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8301 Monroe Road
Charlotte, NC 28212
Courier #: 398
P: 980-343-5060  |  F: 980-343-5064 
Principal: Courtlyn Reeves
LC: Central Learning Community
Bell Schedule: 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Grades: K-5
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Fifth Grade Sites - 5


Research It!


Britannica Kids

NC Wise Owl Elementary Zone


Kidrex - Google Safe Search

Fact Monster

Merriam-Websters Learner's Dictionary

 Word Hippo

Word Origin Dictionary

Math Sites


Chess for Kids

Interactive Math Dictionary




Ms. Bower's Math Sites

Scott Foresman Math Site (see your teacher for user ID and password)

Arcademic Skill Builders - Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Words, Parts of Speech

NC EOG Math Questions

Skills Builders Interactive Sites (Math)

Make a Graph

Create a Graph

Multiplication.Com Interactive Games/Activities

Math Playground

Show What You Know - Math

 Biz Kids - Where kids teach kids about money


Literacy Sites



Story Jumper

Reading Eggs

We Give Books!

Find the Right Book For You! - The Lexile Framework for Reading

SRA Imagine It!  eSuite

Skills Builders Interactive Sites (Lang Arts)

Show What You Know - games to show your knowledge of letters, sounds and words

Book Adventure - read and take quizzes on this web page - just like AR

Wacky Web Tales

Spelling City


 BigIQKids Spelling Bee


Science Sites

Try Science

Web Quest - Water Supply and Drought

Wunderground - weather forecasts

Weather Wiz Kids


Biomes of the World

Biomes and Ecozones - A Research Guide for Students

Who Wants to Win a Million Dollars

National Geographic for Kids

Constellation Mythology

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Edheads - Activate Your Mind!


Endangered Species 101

Kids Planet Especies - Endangered Animals Around the World

World Wildlife Fund - Wild Finder

National Geographic Animal Facts and Information

National Geographic Kids Animals

Quiz Your Noodle - Weird Animal Facts

Wild Animals - A-Z from Animal Planet

Kid's Corner-Animals

Animal Information - Animal Bytes

Kidport - The Animal Kingdom - Vertibrates & Invertebrates

Defenders of Wildlife - Wildlife and habitat Fact Sheets  

 San Diego Zoo's - Animal Bytes 


Social Studies - American and World History Information

NC Museum of History Time Travelers

Puzzle Maps - Geography

National Geographic for Kids

Geospy - National Geographic Games

National Geographic Xpedition Maps (Customize)

The Civil War for Fifth Graders

Civil War Quizzes

Civil War Directory of Sites

Kids View of WWII

Charlotte Observer

The United States Sites:

Stately Knowledge - Internet Public Library (facts about all 50 states)


50 States - information on each state (Fact Monster)

50 States information (photos, facts etc) KidPort

State Web Games

Presidents Sites:

Mr. President - Profiles of our nation's leaders

Presidents - The Secret History

P.O.T.U.S - Presidents of the United States

American President - Miller Center of Public Affairs - University of Virginia

Constitution Sites: - Constitution Game - Constitution Quiz - Create a Kids Bill of Rights - Scavenger Hunt

Constitution Center - Save the Bill of Rights game

African American History Sites: 

Stamp on Black History

The Internet African American History Challenge

Harriet Tubman & The Underground Railroad

Martin Luther King, Jr. Quiz

PBSkids - Way Back Stand Up for Your Rights - Civil Rights Movement

Free at Last - The Civil Rights Movement in the U.S.


Explore Careers

 Paws in Jobland

The Funworks Career Quiz

Browse Careers

Kids Work! Exploring Careers

What Do You Like? Exploring Careers


The Arts Sites

Fun with Music


Computer Skills Sites


Computer Quiz for Fifth Grade

Online Typing Test

The Journey Inside (by Intel)

Kids Love 2Learn (create your own web site)

What Font! Word Processing Lesson

PowerPoint Slide Show Lesson

Computer Vocabulary


Internet Safety Sites

Stop Bullying Now - Games and Advice

Stay Safe  (Anti-bullying, internet safety, safer travel)

McGruff Gives Advice on Bullying

Kids Against Bullying


Keep Safe (Games and Faux Paws safety video)

Netsmartz Kids

Rules in Cyberspace (rules, quiz, what-if)

Netiquette Rules

Netiquette Quiz

Internet Safety Activity on Disney



Holiday Sites

Investigating the First Thanksgiving - What really happened?

Quiz Your Noodle - Thanksgiving (National Geographic Kids)

The First Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Quiz

Mayflower HIstory

Holidays Around the World

Norad Santa

Popular Front Snowdays






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