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Students of the Month

Each month, our teachers submit recommendations for students of the month.  Two students are selected each month, and are presented with this award on our morning announcements during the final week of the month.  Along with receiving this acknowledgement, students receive a certificate of achievement, and two prizes, one to benefit them inside of school and one to benefit them outside of school.  We could not be more proud of our Students of the Month!





Ms. Vanover says that Alyssa is a very responsible and mature student. She completely takes ownership of her schoolwork and goes above and beyond to learn new things. She always has a positive attitude and is delightful to have in my class. Mr. Robison says that Alyssa is a model student.  She is always in a positive frame of mind. Alyssa excels in all facets of school life such as academia, athletics, and musicianship. I am proud to be her teacher and believe she deserves to be student of the month! Ms. Smith says that Alyssa is smart and very creative.  She is always thinking outside of the box. She always makes sure to keep up with her work even when she is out of town. I especially enjoy our chats during activity time tremendously!


Ms. Reavis-Bey says that Alexis is a polite young man and a pleasure to have in the classroom. Alexis is always willing to assist anyone which is greatly appreciated. Ms. Syfert says that Alexis is a an incredibly sweet student. He always has a smile on his face, and is an encouraging and positive role model for his fellow classmates. He tries hard in class and works through challenges. It's been a pleasure teaching Alexis this year. Ms. Thompsons says that Alexis has improved tremendously in Social Studies this year. He is always willing to help out in class. He has a great attitude all of the time. Ms. Kieffer says that Alex Osorio is a wonderful student who sincerely cares about other people and was ALWAYS willing to help in Art class.



This year may have been a challenging school year for Sophia but she has met each challenge with a smile. She is always pleasant and upbeat as she has an enthusiasm for learning. She completes all of her assignments on time and she is an active participant in class. She is always friendly to her peers and she is truly a ray of sunshine on our team.  Sophia is an example for her peers to follow as she sets high standards for herself and strives to meet those goals each day. Her positive outlook is infectious to everyone around her.  


Rachel is a diligent worker and strives to inspire those around her. She works well in group settings and is happy to help as a peer tutor, when needed. She sets a positive example through her work ethic, character, enthusiasm and genuine nature.  Rachel ensures that she and the students around her understand material and will often ask the questions others are hesitant to ask. As a band student and student council member, she sets the standard for being responsible both in and out of the classroom. She wears a smile on her face daily and encourages others to do the same. 




Emily Lederer was nominated by the Lions team of teachers.  They stated that Emily could be one of the sweetest people in Crestdale. She is beyond thoughtful and considerate. She is the first to lend a helping hand to any student who needs anything, from a pencil to a word of encouragement. For example, we were talking about flowers one day and Ms. Noel mentioned she liked all kinds of roses. The very next morning she delivered me a rose. Ms. Noel said she didn’t know what touched her more, the rose or her beautiful smile. Emily works very hard during group work and collaboration. She continually asks questions from other students to push them to explore outside of there current perspective. She is a calming presence in partner work and is strong in keeping them on task. She always asks people how they are doing and without hesitation, gives a great big thank you to us as she walks out the door. She is a great representation of what it means to be a Student of the Month.  Congratulations, Emily!


Gradi Ipoli was nominated by his teacher, Ms. Williams.  Gradi is a student who has persevered through so much this year, and has really done amazing things. His bright smile is contagious. Gradi does so much to improve his learning and improve the overall atmosphere of Crestdale. He pushes himself each and every single day to get better and do better, and is simply the definition of a positive role model. Gradi always makes his teachers and his classmates smile and has such an impact on everyone he meets. Congratulations, Gradi!



Ms Vanover says that Caden is a dedicated student that takes pride in his schoolwork. He is very respectful, and I can always count on him to be doing what is being asked. Ms Smith says that Caden is a bright student who takes pride in his work and strives daily to improve. He is always kind and encouraging to others, showing great maturity for his age.  Mr Gerspach says that Caden is a great kid who as I just found out is also an amazing ping pong player. He always works hard and has a great attitude during class.


