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2132 Radcliffe Avenue
Charlotte, NC 28207
Courier #: 464
P: 980-343-5522  |  F: 980-343-5518 
Principal: Lauren Fowler
LC: Central 2
Bell Schedule: 9:15 AM - 4:15 PM
Grades: K-5
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Attendance and Transportation

Ensuring school attendance and safe transportation for your student at MPTS is very important to us! This tab is designed to help you navigate these areas of our school.


If you are needing an excused absence request form, please click on the link below for attendance and it will link you there. 

Attendance Policies and Reporting Procedures


All transportation changes must be made in writing. Please use the transportation changes link below to link to email Mrs. Payton in the front office. Please be sure to include student name, classroom teacher, date(s), and new transportation. 

Transportation Changes

The safety of students to and from school on the bus is very important to us at MPTS. Since we are a county-wide magnet, students can have long bus rides in both the AM and the PM. We work together with the CMS Transportation Department to ensure maximum safety for all students. 

Please click here to see important bus rules, policies, procedures, consequences, etc. This sheet was given to all students and families to start the 18-19 school year, as well as reviewed indepth with parents at Back to School Night and students at the opening weekly grade-level assemblies. 

Myers Park Traditional Bus Information

And Behavior Expectations

Bus Assignments:  CMS provides transportation to eligible students. Stops are assigned based on the child's residence address. Parents received transportation information in the back to school mailing. If your child did not receive transportation there is a chance your enrollment date fell after assignments were made. CMS Transportation will continue to process stops during the first weeks of school. If your child is determined eligible, then the parent will be contacted with the bus information and start date. This information will be sent home once received by the school.

If your child will go to a daycare, relatives' home or any other stop that is not your residence address, then an alternate stop request form must be submitted to transportation. The Alternate Stop Request Form is located on the CMS Transportation website. Alternate stops do not transfer from year to year.  Parents must request an alternate stop each year.

Students are only permitted to ride their assigned bus. They are not allowed to ride home with other students as this is a liability concern.

Bus Times: As a magnet school, the majority of our bus riders do not live in close proximity to school.  With our late bell schedule there are also traffic concerns. While our instructional day begins at 9:15 each morning, most students have assigned bus times much earlier. Dismissal begins at 4:15 yet some of our students may arrive home close to 6:00. The school does not have control of the length of bus routes nor do we have information on bus location.  

Here Comes the Bus: Parents are encouraged to use the CMS Here Comes the Bus tracking app to learn bus locations and times. To sign up, parents must use the district code (73877) and enter their child's student ID number. Please note, this service is not 100% accurate as no GPS service can be. Times and locations may not reflect real-time. Also, if a substitute bus is running the route, then information may not be available. Click here for more information. The school does not manage Here Comes the Bus. Please contact CMS Transportation at 980-343-6715 with questions or concerns.

Bus Behavior Expectations

Student safety is our top priority. We want our students to arrive at school and return home safely. As a result Myers Park Traditional will enforce CMS Bus Safety rules. The CMS Student Code of Conduct outlines Duties and Responsibilities of Students on Buses.


The following behavior expectations are required of all students riding the bus.

  1. Obey the bus driver at all times.
  2. Stand off the roadway while waiting for the bus.
  3. Be at the bus stop at least ten (10) minutes prior to a scheduled stop time.
  4. Cross the roadway several steps in front of the bus.
  5. Ride only on the assigned bus.
  6. Board and depart only at the assigned bus stop.
  7. Act appropriately while waiting for the bus.
  8. Give your proper name when requested by the bus operator or monitor.
  9. Remain seated at all times when the bus is moving.
  10. Remain silent when the dome lights are on.
  11. Remain silent at railroad crossings.
  12. Refrain from bringing food or drink on the bus.
  13. Refrain from displaying signs from the bus.
  14. Refrain from using profane language or gestures.
  15. Refrain from acts of vandalism.
  16. Refrain from throwing objects from the windows of the bus.
  17. Refrain from conduct or behavior that interferes with the orderly, safe and expeditious transportation of bus riders.
  18. Refrain from using cellular telephones and other electronic devices while on the bus.


MPTS has a NO cell phone (including watches with texting and calling capability) and personal technology use policy at school, including on buses. Any students receiving referrals for cell phones and/or technology use on the morning or afternoon bus will receive a bus suspension without warning. If a student uses their cell phone or device it will be taken by a staff member. The device will not be given back to the student and must be picked up in the main office by a parent. Other personal technology devices such as tablets and computers are not to be used. The district nor the school are responsible for theft, loss, or damage to cell phones and devices brought on CMS property.  See Rule 5 Part A in the Code of Conduct. The CMS Code of Student Conduct can be accessed on the CMS website and our school website under Parent Resources.


Any misconduct or violation to bus expectations may result in a bus suspension, out of school suspension and/or permanent removal of transportation privileges.


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