 SLT Agenda.docx

Jan 2017 SLT Minutes.docx

March 2017:

March SLT Agenda.docx

March SLT Minutes.docx

April 2017:

April 2017 SLT Agenda.docx

April 2017 SLT Minutes.docx

June 2017:

June 2017 SLT Agenda Minutes.docx


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