Mr Gerspach says that Rachel is always ready for class and gives 100 percent each and every minute of the day. She works hard but also helps her fellow students in anyway she can to make Crestdale a better place.  Ms Gibbs says that Rachel is a pleasure to have in class. She always comes in with a smile, works hard to complete her work and is ready to be challenged with something new. Ms Reavis Bey says that Rachel Lewis is a hard worker who will go above and beyond to assist in the classroom. Rachel always does her best and is willing to help others. Good Job and congratulations on being awesome!  Ms Syfert says that Rachel is truly the epitome of a model student. She is hard working, always positive, and does not see challenges as daunting, but rather embraces them as an opportunity to learn and grow. She is an absolute pleasure to have in class, and her work ethic and attitude are sure to take her far in life. Congratulations, Rachel, you deserve it!



During the pennies for pasta drive, Karas brought in a LARGE amount of her OWN money. I could not believe that an 8th grader would contribute that much money to a cause. But every day she was bringing in more and more to show her support for kids fighting cancer. I am not sure as an adult that I would be willing to just give up my money like that. Her support was infectious and caused her peers to bring in money as well. It was so cool to have an 8th grader teach ME a lesson about being generous to strangers.


Cole is always ready to learn and this shows this through his active engagement in all of our classes. He is extremely respectful and welcoming to all students as well as teachers. In ELA he adds meaningful contributions to class discussions that provoke thought in his fellow peers. He shows respect for doing what is asked of him, even if it means bringing in equipment for activity time. Cole's positivity  is infectious and he is a pleasure to teach everyday.




Avery was nominated by the Lions team of teachers.  They tell me Avery is a true team player! She helps students who struggle and others who just need a friend. She always has a smile on her face and a kind word to say to everyone she sees. She is a model student, conscientious and thorough with all her assignments.  Avery plays a large roll on the Lions team. She is full of spirit and cheers people on when they are struggling. She will lend a hand whenever there is a need. We are so lucky to be a part of Avery's academic journey! Congratulations, Avery!


Morgan was nominated by her teacher, Ms. Gregory.  Ms. Gregory tell me Morgan is a hard working student with a kind heart. She nominated Morgan for student of the month because of her kindness to other students in class.  Recently while working in class, Morgan ensured that a new student was included in the activity. Being a new student in middle school is very challenging. Morgan took the time to not only work with the student, but to make the student feel welcome. Thank you for being such a great example of what it means to be a Crestdale student! Congratulations, Morgan!



Ms Vanover says that Amanda Buckler is a wonderful student and person. She is the first person to offer assistance to another student when needed. She takes ownership of her school work and is a responsible young lady. She always has such a positive attitude, and is a delight to see in my classroom every day. 


Ms Kuty says that I have been lucky enough to have had him for two years now.  He is one of the most hardworking students I know.  If Charlie does not understand something he makes sure to talk with me before we move on.  He researches answers on his own and puts lots of hours in after school to succeed in school.   Charlie not only excels at his academics, he also excels in sports.  If I had a team he would be my captain.  He sets a great example for the other students to follow.  Charlie is a caring student.  He knows what is right and wrong and demonstrates this on a daily basis when interacting with his teachers and peers.  I cannot wait to see where the future takes him!  He is onto wonderful things!



Olivia has such a kind heart. We had a new student join us at the beginning of third quarter and Olivia immediately took her under her wing. This student speaks very little English, but Olivia took the time to talk to her through Google Translate. She then escorted her to all of her classes the rest of the day, showing her the ropes of Crestdale. She made this student feel so welcomed and loved from the second she arrived at Crestdale. Olivia is also always lending a helping hand in class. She always asks if she can help me or others students and does it with a big smile. Congratulations Olivia!


