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Community School
4911 Hucks Road
Charlotte, NC 28269
Courier #: 418
P: 980-343-0370  |  F: 980-343-1793 
LC: Northeast
Bell Schedule: 8:15 AM - 3:15 PM
Grades: K-5
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2014-15 Supply Lists

 Croft Community School 2014-2015 Supply List


4-Elmer’s glue sticks

4-pocket folders

4-Composition notebooks

2-boxes of Crayola large crayons (16 count)

2-containers of Playdoh

4-large beginner pencils

2-boxes of Kleenex tissues

1-container of Clorax wipes

2-hand sanitizers with pump

2-packages of baby wipes

2-re-closable gallon bags

1-re-closable sandwich bags

1-re-closable quart bags

1-package of Dixie cups

1-pair of scissors-blunt tip

2-boxes of Band-Aids



First Grade
3-12 packs of pencils (Papermate preferred)
3-block erasers
3-24 pack Crayola crayons
1-8 pack of Crayola markers
1-12 pack of Crayola colored pencils
1-pair of blunt scissors
12-Elmer's  glue sticks
4-Composition notebooks (marbled, bound journals)
1-1" inch white clear view 3-ring binder with pockets
4-poly-pocket folders with prongs (red, blue, green, yellow)
1-ream printing paper
4-boxes of tissues



Second Grade

2-boxes of 24ct Crayola crayons

4-wide ruled black/white composition notebook

1-pack 12 ct. Crayola colored pencils

1-pack 8ct washable Crayola think classic markers

2-blunt 5” fiskar scissors

1-plastic pronged pocket folder (yellow)

1-plastic pronged pocket folder (green)

1-plastic pronged pocket folder (blue)

1-plastic pronged pocket folder (red)

1-pack 24 ct. Ticonderoga wood pencils

3-boxes of Kleenex tissues

2-pink erasers (latex free)

6-Elmer’s glue sticks

1-roll of paper towels

2-bottles of hand sanitizer with pump

1-box Ziploc sandwich bags

1-box Ziploc gallon bags

1-plastic 1½” white hardback vinyl binder with clear front pocket

1-plastic school supply box

1-pack 9 x 12 50 ct. construction paper

2-containers Lysol disinfectant wipes 35ct

1-4-pack highlighters

2-boxes of Band-Aids (boys)

1-3-pack yellow post-it notes (girls)




 Third Grade

1-box of re-closable gallon bags-20ct (Girls)

1-box of re-closable sandwich bags-50ct (Boys)

1-highlighters- 4pack (yellow, pink, blue, green)

36-No.2 wood pencils (latex free)

2 -1” white Avery durable view binder

2-5 tab index divider

1-plastic school box 8.25”x5.63”x2.13”

2- 9x12 50 ct. assorted construction paper

8- 0.77 oz. (22gram) Elmer’s glue stick

4-Kleenex tissue

1-1/16” wood ruler standard & metric

1-Crayola crayons 24 ct.

1-Fiskars 5” sharp scissors

4-200 ct. wide rule filler paper

2-red plastic pocket & brad folders

2-blue plastic pocket & brad folders

2-yellow plastic pocket & brad folders

2-green plastic pocket & brad folders

2-Clorox/Lysol wipes 35 ct. -not for skin (bulk)

2-3 oz Waterless Hand Sanitizer with pump

2-100 ct black marble Composition notebooks

12-Pencil cap erasers

1-Colorations 7” Pre-sharpened colored pencils (12ct.)

1-4 PK Expo 2 Low Odor Chisel Tip Dry Erase Markers

1-Crayola Wash Thick Classic Markers (8 ct.)

1-3X5 100 ct. ruled index cards

1-3X3 assorted Post It Notes 50 ct. 4pk

1-2X2 Post It Note cube striped 400 sheets





Fourth Grade

 Generic Items (the class will share these - DO NOT label with child’s name):

3-dozen #2 pencils

2-packs of cap erasers

2-LARGE glue sticks

3-packs of notebook paper

3-large boxes of tissues

8-colored folders with pockets and brads (2 yellow, 2 green, 2 red, 2 blue)

1-box of large, gallon size, freezer bags

1-box of small, sandwich size, freezer bags

4-100-150 sheet spiral notebooks

1-bag of individually wrapped candy

1- Composition notebook

Personal Items (please label these with your child’s name):

1-large backpack to fit 9x12 folder

1-wooden ruler

2-packs of index cards (1 small, 1 large)

3-(3x3) post-it notes

2-dry erase markers

2-boxes of 24 crayons

1-pack of colored pencils

1-box of colored classic markers

1-pencil box

1-pair of scissors

1-inch binder

1-bottle of hand sanitizer

1-pack of white or colored computer paper

1-pack of colored construction paper

Please do not send in small pencil sharpeners.

Donations that will be greatly appreciated:

Band-aids, Cups, Paper Plates, Paper Towels, Plastic Utensils, Clorox Wipes   


Fifth Grade


2-100 ct. wide rule filler paper

1-2” binder

1-pencil pouch

1-package of binder dividers 5 ct.

3-packages of 12 ct. No. 2 wood pencils

1-package of pencil cap erasers 12 ct.

1-100 ct. spiral bound index cards

1-Clorox or Lysol Wipes

2-boxes of Kleenex

1-50 ct. assorted construction paper

1-package of 25 sheet protectors

1-package of ziploc freezer bags

1-package of ziploc quart size bags

1-pair of 5” scissors

1-package of post-it notes 6 ct.

1-package of assorted color highlighters 3 ct.

1-package of Crayola washable markers 10 ct.

1-Package of Crayola colored pencils 12 ct.

4-Elmer’s glue sticks

6-marble Composition notebooks




1-gallon Ziploc-re-closeable

1-sandwich Ziploc-re-closeable

1-quart Ziploc-re-closeable

Baby wipes (3 packs)

Computer paper (2 packs)

1-pack highlighters (yellow & assorted)

1-pack pencils

1-pack construction paper

4-lg. or 8 sm. Glue sticks

3-lg. boxes of Kleenex

1-box of 24 crayons

1-pair of children's scissors

2-pack Clorox wipes

1-bottle hand sanitizer

1-box of colored pencils

2-pack expo markers (dry erase)

1-pack washable markers

2-Composition notebooks


Extra for class

1-box of band-aids

Lg. pack construction paper

Extra pack Clorox wipes

Mini bags of assorted snacks (chips, cookies)

Juice boxes







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