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Ardrey Kell High School
Home of the Knights
10220 Ardrey Kell Road
Charlotte, NC 28277
Courier #: 302
P: 980-343-0860  |  F: 980-343-0862 
Principal: David Switzer
LC: South Learning Community
Bell Schedule: 7:15 AM - 2:15 PM
Grades: 9-12
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Folder: Health RoomHealth Room
9th Grade Night  2017.pptx9th Grade Night 2017
Bylaws_handout_NHS 2016.pdfBylaws_handout_NHS 2016
Switzer Letter.pdfSwitzer Letter
Principal's Letter.jpgPrincipal's Letter
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Inclement Weather Information.pdfInclement Weather Information
Excused Absence Information.pdfExcused Absence Information
Parent Portal Registration Instructions.pdfParent Portal Registration Instructions
PowerSchool Parent Portal Quick Reference Card.pdfPowerSchool Parent Portal Quick Reference Card
Credit by Demonstrated Mastery Program.pdfCredit by Demonstrated Mastery Program
Handgun Laws.pdfHandgun Laws
parent-portal-guide DPI.pdfparent-portal-guide DPI
SAT vs  ACT vs  RSAT - Ardrey Kell High School.pdfSAT vs ACT vs RSAT - Ardrey Kell High School
Proof of Residency.pdfProof of Residency
Student Assignment Resource Sheets.pdfStudent Assignment Resource Sheets
2016-2017 Profile.pdf2016-2017 Profile
Ardrey Kell SIP 2016-2017.pdfArdrey Kell SIP 2016-2017
Asthma Action Plan 2017.pdfAsthma Action Plan 2017
General Emergency Action Plan.pdfGeneral Emergency Action Plan
Seizure Action Plan.pdfSeizure Action Plan
Sickle Cell Action Plan.pdfSickle Cell Action Plan
Graduation Project Manual.pdfGraduation Project Manual
2017 HS Planning Guide.pdf2017 HS Planning Guide
Class of 2017 Where are they now - legal.pdfClass of 2017 Where are they now - legal
90-Min Bell Schedule 2017 2018.pdf90-Min Bell Schedule 2017 2018
Bell Schedule 60 Minute Schedule 2017 2018.pdfBell Schedule 60 Minute Schedule 2017 2018
Regular Bell Schedule 2017 2018.pdfRegular Bell Schedule 2017 2018
Knight Time Schedule (1st Semester 2017-2018).pdfKnight Time Schedule (1st Semester 2017-2018)
Brick Order Form 2017-2018.pdfBrick Order Form 2017-2018
Ardrey Kell High School Absent Note 2017.pdfArdrey Kell High School Absent Note 2017
Ardrey Kell High School Early Dismissal 2017 2018.pdfArdrey Kell High School Early Dismissal 2017 2018
Ardrey Kell High School Late Arrival 2017 2018.pdfArdrey Kell High School Late Arrival 2017 2018
2017-2018 Code of Student Conduct.pdf2017-2018 Code of Student Conduct
2017-2018 Parent-Student Handbook.pdf2017-2018 Parent-Student Handbook
Ardrey Kell field trip permission form 2017.pdfArdrey Kell field trip permission form 2017
PSAT testing locations.pdfPSAT testing locations
SIP_Fall 2017.pdfSIP_Fall 2017
Spring 2018 KT Schedule.pdfSpring 2018 KT Schedule
Spring 2018 Recovery Schedule.pdfSpring 2018 Recovery Schedule
AK Student Handbook 2017-2018_Rev.pdfAK Student Handbook 2017-2018_Rev
2017-18 Club Descriptions.pdf2017-18 Club Descriptions
Class of 2018 Where are they now - legal.pdfClass of 2018 Where are they now - legal
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AK SLT bylaws.pdfAK SLT bylaws
SLT Minutes 08 30 17.pdfSLT Minutes 08 30 17
SLT Minutes 09 25 17.pdfSLT Minutes 09 25 17
SLT Minutes 10 10 17.pdfSLT Minutes 10 10 17
SLT Minutes 10 23 17.pdfSLT Minutes 10 23 17
SLT Minutes 11 13 17.pdfSLT Minutes 11 13 17
SLT Minutes 11 27 17.pdfSLT Minutes 11 27 17
SLT Minutes 12.11.17.pdfSLT Minutes 12.11.17
SLT Minutes 1.29.18.pdfSLT Minutes 1.29.18
SLT Minutes 2.12.18.pdfSLT Minutes 2.12.18
SLT Minutes 2.26.18.pdfSLT Minutes 2.26.18
SLT Minutes 03.12.pdfSLT Minutes 03.12
SLT Minutes 4.30.18.pdfSLT Minutes 4.30.18
SLT Minutes 5.14.18.pdfSLT Minutes 5.14.18
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ACT Test Prep Tips.pdfACT Test Prep Tips
9th Grade Night  2017.pdf9th Grade Night 2017
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