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7601 The Plaza
Charlotte, NC 28215
Courier #: 481
P: 980-343-5015  |  F: 980-343-5174 
Principal: Vincent Golden
LC: Northeast
Bell Schedule: 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Grades: 6-8
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Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

Student safety is our first and most significant concern. Your patience and understanding is necessary while on campus……

Please adhere to the following procedures for dropping off students in the morning and pick-up in the afternoon.

  Please do not sit in front of the building with your child in your vehicle as this prevents the  flow of traffic. If you choose to wait with your child in your vehicle, please pull directly into the parking lot and re-enter the line of traffic when you’re ready to drop your child off and let them enter  the building.        

  Please have your child exit your vehicle on the sidewalk only. This is the safest way for students to exit and enter the school.

 Please ensure that your child is ready to exit the vehicle upon arrival. The longer you sit, the longer those behind you must wait.

 Please do not double park vehicles in the drop-off lane as this creates a dangerous situation for the children who must then cross in front of other cars to enter the building. 

 All students being picked up after school will wait in front of the building. Students are to go to the designated pick-up site at dismissal and wait until you pull up. Again, parents are to remain in the vehicles, keep the line moving, and follow the above-mentioned guidelines.


 Students may enter the building beginning at 7:15 a.m.  Please remember any students dropped off prior to this time will not be monitored by an adult.  

 Car riders are to enter through the doors by the cafeteria. This drop off location is located in the front of school building in the car rider lane. Students are to go directly to breakfast in the cafeteria or to their grade level hallway.  

 Classes begin at 8:00a.m.  If your student arrives after 8:00, they are tardy and need to report to the office to sign in.


 Normal dismissal begins at 3:00 for both car and bus riders.

 Sixth grade students will be dismissed before other grades and will be accompanied by a teacher during dismissal time.  

 The remaining grades will be dismissed and will be monitored by their grade level teachers as they exit.

 Students will walk in a straight line, on the right side of the hallway, without talking to their bus. Students will stay on the sidewalk until they are in front of bus and then walk on bus lot and enter their bus.  If the bus is not on lot, students are to report to the gym.

 A student must have a note for the teacher if there is a change in the regular mode of transportation. If a student is going to another student's house after school and a change of transportation is required, both students must provide a note showing each parent has given permission for this to occur.

 Car riders should go directly to the dismissal area and find their cars. Once the majority of cars in the circle are loaded, cars will be able to leave and then the next section of cars will move in and load. If your child did not get to the car before they are let go, you will be asked to pull around to wait for them in order to not hold up the rest of the line.



 Please notify the school prior to dismissal (ideally, by 1:30 p.m.) of any changes as to how your child is to go home.

 If a student must leave school during the day, it is necessary for parents (or guardian) to sign the child's name and his/her name on a sign in/sign out card provided in the office for early dismissals.  If someone other than a parent/guardian will be signing out a student, written permission must be given by the parent/guardian.  Please have a picture ID.

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