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8330 Grier Road
Charlotte, NC 28215
Courier #: 432
P: 980-343-5671  |  F: 980-343-5394 
Principal: Theresa Townsend
LC: East Learning Community
Bell Schedule: 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Grades: K-5
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SLT Members:

Principal - Theresa Townsend**
Assistant Principal & Co-Chairperson - Mark Maleck****
Dean of Students - Jacqueline Taylor**
Instructional Support Representative & Secretary - Lara Barber**
Instructional Support Representative - Cynthia Sings**
Instructional Support Representative - Nilaja Dobson**
Pre-Kindergarten Representative - Cassandra Marsh**
Kindergarten Representative - Emilie Hagee**
First Grade Representative - Cilenta Weston**
Second Grade Representative Melanie Chumley**
Third Grade Representative & Timekeeper Sharon Eplion**
Fourth Grade Representative Julie Tacy**
Fifth Grade Representative Wendy Vickers
Teacher Representative - Kristin Retort**
Teacher Representative - Christopher Linnane**
Chairperson & Parent Representative Claudia Wiley-Coulibaly*
Parent Representative - Ebonie Etherly***
Parent Representative - Veronica Stinson****
Parent Representative - Wanda Burferd****

     *         Elected 05/16/17
     **       Elected 06/13/17

     ***     Elected 09/11/17
     ****   Elected 09/19/17

SLT MEETING DATES:  Sept. 19, 2017; Oct. 3, 2017; Nov. 28, 2017
                                     Jan. 9, 2018; Feb. 13, 2018; Mar. 13, 2018; Apr. 24, 2018;
                                     May 15, 2018; Jun. 5, 2018
                                    ALL MEETINGS ARE HELD FROM 6-7PM IN THE MEDIA CENTER

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SLT AGENDAS:  (Sep.2017) (Oct.2017) (Nov.2017) (Jan.2018) (Feb.2018) (Mar.2018) (Apr.2018) (May.2018) (Jun.2018)
SLT AGENDAS EN ESPAÑOL(Septiembre2017) (Octubre2017) (Noviembre2017) (Enero2018) (Febrero2018) (Marzo2018) (Abril2018) (Mayo2018) (Junio2018)  

  (Sep.2017) (Oct.2017) (Nov.2017) (Jan.2018) (Feb.2018) (Mar.2018) (Apr.2018) (May.2018) (Jun.2018)
SLT MINUTOS EN ESPAÑOL:  (Septiembre2017) (Octubre2017) (Noviembre2017) (Enero2018) (Febrero2018) (Marzo2018) (Abril2018) (Mayo2018) (Junio2018)


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