Casey is quick to take charge at activity time and make sure all the equipment is collected and handed off. He is always willing to be our class's "human calculator" with a good hearted smile. Through his diligent effort, he sets the bar high for others to achieve in class. Casey is a DREAM team member, an athlete, a scholar, a musician, and a positive role model. Schoolwide he contributes in such a way that encourages other students to work towards the same level of excellence he strives for. He demonstrates great character and is a positive addition to the school in every way. Congratulations Casey!




Alex Mastbrook was nominated by his teacher, Mrs. Noel. She says Alex is a great kid with a terrific attitude. Every task he is given is met with a smile and a “can do” attitude. Alex helps his fellow classmates when they need it because he enjoys seeing others succeed. His encouragement to other students is reflective of his kind heart. He puts forth effort by always making sure everyone understands what is needed to be successful in any task in Ms. Noel’s class. Ms. Noel says she truly appreciates his positive mindset. Congratulations, Alex!


William McKean was nominated by his teacher, Ms. Gerson. She says Will is kind, polite, and respectful to all students and adults on the Crestdale campus 100% of the time. He always wants to make sure everyone has a great day. Will works above and beyond and is an active member of 6th grade student council, including making sure all 6th grade students received a candy cane before Winter Break. Will always gives helpful suggestions to his classmates and is such a positive influence in his classes.  Congratulations, Will!



Jennifer always comes to class prepared and ready to learn.  Jennifer always gives her best and tries to achieve excellence. I thank her for being  a model student. She always has a positive attitude and a smile on her face. She is considerate of others and works well with all of her peers. She tries her best on assignments and makes sure she turns in her work on time. Jennifer is such a great role model for all students to follow! She gets along with her peers and has many friends because of her positive attitude. Jennifer helps students in class if she sees they are struggling. During the "teacher work out day" in the gym I was rather reluctant to work out due to my old body, Jennifer helped me and made sure I was comfortable. She is an inspiration to Crestdale and is a great Wildcat! Her work ethic is going to take her places in life and I cannot wait to see the adult she becomes. 


David is a caring and responsible student. He is always going above and beyond and is constantly willing to help his peers. David is very studious and takes his school work seriously. He is a pleasure to have in class and serves as a role model to his peers. We appreiciate all of the hard work that he puts into his classes each day, and are fortunate to have him on our Jaguar team!!



Tai demonstrates consistent effort and diligence. She always has a smile on her face and is encouraging to others. She helps out in the classroom whenever the opportunity presents itself. She is also a great role model for work completion and effort in class. Tai's actions are always a positive addition to the classroom. From helping out students with work, to helping hand out chromebooks, and offering a friendly smile to teachers and students. She is an excellent example of a well rounded student. 


I have two stories about Tyson that exemplify the kind-hearted human that he is. A 6th grader dropped all of their stuff in the hallway one day right before 4th block. Tyson immediately stopped what he was doing and helped the child pick up their stuff. On multiple occasions Tyson has made the thoughtful and mature decision to give up seat at lunch to go sit with a child that might be sitting alone. It takes a lot of guts to be an outlier amongst your middle school peers and to be that selfless at such a young age. I am so proud of Tyson and the amazing friend he is to ALL Crestdale students.




Our first student of the month is Ana.  She was nominated by her teachers, Mr. Martelle, Ms. Fernandez and Ms. Noel.  They tell me that Ana exhibits a fascinating ability to do practically everything, and attract the respect of nearly everyone – with enthusiasm, grace, and self confidence. She is a well rounded student who sees everything involved with school as a fresh opportunity to learn and experience new things and open doors to the unknown.  Ana displays tenacity for discovering new knowledge and finding a balance between being a student and the thrill of being part of her community of peers.  Ana excels at handling social situations, contributing to the school community, cooperating with faculty, and impressing teachers.  We are so happy to be part of her educational journey.  Congratulations Ana!  


