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1411 Hawthorne Ln
Charlotte, NC 28205
Courier #: 386
P: 980-343-6011  |  F: 980-343-5609 
Principal: Diann N. Weston
LC: L.E.A.D. Learning Community
Bell Schedule: 7:15 AM - 2:15 PM
Grades: 9-12
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Student Expectations

Upon entering Hawthorne High School each student will sign a Memorandum of Understanding. It is the expectation of school administration and staff that each student will commit to the “business of learning.”  The Hawthorne Team is committed to challenging each student to meet their level of academic and social potential, believing that all students can learn. Hawthorne students will be expected to attend class, be an active and involved student of learning during class, and strive continuously to reach the ultimate goal --- Graduation!

 Student Expectations

Every student matters at Hawthorne High School. We are committed to student’s academic and social success. We believe it is imperative that our students be prepared for life beyond the doors of Hawthorne High School and have outlined a set of core expectations. Hawthorne students will work diligently and consistently to meet these expectations on a daily basis!

Attendance Expectations:

As legislated by the state of North Carolina regular classroom attendance is mandatory. Ten (10)excused or unexcused absences in a class and may result in a student receiving a failing grade of F.

Students exceeding the allowed number of absences will be allowed to “recover” any missed days. The Recovery Program is held outside the regular school day. Absences are made-up hour for hour and documented with the Recovery Teacher. Transportation is not provided for the Recovery Program.

Social Expectations:

Traditional school dress code will be enforced restricting any garments that may create a disruption to the learning environment.

Cellular phones and other electronic devices are not to be seen or in use while on campus. These items must always be in the “Off” mode. Violation of this rule may result in additional consequences being assigned.

Academic Expectations:

High expectations will be maintained for all students to maximize their academic potential. Students are to complete all assignments, participate in class, and demonstrate an overall sense of responsibility for their success. Academic contracts will be implemented for students who do not meet expectations.

Character Education:

Character is the essence of who we are! Each student will exemplify a commitment to personal development by participating in at-least one school club.  

   Student Dress Code

  1. In order to maintain an educational environment free of unnecessary distractions, the following rules and expectations have been implemented regarding student dress code:  

Ø  Tank tops (shirts that are sleeveless with low scooped necklines) and low-cut blouses are not permitted.   All dresses and/or tops straps must be at least 1 ½ to 2 inches wide or the width  of 2 adult fingertips. 

Ø  Clothing must cover the body (torso) from the neck to 3 inches above the knee. 

Ø  The stomach or midriff may not show. 

Ø  Clothing may not display messages related to sex, drugs, alcohol, tobacco or racial slurs. 

Ø  Underclothing may not show.  Sheer, see-through or net shirts/blouses or bottoms (pants, skirts, shorts) are not permitted.   

Ø  Shorts and pants must be worn at or above the hips, preferably at the waist.  NO SAGGING. 

Ø  Tear away sweats are not permitted unless the student has appropriate clothing underneath.  No rips nor tears in clothing.

Ø  Skirts and dresses may not have slits that extend above 3 inches from the knee. 

Ø  Biker shorts or similar fitting shorts or pants may be worn only under other loose fitting shorts or pants.

Ø  Bodysuits and tights may be worn under other appropriate clothing (skirts/dresses).  No leggings/jeggings allowed..

Ø  Shorts, skirts and dresses may be no shorter than 3 inches above the knee and must be loose fitting.

 Ø  Skin tight clothing (shorts, skirts, pants, tops and dresses) are considered provocative and are not permitted. 

Ø Loungewear and pajamas are not permitted. 

ØHeels (over 1 inch), flip flops, and bedroom shoes are not permitted. 

Ø  Hats and other headgear (wide headbands, do-rags, and scarves) are not permitted. 

  1. Whenever the word appropriate is used, the standards to be applied are good taste and the potential for distraction , as determined by the classroom teachers and the administration.  
  2. Students who violate the dress code may select one of two options: 1) Wear clothing provided by staff, if available, or 2) Go home, change into the appropriate attire, and return to school.
  3. If the student chooses to go home and change, he/she will receive an unexcused absence for the time he/she is gone.  He/She must return back to campus by 10:30 a.m. to be counted present.  Students must have parental permission to leave campus.  
  4. Regardless of the option chosen, students will receive discipline as stated in the Rights and Responsibility Handbook for the period of time that they are dressed inappropriately.

We look forward to a meaningful and productive year!

