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Community House
Middle School
School Information:
9500 Community House Road
Charlotte, NC 28277
Courier # 345
P: 980-343-0689 | F: 980-343-0691
Principal: Jamie Brooks
LC: South Learning Community
Bell Schedule: 9:15 AM - 4:15 PM
Grades: 6-8
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Growing Minds In A Growing Community
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What folks are saying about CHMS...

  Ms. Brooks,

I wanted to send you a letter to thank you for a wonderful 6th grade year.  I started worrying about Middle School the day my kids were born. Because of my fear, I of course managed to find every parent who thought CHMS was a scary place with mean kids, teachers who did not care about the students & so much homework that my kid’s childhood would end with the completion of elementary school.

I have found CHMS to be the complete opposite of every negative parent I have encountered.  We have found the administration & teachers at CHMS to be nurturing and caring. I am a very strict parent & I very much appreciate that you run a “tight ship”.  From day one, I have felt that my daughter was in a very safe environment.  Thank you J.  The homework has been manageable as well & she has been able to continue in extracurricular activities. 

 The teachers are amazing!  Quite the opposite of the “cold, uncaring teachers” I was warned of, we have found the teachers to be caring & engaging & have made an impact on my daughter.

 Math/Homeroom:  Mrs. Pessoa is awesome J  At our 1st CHMS “Meet & Greet”, our daughter, who typically can put on a brave front, broke down in tears in the hallway before going in to the classroom.  Mrs. Pessoa walked over to us, told me she had kids this age & said “don’t worry, mom.  I’ve got this” & brought my daughter into the classroom.  That night, she said that Mrs. Pessoa treated her like an “older kid” while at the same time being kind.  Mrs. Pessoa continued this same attitude throughout the entire year.  She sent regular emails letting us know how the class was doing.  My daughter said she made class fun & kept their attention with the tossing of tennis balls while answering questions & dance “parties” for lessons completed. She has learned so much & because of Mrs. Pessoa’s teaching & the confidence she has instilled, my daughter is going to try honors next year.  Mrs. Pessoa even advised a book to purchase (Glen Co. Course 2) & what we should work on during the summer in order to ensure we are up to date & ready for 7th grade honors.  We are so appreciative of Mrs. Pessoa! 

 Language Arts: our daughter has always struggled with language arts. Ms. Burlamachi has fostered a better understanding of literature and she has even ventured to read books not required!  She has really boosted our daughter's confidence & we look forward to reading this summer J

 Social Studies: There are not enough superlatives for Mr. Donahoe.  He is an amazing educator who clearly enjoys what he does.  His knowledge & love of social studies has spread to the kids.  His weebly is the best I have ever seen—it is always up to date.  He is knowledgeable, thorough & there is never a question of what is expected in the classroom.  He makes learning FUN with his jeopardy quizzes & cave explorations.  It is obvious that he puts in additional time & energy outside of the classroom. His students are very lucky to have him. 

Art: Mrs. Bell is a phenomenal art teacher.  My daughter learned so many new techniques and greatly appreciated Mrs. Bell teaching style.

 Health/PE: I sent Mr. Burris an email with concerns over the health curriculum and he returned my call in under 24 hours and was able to explain all that would be taught in the classroom & was able to alleviate any anxiety.  Our daughter found Mr. Smith to be fun, energetic and creative.  She LOVED PE & would like to find a “capture the flag” leagueJ  I appreciate the Health/PE staff raising awareness of the importance of nutrition and exercise.

 Band: Our daughter has never played an instrument and we decided to give band a try as we knew it was 6th grade or never.  To both our surprise, she loved it!  I am so impressed that Mr. Shives can take a large group of kids (many I assume like my own daughter who have never played & do not take lessons outside of class) & get them to actually play an instrument.  When she practices at home, I recognize the music!  The 2 concerts were excellent!  She looks forward to continuing.

 Last year a parent told me that CHMS was a good school but that the leap from 5th to 6th was just too big of a gap & that the kids went from a small nurturing environment to a large facility where the kids had to either sink or swim.  My child entered CHMS nervous, unorganized & a bit overwhelmed.  She is leaving confident and unbelievably responsible & well prepared for her school day.  I thank you and your staff for helping make this not only a smooth transition, but a really fun year as well.

 Thank you again for a great year.  We look forward to 7th grade and wish you & your family a fun and safe summer.

 A 6th grade parent


  Dear Principal Brooks,

As the year comes to an end I wanted to let you know how pleased I have been with CHMS.  This was my daughter’s first year of middle school.  I was quite scared and concerned for her before the school year begin as I guess most parents are.  I worried about all the “middle school girl drama” and quite frankly everything!  My daughter is a quiet and reserved child and I worried that she would be lost in such a big school.  I have been so pleasantly surprised.  The year has been great.  I can’t say enough about the teachers.  They have been wonderful.  It is apparent that they really care about the kids and want them to succeed not only in school but in life.

I love the concept of dividing the kids into teams.  My daughter is on Team Fire and it has been a very positive experience for her.  It takes the overwhelmingly large school and breaks it down so that she was able to find her place.

I know that behind all of this success is a great leader.  I thank you so much for all of your hard work and leadership of this school.  I can’t imagine how difficult your daily job is but I thank you for making mine as a parent of a 6th grade, first year of middle school, preteen girl, a lot easier!

I hope you have a wonderful and relaxing summer.


a 6th grade parent


Dear Mrs. Brooks,

 This has been my daughter's first year at Community House and she is my oldest child.  We were very nervous coming into CHMS and did not know what to expect with such a large school.  She has had an amazing team of teachers - Hendery, Jamison, Baugh, and Reynolds and they have really pushed and challenged her (in a good way).  We had heard horror stories about the homework ... I would say quite the opposite.  She has had homework but it was a reasonable amount for a middle school student.  The students are expected to be responsible and she did great with this and the teachers really gave the students all the tools they needed to be successful.  The teachers' websites are amazing!!  The websites have been a great tool for both the parents and the students.

 Thank you again!  We are so happy with Community House!

 I also want to thank you for the Teens and Technology sessions.  I was able to attend 3 out of the 4 sessions and I particularly enjoyed the first and last sessions. 

You do a great job communicating the expectations to the students and the parents and keeping control of 1680 students!  Thank you again!  

A 6th grade parent


Mrs. Brooks,

As I was talking to my 6th grader over the weekend about school, I realized that I am way overdue in writing you and your staff a letter of thanks.

The transition from elementary to middle school was not easy; more homework, new schedule, new routine, and new faces. This weekend my daughter and I had a long talk over breakfast about how school went this year. I just wanted to share with you how highly she talked about the teachers at her school. They keep her on her toes, make her accountable, and most of all have made learning fun and interesting!

I feel that most days, people just want to complain or focus on the negative. I just wanted to make sure that I sent you a letter to let you know how much I appreciate you all at CHMS and for making my daughters 1st year there really enjoyable! 

Thank you for all you do for our children. I can not say it enough!


 A 6th grade parent


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