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Francis Bradley
Middle School
13345 Beatties Ford Road
Huntersville, NC 28078
Courier #: 394
P: 980-343-5750  |  F: 980-343-5743 
Principal: Steve Esposito
LC: North Learning Community
Bell Schedule: 9:15 AM - 4:15 PM
Grades: 6-8
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Accelerated Reader 

Soaring to New Heights

Accelerated Reader is an individualized reading program that allows each student to excel at his/her own pace and level of ability.  Our goal is to encourage our students to read more and enjoy reading as a lifelong skill.  Accelerated Reader provides that motivation. 

Students begin in AR by taking a standardized reading test (STAR Reading test) at the beginning of each semester.  This test identifies a reading range at which a student will read for that semester.  From within that range, students read books of their choice and take tests to check their comprehension. Tests should be taken as often as possible.  Students are encouraged to score 90% correct or higher on all tests.  Research shows that students who gain the most in their reading ability have the higher averages on tests.  Achieving a high score not only signifies that a student understands the key points of a book, it motivates the student to read more.  We encourage our students to aim for 100% on tests and help them pursue a goal of averaging at least 90% by the end of each quarter.


Accelerated Reader is graded at Bradley Middle.  It is important that our students and parents understand how this will be done.   If you have any questions, you should contact your child's language arts teacher.








AR BookFinder 




Goal-setting is an important life skill for children.  Our AR program is focused on helping students set and achieve individual goals.  Teachers set a personal goal for each student each quarter based on his/her reading range.  These goals include:  % of tests passed, book level to attain, and a number of points to achieve.  Every student should know his/her points goal for each quarter.


Parents are an important part of a student's success in AR.  You can help your child succeed by doing the following:


Know your child's reading range and quarterly goals.  They will be written in your child's  agenda each quarter by your child's Language Arts teacher.


Provide reading time for your child every night.  Your child is expected to read 20 minutes or more every night as part of their Language Arts homework.  Students are expected to record the title of the book in his/her agenda afterwards.  Parents sign off every night to indicate that your child has completed his/her nightly reading. 


Look over the TOPS report.  A TOPS report will be sent home every time your child takes an AR test.  It will tell you how your child is progressing towards his/her quarterly goal.  Please look over it and discuss how with your child how he/she is doing.


Help your child find good books to read.  Take your child to the public library.  Sign your child up for a PLCMC library card.  AR book lists can be found by searching for good books using the links above.

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