Our next student of the month is Nivedha!  She was nominated by her P.E. teacher, Mr. Gerspach.  He says Nivedha  is an absolute pleasure in class.  She is always positive and upbeat about every activity we engage in regardless of personal skill level.  Nivedha tries her best to accomplish the skills and has a ton of fun while doing this.  As a peer, Nivedha always tries to help and encourage other kids in class to make them feel welcome and confident.  She always demonstrates teamwork and leadership during group activities to make sure students feel included.  Congratulations, Nivedha! 



Shalom truly enjoys coming to school. He has made friends outside of his class in P.E. and Art and enjoys bringing his favorite things in to share with them. Shalom continues to work on his goals each day, including showing positive behavior each day!  He enjoys participating in class, and working with others.  Shalom is a pleasure to have in class!


Carson is always prepared for her classes, which then encourages other to be prepared. She even made a study group and provided her peers with flashcards. Her actions have encouraged others to do well in class.  She made the A/B honor roll first quarter, and is on her way to make the honor roll this quarter, too!



Addie was nominated by Ms. Riggs.  She deserves to be student of the month because she always strives to go above and beyond expectations. She is always prepared and ready to learn. This shows through her active engagement and meaningful additions to class discussions. I truly enjoy having her in my classes.  Addie makes a positive impact on her fellow peers by offering a helping hand without being asked. Her classmates know that they can depend on her to have an answer if they ever need help. She also shows her school spirit by being a Wildcat Cheerleader.


GW  was nominated by Ms. Anselmi.  He is kind to every single person he meets. He is always excited and anxious to learn. This sort of attitude is contagious among his classmates. He even set up my new pencil sharpener the other day without me having to ask. It was such a surprise to start my day! He makes me want to be a better teacher every day. I am so thankful he is in my class.  GW is all Crestdale, all the time. He loves this school and his classmates. He has the utmost Crestdale pride. From watching him play sports to his approach with school, it is evident that he wants to what's best for the team, and not just what's best for himself - we before me.



Patricio Aspero was nominated for Student of the Month by his teacher, Mrs. Tinker. Patricio is a very hard worker. At his young age, he was part of the decision to move from Mexico to the United States. He felt he would have better opportunities here, so left his country and friends to take advantage of this opportunity. As a result, he puts in 100% effort in all he does. Mrs. Tinker noted that while at the Renaissance Fair earlier this year, Patricio kept a watchful eye on others in his group and at lunch. When there was limited seating, he gave up his seat for one of the young ladies in his group without being asked. Patricio is always ready with a smile and helpful hand and models these positive characteristics on a daily basis. Congratulations Patricio!


Cameron Rupp was nominated for Student of the Month by his teacher, Mrs. Gerson. Cameron helped a new student on his first day at Crestdale. He logged on to the students chromebook and Google Classroom so he could view the text and assignment they were using in class. Ms. Gerson said Cameron continued to help this student until he was set up with his own computer. He also made sure the student was included in all group activities and is ready to help any of his classmates whenever a need arises. Thank you for being such a positive role model, Cameron!



Ms. Costello says that Lillian Johnson is a gifted performer. She is tolerant and patient of others. She is a hard worker, stays focused in class and serves as a great role model for others. I can see why she was chosen as students of the month.  Ms Vanover says that Lillian Johnson is a caring and responsible student. She is always going above and beyond and is constantly willing to help her peers.  Ms Smith says that Lillian Johnson is very studious and takes her school work seriously. She is a pleasure to have in class. Mr Cambruzzi says that Lillian is an extremely focused hardworking amazing student.


Mr Gerspach says that Mark Jacobs is an incredible student who is always positive and ready to work hard in class. He always gives his best effort and makes attempts to help other students around him whenever he can. Mark always does the right thing and is a pleasure to teach.  Ms Vanover says that Mark Jacobs is a dedicated and responsible student. He takes ownership in his school work and is very caring towards others. 


