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8601 Old Concord Rd.
Charlotte, NC 28213
Courier #: 475
P: 980-343-0030  |  F: 980-343-0034 
Principal: Toyia Matthews
LC: Northeast
Bell Schedule: 9:15 AM - 4:15 PM
Grades: K-5
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DJV Ribbon-Cutting & Dedication Ceremony

dedication 42ss.jpgdedication 52.jpgdedication 53.jpgdedication 51.jpgdedication 50.jpgdedication 49.jpgdedication 48.jpgdedication 47.jpgdedication 46.jpgdedication 45.jpgdedication 44.jpgdedication 43.jpgdedication 41.jpgdedication 40.jpgdedication 39.jpgdedication 38.jpgdedication 37.jpgdedication 36.jpgdedication 35.jpgdedication 34.jpgdedication 33.jpgdedication 32.jpgdedication 31.jpgdedication 30.jpgdedication 29.jpgdedication 28.jpgdedication 27.jpgdedication 26.jpgdedication 25.jpgdedication 24.jpgdedication 23.jpgdedication 22.jpgdedication 21.jpgdedication 20.jpgdedication 19.jpgdedication 18.jpgdedication 17.jpgdedication 16.jpgdedication 15.jpgdedication 14.jpgdedication 13.jpgdedication 12.jpgdedication 11.jpgdedication 10.jpgdedication 9.jpgdedication 8.jpgdedication 7.jpgdedication 6.jpgdedication 5.jpgdedication 4.jpgdedication 3.jpgdedication 2.jpgdedication 1.jpg
dedication 42ss.jpg

On Friday, October 13, Dorothy J. Vaughan Academy of Technology held an official ribbon-cutting and dedication ceremony. Our distinguished guests included members of Dr. Dorothy J. Vaughan’s family, the Mayor of Charlotte, Jennifer Roberts, West Learning Community Superintendent, Dr. Curtis Carroll, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Education member, Dr. Ruby M. Jones, District 3, and Chief Community Relations & Engagement/Ombudsman Officer, Earnest Winston. Inspiring Keynotes were given by former NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) astronaut, Joan Higginbotham, and via video message by the author of Hidden Figures, Margot Lee Shetterly. Special remarks were also given by Dr. Vaughan’s grandson, Dr. Maurice Cary and by Principal of Dorothy J. Vaughan Academy of Technology, Toyia Matthews. Click here to see more on the CMS Facebook page. (opens in a new tab)

Curriculum Night

Curriculum Night 10.jpgCurriculum Night 9.jpgCurriculum Night 8.jpgCurriculum Night 7.jpgCurriculum Night 5.jpgCurriculum Night 6.jpgCurriculum Night 4.jpgCurriculum Night 3.jpgCurriculum Night 2.jpgCurriculum Night 1.jpg
Curriculum Night 10.jpg

On Monday, September 25th and Tuesday, September 26th, DJV held its first curriculum night of the year. We had a great turnout and parents learned about grade-level content, curriculum, and expectations. Our parents also had opportunities to interact with coding and Scratch. If you would like to access the presentations from each night, please click on the links below.

DJV Kindergarten Curriculum Night.pdf

DJV 1st Grade Curriculum Night.pdf

DJV 2nd Grade Curriculum Night.pdf

DJV 3rd Grade Curriculum Night.pdf

DJV 4th Grade Curriculum Night.pdf

DJV 5th Grade Curriculum Night.pdf

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