Sheila Ijames, Principal and Administrative Team


Hawthorne High School

Memorandum of Understanding


Hawthorne High School is a non-traditional high school created to help students who demonstrate difficulties in the traditional school settings.  Hawthorne is a setting school of choice that was founded as a component of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School (CMS) system’s drop-out prevention strategy.  Students are referred through the Student Services departments of other CMS high schools or the students and or their parents can go to the district website and apply through the school’s webpage.

The goal of Hawthorne High School is to assist students in achieving academically while building character.  We are drop-out prevention for the district.  We offer instruction based on the needs of our students along with small class sizes.  The staff is committed to building relationships with both students and their families to establish a sense of trust.  The ultimate goal is to assist students in realizing their potential and helping them to be accountable for their own learning and eventually life.

Formerly known as Midwood High School/TAPS at the George T. Lewis, Jr. Academic Center during its residence on Central Avenue, Hawthorne High School is a unique school within the CMS district.  Hawthorne was specifically chartered for the purpose of educating non-traditional students and students with a history of unsuccessful academic performance.  It is not a behavior management school, nor does it provide self-contained exceptional children’s program services.  The composition of the student body is continuously changing as students are admitted and complete course requirements throughout the school year.  Graduation ceremonies are held three times per year (June, August, and January).

Our school is the proud host four unique programs to better serve the students in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School System: Hawthorne High School Day Program, TAPS, The Concurrent Enrollment Program, and the Transition Nine Program.  Although there are four unique programs housed in our building, all day programs fall under the name of Hawthorne High School and are NOT called by the separate names listed below.

·         The Day Program operates from 7:05 am to 2:10 pm and provides small class sizes that allow teachers to work directly with allow teachers to work directly with students while addressing deficiencies and challenging students to achieve success.  Students are referred to the Day Program by their home school guidance department and applications are reviewed by the school’s Student Selection Committee.

·         TAPS (Teenage Parent Services) provides a safe environment where students pursue academic growth while receiving support to ensure a health pregnancy.  TAPS offers an on-site infant nursery, homebound teacher visits, and individual and group counseling.  There is a Safe Journey Coordinator, provided by Communities in Schools, to mentor and instruct young mothers enrolled at Hawthorne.

·         Transition Nine Program operates during the Day Program hours and provides middle school students who have aged out of that setting but have not been academically successful an alternate setting.  Transition Nine students are 15 ½ to 16 years old.  They failed to pass the 8th grade Reading and or Math End-of-Grade assessment.  They are grouped primarily in one part of the Hawthorne campus with a team of teachers who are skilled at working with students with academic challenges.  Class sizes are relatively small compared to the larger comprehensive high schools. Students are taught from the standard curriculum in an attempt to give them the foundation needed to be academically successful.

·         The Concurrent Evening Program operates from 3:30 to 3:60 pm on an A Day/B Day schedule Monday thru Friday during the school year.  This program is designed for 11th and 12th grade students in any CMS high school.  Students can earn credits toward graduation requirements. Seniors are given priority in course registration.

·         Other Hawthorne Programs that students can select based on their grade level, academic status and or attendance are:

o   Hawthorne Credit Recovery or Attendance Programs (offered to students who had documented reasons for excessive absences or attempted course and were not successful during the day program)

o   Hawthorne Summer School (students who need new course work or failed the state End-of-Grade assessment are eligible)

o   Dual Enrollment with Central Piedmont Community College (10th, 11th and 12th grade students enrolled in our program are eligible to participate)

o   Reconnecting Youth (students are automatically assigned to this program if they are enrolled in our Health/PE courses)

o   Communities in Schools (student and parent/guardian must sign the permission form)


As a special school, Hawthorne High School provides a school setting for students identified as being at risk for dropping out of school. Our charge is to provide a safe, orderly, and nurturing learning environment for all. Our Safe School Audits for the last three school years demonstrate our ability to maintain an environment that is conducive to learning and limited distractions. Hawthorne has a score of 101 each year on the Safe School Audit, which is well above the standard rating of 95.

Through the variety of programs, Hawthorne High School reaches students who may not feel comfortable in a large, comprehensive school.  Research has shown that the most frequently seen characteristic in teenagers who are at risk is due to a lack of connectiveness. Therefore, we endeavor to foster a sense of belonging, by providing personal attention and individualized instruction within a small community.