Ms Syfert says that Noah is a model student. He puts forth his best effort on everything he does and works hard to make sure that all of his assignments are turned in on time. He is always polite and demonstrates exceptional behavior in class. Congratulations for winning Student of the Month, Noah! You deserve it!  Ms Costello says that  Noah Speights is a wonderful student. He is ALWAYS the first one in my class and ALWAYS speaks to me with a gentle smile and kind heart. He is a hard worker, able to step up to the challenge and sets a great example for his classmates to follow.


Ms McMillin says that Naomi is a student who consistently puts forth excellent effort in ELA. She listens during instruction, works well with her classmates, and takes her time to do her best work on all assignments. Naomi has a positive attitude and is willing to do what it takes to be successful in Language Arts. Mr Cambruzzi says that Naomi Abera has an extremely positive attitude works extremely hard everyday and is always smiling.



Walker Lewis was nominated by Ms. Easty.  Walker has really been working hard since the start of 2nd quarter. He is participating in class and helping his fellow students understand concepts. He always makes sure our Chromebooks are nice and neatly put away at the end of the day without being asked.  Walker has demonstrated his leadership skills in the classroom by participating more in class and asking great questions. He is a leader during group work by making sure all students are on task. He also makes sure the work completed by the group is above standard and always strives to go above and beyond expectations.


Julia Gibson was nominated by Ms. Bauer and Ms. Martin.  In class, she is incredibly hard working. Even when she is confused she continues to work hard and ask questions.  She puts in the work to make sure she understands material. Julia is an exceptional student! She takes responsibility for our chromebooks each and every day.  She does it with a smile on her face and is eager to help.  She is also eager to help other students in the class as a peer tutor whenever needed. She puts 100% effort into her classwork, homework and participation in class.  Julia is friendly and sets a good example for everyone she comes in contact with. She is eager to help teachers, fellow students, and as an athlete, she demonstrates leadership and sportsmanship. Julia sets a positive example for all her peers and encourages them to do better each and every class, practice, and game.




Preston Flock was nominated for student of the month by his teacher, Ms. Nichols.  Ms. Nichols says that Preston is very carrying and thoughtful towards the students in his class. He looks after another student in the class and always makes sure she is on task with everyone else.  Preston is a leader inside and outside of the classroom and always wants to lend a helping hand.  Congratulations, Preston!


Constanza Cote was nominated by her teacher, Ms. Noel, as the student of the month for the Lions team.  Ms. Noel says Constanza always has a smile on her face and is aware of others feelings. Because of her positive attitude she has helped a young student who is new to our country feel at home.  Since the student has arrived from Russia, Constanza continually makes sure she knows where to go and makes it to the right classes on time. Constanza sits with the student at lunch and is right by her side during activity time so she does not feel excluded or lonely. Ms. Noel also says Constanza sees the bright side to anything she is asked to do and is encouraging to all students. Congratulations, Constanza!


Silas Leonard was nominated by his teacher, Ms. O’Hara, for student of the month for the Tigers team.  Silas is a student who is dedicated to learning.  He does his best work at all times; whether it be projects, classwork, homework, or participating in academic conversation with other students. Silas values all aspects of knowledge as evidenced in the gift of copies of the U.S. Constitution to his teachers on the 200th anniversary of the document. Silas is a positive role model for students and teachers alike. His humble and steady pursuit of knowledge marks him as an individual who is comfortable with himself, his interests, and his place in the world. We can all learn from him.  Congratulations, Silas!




Ms Smith, her Social Studies and ELA teacher, says that Carson is always prepared for class and she encourages others to be prepared as well. Carson is passionate about learning and values education. She motivates others by creating study groups and encouraging her friends to make the right choices. Ms Vanover, her math and science teacher, says that Carson Knapp is a very responsible and self-motivated student. She comes prepared every day and never hesitates to help a classmate in need. Ms Costello, her drama teacher, says that Carson has SUCH a fun, upbeat personality and it’s fun just to be around her. She is a great actress, she works hard and she’s very creative. I’m so glad she was chosen as student of the month and happy to have her in my class. Mr Debolt, her Design and Modeling teacher, says that Carson is a hard-working, conscientious student who shows a desire for challenging ideas and work. 


