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9000 Robert Snyder Rd
Charlotte, NC 28262
Courier #: 567
P: 980-343-9898  |  F: 980-343-2517 
Principal: William Leach
LC: Northeast
Bell Schedule: 7:25 AM - 2:15 PM
Grades: 9
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CEEC SIP 2014-2015.docxCEEC SIP 2014-2015
CEEC SIP 2014-2015.pdfCEEC SIP 2014-2015
2015_2016 CEEC Calendar-FINAL.docx2015_2016 CEEC Calendar-FINAL
CEEC SLT Agenda-9-21-15.docxCEEC SLT Agenda-9-21-15
CEEC Program of Study-September 2015.docxCEEC Program of Study-September 2015
CEEC 2016-2017_Calendar Final.pdfCEEC 2016-2017_Calendar Final
CEEC SLT Agenda-10-19-15.docxCEEC SLT Agenda-10-19-15
CEEC SLT Agenda-1-11-16.docxCEEC SLT Agenda-1-11-16
CEEC Program of Study-March 2016.docxCEEC Program of Study-March 2016
CEEC SLT Agenda-9-19-16.docxCEEC SLT Agenda-9-19-16
CEEC SLT Agenda-10-17-16.docxCEEC SLT Agenda-10-17-16
CEEC Calendar 2017-18.pdfCEEC Calendar 2017-18
CEEC SLT Agenda-1-23-17.docxCEEC SLT Agenda-1-23-17
CEEC SLT Agenda-9-25-17.docxCEEC SLT Agenda-9-25-17
SLT Minutes  9-25-17.docxSLT Minutes 9-25-17
CEEC SLT Agenda-10-23-17.docxCEEC SLT Agenda-10-23-17
CEEC SLT Minutes  10-23-17.docxCEEC SLT Minutes 10-23-17
CEEC SIP 2017-18.docxCEEC SIP 2017-18
Early College SLT Agenda-1-29-18.docxEarly College SLT Agenda-1-29-18
CEEC SIP 2017-18 .docxCEEC SIP 2017-18
SLT Minutes 01-29.pdfSLT Minutes 01-29
CEEC 2017-18 School Improvment Plan.pdfCEEC 2017-18 School Improvment Plan
CEEC Summer Assignment - 2018.docxCEEC Summer Assignment - 2018
CEEC SLT Agenda-9-24-2018.docxCEEC SLT Agenda-9-24-2018
CEEC SLT Minutes 9-24-18.docxCEEC SLT Minutes 9-24-18
CEEC SLT Agenda-10-15-2018.docxCEEC SLT Agenda-10-15-2018
CEEC SLT Minutes  10-15-18.docxCEEC SLT Minutes 10-15-18
Early College SLT Agenda-1-28-19.docxEarly College SLT Agenda-1-28-19
2019-2020_CMS Early College Academic Calendar.pdf2019-2020_CMS Early College Academic Calendar

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