We invite parents and community leaders to be a part of our school on a consistent basis.  We provide opportunities such as Parent Forums, College/Career Day, Community Resource Fair, and student recognition ceremonies for parents and community to take part in. We ask that parents be in attendance at least two of the school’s parent/family activities including Parent Forums, Parent/Teacher conferences, Student Recognition Ceremony, College/Career Fair, or Community Resource Fair.

Our overall goal is to provide individualized instruction in a school classroom setting to meet the academic, social-emotional, and personal needs of our students.

Guidelines for Attendance, Assessments, Behavior, and Parent Expectations:

As legislated by N.C. State Regulations, regular classroom attendance is mandatory at every CMS high school. Hawthorne is no exception. When a student has 10 consecutive unexcused absences from school, he or she may be dropped from our school and return to his or her home school.

Students are expected to attend every class every day, according to their assigned school schedule. If a student has more than 10 absences in a semester class he or she may not receive credit for the class until the absences are made up for hour during “Recovery”. Our Recovery Program will be offered outside the regular school day. Transportation will be the responsibility of the student and his or her family.

Students who drive to school must register their vehicle with the school’s Resource Officer and pay the yearly parking permit fee of $20.00. Having a car on campus is a privilege. This privilege may be revoked at any time for students who do not obey school rules and regulations. Car drivers are expected to arrive on time and leave promptly as all other students who attend Hawthorne. Violators will have their cars towed at owner’s expense.

In order to achieve success, every student is required to take every academic assessment, including pre-tests, post-tests, field tests, summatives, formatives, ACT tests, VoCATs, end-of-course and or end-of-grade assessments. We may also require additional testing as deemed necessary by the school, district, or state administration. Failure to comply may result in an automatic ‘F’ and return to one’s home school.

At the end of every semester, each student’s progress is evaluated. If the administration determines using the school’s rubric that a student is not successful at Hawthorne, the student must return to his or her high school.

[Insert the Dress Code Policy used in 2011-2012 after this sheet]

Additional dress code policy standards:

Whenever the word “appropriate” is used in referring to a students’ clothing, the standards to be applied are good taste and the potential for distraction as determined by the classroom teachers and administration. Students who violate the dress code may select one of three options: 1) Go home, change, and return to school, 2) have someone bring them a suitable change of clothing to wear, or 3) wear clean clothing provided by the school. If the student chooses to go home and change, he or she will receive an unexcused absence for the time they are gone. He or she must return by 11:30 a.m. in order to be counted present for the day. Regardless of the option selected, students will receive a consequence as stated in the Rights and Responsibilities Handbook for the period of time they are dressed inappropriately.

Cellular Telephones and other electronic devices (iPods, iPads, video games, lap tops, etc.)

Hawthorne as well as all CMS schools will be using technology to enhance students’ opportunity to be 21st Century ready. Unless students are using an electronic device for instructional purposes they are not to be seen or in use while on campus. All cellular phones should be turned off and not on vibrate during school hours.  Any infraction of this rule will result in the following consequences:

1st offense: Device held until the end of the day by an administrator and then returned to the student.

2nd offense: Device held for three school days (beginning with a full day) by an administrator and then returned to the student. Parent will be contracted by the person who confiscated the device.

3rd offense: Device held for seven school days (beginning with a full day) by an administrator and then returned to a parent or guardian.

4th offense: Device held for the remainder of the school year by an administrator and then returned to a parent or guardian.

 Other regulations:

At no time should there be food or drinks consumed in the classrooms. Students may bring food or drinks from home as long as the item or items remain concealed in a plastic or paper bag, lunch container, book bag, or pocketbook and not opened until the student is seated in the cafeteria. Clear plastic bottles of water are permitted in class for medical reasons or if the teacher approves in advance.

No smoking or tobacco products are allowed on any CMS campus including the parking areas.

All CMS students are required to read and adhere to the school’s discipline guidelines found in the Hawthorne Student Handbook, dress code standards, and the CMS Students Rights and Responsibilities Handbook.


I understand and agree that if I do not abide by the attendance, behavior, dress code, and CMS Students Rights and Responsibilities Handbook, or if the administration feels I am not successful at Hawthorne High School, I will be reassigned to my home school.


Student Signature:________________________    Date:__________________

I understand and agree that if my child does not abide by the attendance, behavior, dress code, and CMS Students Rights and Responsibilities Handbook, or if the administration feels he or she is not successful at Hawthorne High School, my child will be reassigned to my home school.


Parent Signature:________________________  Date:___________________

Parent Signature:________________________  Date:___________________

Guardian Signature:_____________________   Date:___________________

Hawthorne Representative:_______________    Date:___________________

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