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Elementary School
13659 Beatties Ford Road
Huntersville, NC 28078
Courier #: 328
P: 980-343-0372  |  F: 980-343-1711 
LC: North Learning Community
Bell Schedule: 7:45 AM - 2:45 PM
Grades: K-5
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Barnette's S.A.M. Data

 S.A.M. Team - Responders Matrix - I have a question, this is who I go to.

WHAT IS SAM?    What is our perception of a principal's role within the school?  CEO of the school?  Disciplinarian?  Human Resource officer for staff?  Property manager?  THE BOSS?  This may be the traditional role we grew up with (who ever wanted to be called to "The Principal's Office"?).  Well, within North Carolina we are looking toward the 21st Century and beyond - to cutting edge leadership in education.  This is where SAM comes in.

The School Administration Manger project is a management program develop to 1st identify how a principal is spending their time and then to set goals to where ultimately, the majority of their professional time is served in the classroom with students working alongside teachers daily.  This management model has proven to widely increase not only student achievement but teaching staffs' professional development - thus having a resounding, snowball effect of growth.  So, in a school system implementing this management technique, a principal's role moves from "management" to one where their advanced instructional experiences are put directly into the classroom and mentoring teaching staff - to the role of a true and focused instructional leader.

WHAT HAPPENS TO THE MANAGEMENT OF A SCHOOL?    Management duties are important but modern research is clear:  principals with authority and expertise, who are engaged in instructional leadership make a tremendous difference in student performance.  Therefore, in preparing for this transitioning role of our principal, Barnette has identified a plan for disseminating the management duties of our school throughout its administrative staff.  A matrix has been prepared and posted on our website so that staff and our community can have full access to that reference (see link above). 

WHAT DOES INSTRUCTIONAL LEADERSHIP LOOK LIKE IN A PRINCIPAL'S DAILY ROUTINE?    SAM trained principals focus on making high-quality teaching and learning the top priority of the school and set processes in place to make this vision a reality.  Among other responsibilities, Mrs. Newman will promote high expectations for our students and staff, engage in classroom observations and collaborate with teachers and academic facilitators on implementing instructional best practices.  Because much of the daily "management" of the school has been delegated throughout the administrative staff, Mrs. Newman is able to keep her focus on these priorities.

WHY BARNETTE?    North Carolina has joined with over nine other states already implementing SAM with positive results (CA, DE, GA, IL, IO, KY, MS, NY and TX).   CMS has chosen its most junior principals to pilot this program and pave the way for others.  Locally this has meant not only Barnette ES (Dianna Newman) but we have the unique opportunity to partake alongside of our feeder middle school, Bradley (Laura Rosenbach).  We are both going through this transition together and collaborating on the process - making this feeder pattern in our community stronger.

WHO PAYS FOR THIS?    The training (data collection and coaching) for this program is funded by The Wallace Foundation.  CMS funds the salaries for the School Administration Managers, either by creating a new position or by giving SAM responsibilities to an existing staff member.  In Barnette's case,  Joann Pinkerton, our current financial and senior secretary has taken on this role (she is our SAM) in addition to her normal duties.

S.A.M. Fact Sheet from the Wallace Foundation.

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