Ms Farr, his math teacher, says that Thomas helps the math class every day by making sure all of the chromebooks have been put away in the correctly numbered spot at the end of class. He also makes sure that all of the chromebooks are hooked up to a charger each day. Thomas goes the extra mile and models citizenship by always looking out for his peers. Mr Gerspach, his Health and PE teacher, says that Thomas does a tremendous job helping set up and break down the equipment every day in class. He leads by example giving great effort and enthusiasm each day and serves as a great model during class. Ms Reavis-Bey, his science teacher, says that Thomas is always engaged in the classroom. Thomas will help me out whenever he can. Thomas is an awesome guy. Ms McMillin, his ELA teacher, says that Thomas always participates in class and adds meaningful insight about what we are reading. He works well with others and is a positive part of our class.



Maddi is always actively involved in class as she strives to do her best in all that she does. She always strives to go above and beyond expectations. She has a positive attitude and will help her peers if they don't understand. Maddi has a glowing personality that is infectious to be around. Her natural ability to lead enables her to be a positive influence to her peers. Maddi is a leader, even though she is new to Crestdale.  She demonstrates concern, compassion and empathy to peers and is always giving.  Maddi is fun, and always has a smile on her face. She encourages her peers to be positive and always encourages a positive outlook on every situation.  


Amanuel has such a positive love of learning! He sets an excellent example for participation in class and attention to detail.  He serves as a kind classmate, always eager to help others, especially when translating is necessary.  He starts each day with a contagious smile and makes me want to be a better teacher each and every day!  He is a positive role model, demonstrating that hard work and perseverance is a valued attribute. I believe many students look up to him and want to perform like he does.




Rosalyn was nominated by Ms. Gibbs.  Rosalyn shows great character and has a great personality. During the first and second week of school we had a few students that joined our class, most of which were new area and did not know anyone. Rosalyn went out of her way to welcome new students into the classroom. She not only greeted them but asked them to come sit with her. It is hard for a student to enter a new school from somewhere else and not know anyone, I could tell by the time the new student left the room she had given them more confidence in themselves and in their new school. It is inspiring to see a student make that kind of difference in someone else's day. Rosalyn not only made a difference in the new student's day, she also gave a great example to her peers. The other students in the room saw what an impact actions can make.  


Sam was nominated by Ms. Noel.  Sam is an all around great kiddo. He is kind to other students, especially when they need help. He puts forth that extra effort with his assignments, even if it is new or difficult. He is not afraid to ask questions to make sure he understands what needs to be done. He always has a smile on his face which is contagious to the others around him.  Sam was more than willing to help when another student who was having a difficult time with the rules while playing kickball. He helped without hesitation and did not make the other student uncomfortable. It was the right thing to do and it was done effortlessly.  



John was nominated by Ms. Smith.  John is always smiling and ready to learn, and he always has a positive attitude.  He is so motivated that he is able to get others geared up and participating in class!


Natalie was nominated by Ms. Syfert.  Natalie enjoys participating in class, and she stays focused regardless of what is going on in class around her.  She participates in class, volunteering with answers and always working on the task at hand.  Natalie is a good role model for others around her!



August was nominated by Ms. Martin.  August consistently works hard and does the right thing in class. He doesn't settle for just understanding material, he works to master it. He also helps out classmates when they are struggling. He is polite and respectful and all around a great kid and a pleasure to have in class.  He serves as a positive role model, a student other students can aspire to be like. 


Lindsay was nominated by Mr. Cambruzzi.  Lindsay deserves to be student of the month for her outstanding job in her fitness testing. In addition she works extremely hard and is always on task. In simplest form she is extremely talented , hard working, and a daily leader by example.  I believe the best leaders are those who lead daily with their actions and that is what Lindsay does EVERYDAY!

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