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1415 Beatties Ford Road
Charlotte, NC 28216
Courier #: 482
P: 980-343-5500  |  F: 980-343-5593 
Principal: Melody Sears
LC: Central 2
Bell Schedule: 9:15 AM - 4:15 PM
Grades: 6-12
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Attendance and Tardies


  • ​10 absences excused OR unexcused are allowed PER CLASS, PER YEAR.
  • After 10 absences, excused or unexcused, students who are in high school are required to do seat time recovery. Students must make up the time, hour for hour, minute for minute for time over 10 absences. If absences are not recovered, the student will fail the class, regardless of the grade earned.
  • Arrangements for seat time recovery is at teacher’s discretion and students are responsible for speaking with individual teachers to make this up. However, other opportunities for recovery may be available 2nd semester.


All excuses must be handed in to the attendance office within 5 days of an absence. Documentation is required by CMS to excuse an absence. Please make sure the student’s full name, ID number, and date of absence are all included on the excuse note. For parent-written sick notes, please include a parent signature and phone number, as well. If the absence was not a full day, please be sure to also indicate that on the excuse, or a full day’s absence will be entered.

Excused absences include:

  • ​Parent note stating injury or illness
  • Doctor note
  • Dentist note
  • Counseling appointment/ personal appointment/ etc.
  • Court appointment
  • Death in immediate family

We do not need any documentation for unexcused absences. These include car troubles, traffic, oversleeping, family trips, weddings, vacation, death besides immediate family (immediate family includes mother, father, sister, brother) etc. and will remain unexcused absences.


Students are not to be at school earlier than 8:45am in the morning or later than 4:15pm in the afternoons. Students arriving to school after 9:15am must report to class. Students will be marked unexcused late by the teacher and can only have 3 tardies before a referral is written. After 9:45am, all students must report to the Attendance office to sign in. Students missing half a class (45min) with no excuse will be absent for that period. If the student has an EXCUSED absence (see list of excused absences), that excused note must be turned in at the attendance desk upon sign in. Students who have excused documentation will receive a white late pass with an “excused” check in the box.

Tardies/Late Arrivals: If your child arrives late to school, it will count as an unexcused tardy, unless he or she has sufficient documentation regarding an appointment. If the student receives 3 or more tardies, he or she will incur the following consequences: 

Tardy Policy: 

1st Tardy ----------------Warning 

2nd Tardy----------------Warning 

3rd Tardy---------------- Warning 

4th Tardy-----------------Referral (Assigned to ISS) 

5th Tardy and over-----Referral (Assigned to OSS)


Students MUST sign out properly with documentation/ or parent. Students who did not sign out properly, and then try to sign back in will be directed to a principal. Parking passes could be taken for a period of time if students leave without following the rules.

EARLY DISMISSAL: (no later than 3:45pm)

Early dismissal requirements:

  • ​Send an early dismissal note via email, or by your student the morning of the request for early dismissal. On the note please include a phone number of parent or guardian so request can be verified. Email :
  • No dismissals will be permitted during lunch hours, unless a dismissal note is brought in the morning of the request. If you must pick up a student please do so before or after lunch hours. (See list of Lunch and SPA schedules).
  • If your child is being picked up early by someone not listed as an approved contact, he/she will not be allowed to pick up your child. Make sure your approved contact list is up-to-date. In the case of last minute changes, send a note or email.
  • A parent/guardian will come to the Attendance Office at the time of early dismissal to sign student out. Parent/Guardian must show a proper picture ID if requested.
  • They must stay near attendance office until the student comes up, and the attendance office verifies the dismissal.
  • Students who leave early must leave their Chromebooks, issued by the school, with the attendance office.

Lunch hours: Middle School Lunch 1 Begin Time 12:30pm-12:50pm Lunch 2 12:50-1:10

SPA Lunch 2 12:30p m - 12:50pm SPA Lunch 1 12:50pm-1:10 –Same policy applies during SPA!!!!!

High School Lunch 1 -1:15pm -1:40pm Lunch 2-1:40pm-2:05pm


The Form can be found online and requires documentation to be attached. These are to be turned into the guidance counselors. A medical recovery waiver can excuse attendance days but does not excuse students from work. Students are still responsible for making up work when missing school.


  • ​​Fill out an Educational Opportunity Form which you pick one up from the Attendance Office
  • Attach documentation to the Educational Form

Forms must include student full name, ID number, reason for request, date of absence, and parent signature. You must also attach proof to the educational form. This can include college brochure, official visit/campus tour confirmation, email verification, itinerary, etc.

Please allow for at least one week for educational forms to be approved and entered into the system. Administration signs off on these so we ask for a week to get approval and enter them.


  • Fill out a Religious Observance Form found online, or pick one up from the Attendance Office

Forms MUST include the student’s full name, ID number, parent signature, and date of absence request.


When a student is suspended the counselor and all teachers are informed by the school. Students are responsible for all work missed on days they are suspended. If students are out for a long term suspension, work can be left in student services for students/ parents to pick up to ensure students don’t fall too far behind on work.


Attendance Secretary- Sherri Andrews​

Board of Education Superintendent Calendars/Schedules School Safety